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Change Management

Change Management Speakers

You might have a list of things you'd love to change. In Business, it needs to be carefully managed so that it doesn't all hit the fan. These Speakers are the pros at doing exactly that.

Change is rarely popular in a business, but it can present great opportunities for people if they are shown that “change is progress” and as the company shifts and becomes better, they can also become better.

A change management speaker can show your team that change is positive and does not have to be a stressful time. Dealing with change can be as simple as changing your thinking, but you need someone to show your team how to do that. If you are having trouble, communicating to your team that change is a good thing and how to handle the issues associated with change, then let’s talk about a keynote speaker for you.

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Travels From-

Rosemary Vilgan - Finance and Investment

Rosemary Vilgan

“2013 Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year”

Travels from Queensland

Gary Bertwistle - Motivational Speakers

Gary Bertwistle

Thinking outside the square empowering your team and improving performance

Travels from New South Wales

Nick Green - Motivational Speakers

Nick Green

Oarsome Foursome Member and Olympic Hero

Travels from Victoria

Janet Evans - Motivational Speakers

Janet Evans

Widely considered to be the greatest female distance swimmer in history, Janet ...

Travels from United States

Leigh Matthews - Change Management

Leigh Matthews

Australian Football Media Association’s award for “Most Outstanding Special Commentator”  ...

Travels from Victoria

Harry Kewell - Change Management

Harry Kewell

Harry Kewell is a Sydney Native who was just like so many other kids growing up, he ...

Travels from

Creative Music Workshops - Motivational Speakers

Creative Music Workshops

Song writing, percussion and Team building with two music stars

Travels from Victoria

Ben Madgen - Motivational Speakers

Ben Madgen

Australian Representative Basketball Player, Brand Ambassador, Role Model

Travels from New South Wales

Andrew Demetriou - Business Speakers

Andrew Demetriou

Unique insight as CEO of a very high profile organisation

Travels from Victoria

Ella Hooper - Change Management

Ella Hooper

She has never claimed to be the girl next door.

Travels from Victoria

Al Baxter - Motivational Speakers

Al Baxter

Al Baxter is best known for playing Rugby Union for the Wallabies ...

Travels from New South Wales

John Cantor - Change Management

John Cantor

Inspirational story of achievement in the face of failure

Travels from New South Wales

Andrew Fuller - Education Speakers

Andrew Fuller

Learn how to handle mental health and resilience

Travels from Victoria

Admiral Ray Smith - Change Management

Admiral Ray Smith

Receive leadership skills from one of the Navy's inspirational leaders

Travels from United States

Julie McCrossin - Facilitators

Julie McCrossin

An experienced broadcaster and fantastic host or facilitator for any event.  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Susan David - Change Management

Susan David

Internationally recognized thought leader on the topics of business and psychology

Travels from United States

Rob Pyne - Most Popular

Rob Pyne

Fascinated by the way we think and make decisions 

Travels from New South Wales

Blake Beattie - Change Management

Blake Beattie

Delivering practical strategies that will have an impact

Travels from New South Wales

Stuart Atkins - Business Speakers

Stuart Atkins

Futurism, Tech trends, Innovation, Disruption, Social Media & Sales Strategy

Travels from Victoria

Dr John Izzo - Change Management

Dr John Izzo

Inspiring greatness in people, John stretches leaders to dream big

Travels from Canada

Karen Phillips - Change Management

Karen Phillips

Professional speaker and innovation facilitator

Travels from Queensland

Guy Russo - Business Speakers

Guy Russo

The brains behind one of the fastest corporate turnarounds

Travels from Victoria

Karen Schmidt - Leadership

Karen Schmidt

Maximise team engagement and confidence to increase productivity 

Travels from Queensland

Tim Pethick - Sales

Tim Pethick

World-class branding and marketing can be undertaken by smaller players

Travels from United Kingdom

Tiffiny Hall - Motivational Speakers

Tiffiny Hall

Australia’s most famous ninja.

Travels from Queensland

Suzie Wilks - Celebrities

Suzie Wilks

One of Australia’s most popular television presenters

Travels from Victoria

Susie O

Susie O'Neill

With eight Olympic medals, Susie is one of Australia’s all time greats ...

Travels from Queensland

Steve Moneghetti - Motivational Speakers

Steve Moneghetti

Here for the long run, realising your full potential

Travels from Victoria

Raelene Boyle - Motivational Speakers

Raelene Boyle

A legendary name synonymous with Australian sport and campaigner for breast cancer ...

