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The mastery of leadership lies within unlearning as quickly as we learn, thinking collectively and acting in the moment backed with the discipline of preparation and planning. How do we help our leaders sustain their own energy as well as momentum for change?


What does leadership look like today, when we’re facing complexity and challenges in every direction? Activate a distributed leadership model with the methods to help people operate out of their comfort zone, model inclusive culture, and sharpen their critical curiosity for the unknown.


Leadership is a mindset. Empower your people to harness purpose as a personal and collective motivator. Empower your teams to expand their sphere of influence, hone their risk appetite, and reframe their role in greater business success. As Gandhi put it, let’s teach your people to do what they can, with what they have, from where they are. Starting today.

Holly Ransom

Disruptive Strategist and Content Curation

Holly’s work and talent has taken her everywhere. She delivered a peace charter to the Dalai Lama, she was a nominee for the Sir Richard Branson Wired Magazine’s ‘Smart List’ of the Future Game Changers to watch and was awarded the US Embassy’s Eleanor Roosevelt Award for Leadership Excellence in 2019. Subsequently, she was named one of Australia’s 100 Most Influential Women by the Australian Financial Review. Holly’s conviction flows freely in her interviews; she’s spoken to Barack Obama, Malcolm Gladwell, Richard Branson, Billie Jean-King, Condoleezza Rice, Nobel Prize Winner Muhummad Yunus and Sophia, the world’s first humanoid robot. Her tendency to challenge fear with fact has sanctified her position as one of the world’s best interviewers.

As a Fulbright scholar and Harvard Kennedy School Class of ’21 fellow, Holly is a recipient of the prestigious Anne Wexler Public Policy Scholarship, allowing her to action social and economic inclusion by connecting people with the decisions that affect their lives.

With the release of her book The Leaning Edge, Holly helps people take control of their potential to become leaders by asking stronger questions, thinking outside of the answers they receive and building collective momentum for change. The Leaning Edge captures Holly’s broader philosophy that we need to democratise leadership learning to challenge elite leadership discourse in order to spark real change.

And none of this is new to Holly, she’s been a leader her entire life. In 2014, she was asked co-chair the G20 Youth Summit as she was widely known as a dynamic thought leader – this was the first of many similar instances. In 2016, she co-chaired the United Nations Coalition of Young Women Entrepreneurs and soon became the youngest director ever to be appointed to an Australian Football Club. Holly’s Podcast, ‘Coffee Pods’ was named in the top ten business podcasts to listen to by the Sydney Morning Herald in 2018.

Holly parallels her success as a company director with a tremendous career on the public and non-profit sectors. She is the founder and CEO of Emergent, and features regularly on The Drum and Q&A. As a proud champion for diversity and inclusion, Holly is Chair of Pride Cup Australia, a non-profit organisation (and movement) devoted to challenging LGBTI+ discrimination within sporting clubs - and create welcoming and supportive environments for LGBTI participation and fans.

Now, Holly offers her remarkable talents to you. Her natural charm and charisma paired with a razor-sharp intellect lend her perfectly to audiences anywhere. Engage Holly to speak at your next event now.

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