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Future Crunch

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The Adaptability Quotient

The most important skill for the 21st Century and how to start cultivating it right now. Explore the new competitive advantage called AQ (adaptability quotient) which measures individuals abilities to thrive in unpredictable environments. Read less
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The Next Economy

A roller-coaster tour across the frontier of technological disruption Read less
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The Optimism Experience

A musical show about human progress Read less
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The Robot Rule of Thumb

The future of work, and how to prepare yourself for it Read less
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The World is Not on Fire

Why we are completely wrong about how bad things really are Read less
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Future Crunch

Finding hope for our future in the intersection between science and technology

Founded in 2014 by political economist Dr Angus Hervey and cancer researcher Tane Hunter, Future Crunch was created to foster intelligent and optimistic thinking, and to empower leaders to help shape our future.

A collaboration between some of the world’s most ground-breaking leaders across science, art, technology and entrepreneurship, Future Crunch’s philosophy involves using science and technology to create a more peaceful, transparent and abundant world.

Shortly after its creation, Future Crunch founder’s Dr Angus Hervey and Tane Hunter began delivering inspiring and mind-blowing presentations to generate hope for our future. Since then they’ve spoken on hundreds of stages around the world, inspiring millions of success stories about new solutions to current challenges.

Specialising in dynamic and visually engaging presentations, Future Crunch believes in the intersection between optimism and innovation. They inspire audiences from a range of different industry sectors to pioneer a more abundant and peaceful planet.


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