Travels from Queensland

Peter Hillary - Change Management

Peter Hillary

Accomplished mountaineer, speaker and expedition leader

Travels from New Zealand

Peter Alexander - Branding & Marketing

Peter Alexander

Hear his journey of creating a business

Travels from Victoria

Michael Groom - Change Management

Michael Groom

The Inspirational Mountain Climber

Travels from Queensland

Kathryn Fox - Change Management

Kathryn Fox

Harness the power of storytelling in your organisation

Travels from New South Wales

Hayley Lewis - Motivational Speakers

Hayley Lewis

Australian Swimming Champion, Business Expert, Host of The Biggest Loser, Role Model and ...

Travels from

Amanda Rose - Motivational Speakers

Amanda Rose

Learn how to strengthen business by creating relationships 

Travels from New South Wales

Alastair Lynch - Sports Heroes

Alastair Lynch

Former captain and key member of the history-making Brisbane Lions team that ...

Travels from Queensland

Alan Patching - Facilitators

Alan Patching

Learn the principles you need to adopt to achieve

Travels from Queensland

Lisa McInnes-Smith - NEW Online Presentation - Communication

Lisa McInnes-Smith - NEW Online Presentation

Stepping Up: Raising performance in an ever-changing world.

Travels from Victoria

Mark Squirrell - NEW Online Presentation - Change Management

Mark Squirrell - NEW Online Presentation

Turning the Uncertainty, Fear and Change into Energy!

Travels from Victoria


Bruce 'Hoppo' Hopkins - NEW Online Presentation

A leader in beach safety 

Travels from New South Wales

Jeff Green - NEW Online Presentation - Change Management

Jeff Green - NEW Online Presentation

The Funny Thing About Happiness

Travels from Victoria

Wayne Schwass - NEW Online Presentation  - Change Management

Wayne Schwass - NEW Online Presentation

Navigating our way through an unprecedented time with authenticity, vulnerability and emotional ...

Travels from Victoria

Dr Jessica Gallagher - NEW Online Presentation  - Change Management

Dr Jessica Gallagher - NEW Online Presentation

The transformative effect of adversity

Travels from Victoria

Dan Gregory - NEW Online Presentation - Change Management

Dan Gregory - NEW Online Presentation

Why right now is the wrong time to rely on discipline and ...

Travels from New South Wales

Anthony Laye - NEW Online Presentation - Change Management

Anthony Laye - NEW Online Presentation

Connected Communication: How To Create Rapport And Build Trust In A Digital ...

Travels from Queensland


Bruce 'Hoppo' Hopkins

One of the world’s most influential and recognised Lifeguards

Travels from New South Wales

Susan Greenfield - Leadership

Susan Greenfield

One of the world’s leading authorities in neuroscience

Travels from United Kingdom

Malcolm Gladwell - Interesting Ideas

Malcolm Gladwell

A highly respected journalist and author

Travels from United States

Alexandra Egan - Communication

Alexandra Egan

Passionate about inspiring and empowering individuals, helping them to take control

Travels from Victoria

Gus Balbontin - Change Management

Gus Balbontin

Born and Bread in wild Patagonia, Gus never allowed his small town ...

Travels from Victoria

Silvia Damiano - Change Management

Silvia Damiano

Scientist, educator, author, speaker, coach, award-winning leadership specialist and filmmaker.

Travels from New South Wales

Dermot Crowley - Change Management

Dermot Crowley

One of Australia's most recognised thought leaders on personal productivity

Travels from New South Wales

Gina Miller - Women in Business

Gina Miller

Passionate about trust and transparency 

Travels from United Kingdom

Jeff Kennett - Business Speakers

Jeff Kennett

The Hon Jeffrey Kennett AC was the Premier of Victoria from 1992-1999 ...

Travels from Victoria

Mark Zawacki - Leadership

Mark Zawacki

A frequent speaker, panelist and moderator at industry conferences globally.

Travels from United States

Ryan Martin - Motivational Speakers

Ryan Martin

Dedicated to improving teacher practise and student outcomes

Travels from Victoria

Michael Fearne - Team Building

Michael Fearne

Use Lego to induce creativity and productivity!

