7 Trending Keynote Speaking Topics for 2023

7 trending speaking topics for 2023

While getting the right Motivational Speaker is absolutely crucial to the success of any event, nailing the speaking topic is equally as important. No point getting a gold-medallist in front of your crowd if you’re looking for complex, business-critical insight along with your dose of inspiration. But with so many emerging issues and trends in the wake of the pandemic, how do you settle on a topic that’s relevant, exciting, thought-provoking and appealing to your specific audience – and then find the perfect speaker to match? That’s where we come in.

At Keynote, we’re outrageously passionate about what we do, and with decades of industry experience behind us, we know what works. Here is our official round-up of the 7 hottest topics for 2023, and the motivational speakers guaranteed to bring them to life…

1. Future of Work 

With specialised insight into current and emerging trends influencing the workplace, these expert speakers help prepare audiences for what’s to come. From leadership and business models to culture and innovation, these speakers provide unique insight and inspiration to help businesses adapt and flourish in the dynamic landscape ahead.

2. STEM 

These science and technology trailblazers are world-renowned experts in their own right, having made significant contributions in the fields of STEM. They’re also passionate about building the next generation of critical thinkers, innovators and leaders, inspiring young women to take on some of the fastest-growing industries of the future.

Kate Raynes-GoldieRae JohnstonDr. Catherine Ball
Lisy KaneDr. Catriona Wallace

3. Mindfulness and Wellbeing 

With the full effects of pandemic lockdowns and remote work mandates still being evaluated, mindfulness and wellbeing has become one of the top priorities for businesses around the world. These leading industry experts provide audiences with life-changing practical tools to help them become more energised, resilient and productive, better at managing stress and achieving a healthy work-life balance.

Jackie FureyChelsea Pottenger Mark Bunn
Dr. Michael NagelLeanne Hall Stephanie Bown

4. The Circular Economy  

A thriving circular economy, where resources are circulated, waste is eliminated and nature is regenerated, is great for business, people and the environment. It’s the responsibility of every business to tackle global challenges like climate change, renewable energy, biodiversity loss, pollution and waste to help make it happen – and these inspiring speakers will show you how.

Melissa NeighbourDr Anika MolesworthCraig Reucassel 
Kim McKay AOCatherine Hutchins
and Aniyo Rahebi  

5. Performance Intelligence 

Do you know how your physical, psychological and emotional states impact your performance, and the performance of those around you? Performance Intelligence is a skill that can be developed with the right training and the right mindset. These industry experts will teach your audience valuable lessons on maximising human performance, applicable to both their personal and professional lives.

Gilbert EnokaDan Gregory  Andrew May
Michael Licenblat Alisa CamplinTodd Sampson

6. Diversity, Equality and Inclusion 

Having a diverse set of experiences, perspectives and backgrounds is crucial to attracting and retaining top talent, creating a strong work culture and fostering innovation, and can be a serious competitive advantage. These incredible speakers will show you why embracing diversity, equality and inclusion isn’t simply the right thing to do, it’s the smart thing to do.

Baratunde ThurstonChelsea RoffeyTasneem Chopra 
Antoinette BraybrookAnyier YuolElizabeth Broderick AO

7. Metaverse 

The Metaverse, a digital platform built on virtual and augmented reality, isn’t just for gamers. A future where experiences are available in virtual worlds accessible via smartphones and virtual reality headsets, isn’t far away. From virtual storefronts to virtual events, virtual training and digital sales, the Metaverse could be a huge opportunity for businesses willing to adapt – and these industry leaders can show you how your business can benefit.

Chris RiddellDee MadiganMichael McQueen
Future CrunchMike Walsh

We have some of the best minds in the business ready to share their incredible knowledge and unique insights to help your team navigate the road ahead in 2023. If you’d like us to curate a list of motivational speakers and relevant, thought-provoking speaker topics for your next event, simply get in touch with us for a chat – we’re here to help!