Future Crunch

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Think of new and better ways to do things

Categories: Economists, Futurists & Future Trends

Speaker Topics

  • The Future of Work
  • The Next Economy
  • The World is Better Than You Think

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Dr Angus Hervey and Tané Hunter are the dynamic duo better known as Future Crunch. They deliver mind blowing presentations that shift perceptions and inspire people to think of new and better ways of doing things in the 21st century.

Incredible things are happening on our planet. Diseases are being eradicated, millions are being lifted out of poverty, billions of people are gaining access to the greatest information resource humanity has ever known. We can use open source code to print prosthetic limbs, we can cut and paste our DNA, and we’re taking bold new steps into space.

Future Crunch shows that disruptive technologies are bringing about a global society that is more peaceful, transparent and abundant. Future Crunch tell evidence-based stories that break through negative perceptions about the world as we know it. They seek to engage organisations with intelligent thinking, optimism and positively driven purpose.

Their collective library of innovative brains combine expertise in economics, biology, politics and data analytics with design, art and music. Each Future Crunch experience is a rich fusion of customised research designed to ‘crunch’ your particular industry’s future. They provide unexpected perspectives on what the future looks like.

Future Crunch are disruptive in their optimism. They invite audiences to become curious about the miraculous advancements occurring for humanity today. They cut through the dominant discourse of a planet destined to destruct, and give us all the inspiration to activate purpose and be a part of a movement that stands for collective hope about the future.

Their speaking topics include:

  • The Next Economy - the disruptive technological trends shaping the 21st century
  • The World is Better Than You Think - the scientific breakthroughs, technologies and social changes creating a better future for the human race
  • The Future of Work - the skills required to thrive in a world of rapid change, and how to start cultivating them right now
Future Crunch - Futurists & Future Trends

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