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Anthony Laye
Are You Communicating Consciously?

In a world that is constantly distracting us and fighting for our attention, being a better leader, influencer and communicator requires a unique edge.
Anthony’s mission is to inspire that in you. And he does this by teaching you to live a more conscious life.
Using his talent as a mentalist, Anthony shares his amazing business and mindset skills as he demonstrates the importance and power of being conscious. A dynamic, energetic and exciting speaker, Anthony engages, empowers and connects his audience, as he delivers the edge you need to help you develop a more cohesive team, build stronger business relationships, sharpen your sales speak or improve customer experience.
And when you start to live a conscious life, you’ll find yourself being happier, more productive, and more business will be won and retained.
Living consciously is your secret to standing out from the crowd, and being part of the top 1%.

Keynote Speakers for Corporate Events - Keynote Entertainment

We hate the phrase ‘Speakers Bureau’, that’s why the Keynote team sets out to be different… and can offer you so much more! For starters, there’s no way we’ll be charging you admin fees. See, Keynote Entertainment is the kind of place that feels like a smile and we invite you to share the experience with us.

Keynote Entertainment is here to make things easy for you! The process of booking a keynote speaker, or corporate event entertainer can be daunting; we are here to take the headache out of it for you by offering a friendly and easy-going service. We are very quick and attentive to your requests and make sure that you are well informed through every step of the process.

Choosing the right guest speaker for your event can make or break the occasion. Taking all of the chance out of the process is our specialty and not only that, you will feel like you were listened to when dealing with us. Our keynote speaker options are always a nice balance of experienced speakers and fresh ideas.

You will see the talent we offer is a broad range of Motivational Speakers, including Rosie BattyAnthony Laye and Turia Pitt. Guest Speakers, Business SpeakersCorporate Speakers, Corporate Comedians, Team Building Activities, CEO’s, Sales Speakers, Inspirational Speakers, Social Media Speakers, Master of Ceremonies, Sports Hero’s, Celebrity Speakers, Event Entertainers, After Dinner Speakers, Dance Bands and Feature Acts. Also, make sure you check out our YouTube channel, which features many of our motivational speakers and corporate entertainers.

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Keeping in mind that we can deliver almost any speaker or entertainer both nationally and internationally, so If you still can’t find what you are looking for on our site then feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements.

Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth or anywhere in Australia; we can find a keynote speaker for you. We also deal with a wide range of international keynote speakers and event entertainers so no matter where your event is in the world or where the speaker is located, our extensive resources can assist in securing their services.

Not only can we deliver the top celebrity speakers nationally and internationally, we are also happy to try and deliver a speaker for nearly every budget, we love a challenge and thrive on it.

A world-class speaker does not just become one overnight, it requires timing, relevance, speaking experience, but most importantly it requires the speaker to work with you and complement your message. A great motivational speaker will leave you with some wisdom that you can take away and use for the rest of your life. They should inspire you to be more creative and to communicate better with people. They should make you look inside yourself and teach you how to become a better leader, or how to become a better team player, but they should also teach you how to have some fun at work and in life.

Keynote Entertainment will work just as hard as you do on your conference, event or corporate event to ensure you get a speaker or corporate event entertainer with the qualities that will have the room buzzing after the event, as well as being the subject of conversation back in the office.

We also provide a range of personal services starting from the initial discussions through to the finish of the event and beyond, this includes an experienced event team that can take care of the presenter travel and accommodation requirements as well as presenter briefings. We can even assist you with advice on how to make a great introduction. Our experienced event management team ensures that our customer care is second to none. 

Our team consists of only experienced industry specialists each having no less than a decades experience in the keynote speaking, corporate entertainment and events industry. This means you can rest assured you are in the hands of an experienced operator who knows how to get the job done and done right!

So, ask yourself, do you want to get more out of your staff? Do you want your team to work together better? Do you want to breathe some energy back into your team?

Then your journey starts right here and we look forward to the opportunity of working with you!