Travels from Victoria

Mike House - Facilitators

Mike House

Learn how to thrive in any situation

Travels from Western Australia

Kim Adams - Facilitators

Kim Adams

Discover how to lead authentically and create positive choices

Travels from Queensland

Justine Flynn - Branding & Marketing

Justine Flynn

Co-founder and Directer of Brand and People at Thankyou

Travels from Victoria

Robynne Berg - Innovation

Robynne Berg

Innovation consultant and authority on customer-centric innovation 

Travels from Victoria

Peter Wilkinson - Entrepreneur

Peter Wilkinson

Passionate about delivering meaningful change in retail 

Travels from Victoria

Bernie Brookes - Business Speakers

Bernie Brookes

One of Australia's most outstanding retailers and business leaders

Travels from New South Wales

David Leaney - Customer Service

David Leaney

'The 5 Year Futurist'

Travels from ACT

Darryl Blake - Customer Service

Darryl Blake

Develop the people side of your business

Travels from Queensland

Carl Honore - Health & Lifestyle

Carl Honore

An in-demand spokesman on slowing down

Travels from United Kingdom

Dr Jason Fox - Futurists & Future Trends

Dr Jason Fox

A modern day wizard-rogue and leadership adviser

Travels from Victoria

Mark McCrindle - Motivational Speakers

Mark McCrindle

Hear from a social researcher with an international following

Travels from New South Wales

Claire Madden - Futurists & Future Trends

Claire Madden

In demand for identifying emerging trends and effective responses

Travels from New South Wales

Dr Tim Baker - Communication

Dr Tim Baker

Transforming organisational capability through change programs and leadership capability development

Travels from Queensland

Wayne Bennett - Motivational Speakers

Wayne Bennett

Experience the motivation one of the greatest rugby coaches uses

Travels from New South Wales

Toby Travanner - Facilitators

Toby Travanner

Dynamic, captivating and engaging business speaker

Travels from Victoria

Matt Shirvington - Motivational Speakers

Matt Shirvington

One of our most exciting athletes

Travels from New South Wales

Mark Squirrell OAM - Adventure & Challenge

Mark Squirrell OAM

Explore the principles of leadership, resilience and communication

Travels from Victoria

Sir Peter Cosgrove  - Change Management

Sir Peter Cosgrove

Modern-day warrior chieftain; he displays characteristics we value most as Australians

Travels from New South Wales

Dr Ross Walker - Education Speakers

Dr Ross Walker

Eminent practicing cardiologist with a passion for people and health

Travels from New South Wales

Darren Palmer - Change Management

Darren Palmer

Teachs the key points of adding value to property through design and ...

Travels from New South Wales

Carolyn Creswell - Business Speakers

Carolyn Creswell

A business leader proving that you can have work-life balance.

Travels from Victoria

Anthony Bonnici - Motivational Speakers

Anthony Bonnici

Learn how to improve performance and productivity

Travels from New South Wales

Andrew May - Change Management

Andrew May

An award-winning speaker, author, leadership and transformation specialist, and coach for athletes ...

Travels from New South Wales


Christian 'Boo' Boucousis

Deep performance is the answer

Travels from New South Wales

Renae Hanvin  - Business Coaching

Renae Hanvin

A sought-after and engaging presenter, Renae Hanvin is helping organisations and government ...

Travels from Victoria

Richard Van Hooijdonk

Futurist and international keynote speaker

Travels from

Noel Pearson - Leadership

Noel Pearson

Noel Pearson is a land rights activist, lawyer, academic and one of Australia's ...

Travels from Queensland

Scott Dutton  - Communication

Scott Dutton

Scott has been awarded as the Breakthrough Speaker of year 2021!Scott is ...

Travels from New South Wales

Sharon Bown - NEW Online Presentation  - Change Management

Sharon Bown - NEW Online Presentation

Discover the Power of Nursing 

Travels from ACT

Kieran Flanagan - NEW Online Presentation - Change Management

Kieran Flanagan - NEW Online Presentation

Resilience is a creative skill- and you need it right now!

Travels from New South Wales

Paul Taylor - NEW Online Presentation - Change Management

Paul Taylor - NEW Online Presentation

Building resilience for a healthy mind

Travels from Victoria

Justin Langer - NEW Online Presentation - Change Management

Justin Langer - NEW Online Presentation

Managing during a crisis, working together as a team and rebuilding a ...

Travels from Western Australia

John Formica - Customer Service

John Formica

Just imagine if Disney ran your business, what would it look like?  ...

Travels from United States

Matthew Johnstone - Mindfulness & Mindset

Matthew Johnstone

An author, illustrator, and public speaker, passionate about resilience, well-being and happiness    ...

Travels from New South Wales

Adam Voigt - Education Speakers

Adam Voigt

Energise your conference with a speaker from the real world who actually ...

Travels from Victoria

Fiona Robertson - Leadership

Fiona Robertson

Future proof your team and prepare for upcoming changes

Travels from Victoria

Tim Jarvis - Leadership

Tim Jarvis

Environmental scientist, author, adventurer and public speaker

Travels from South Australia

Chris Hadfield - Leadership

Chris Hadfield

The first Canadian Commander of the International Space Station

Travels from Canada

Jamie Totino - Business Speakers

Jamie Totino

Founder & Director of Australia’s First Healthy Vending Franchise

Travels from Victoria

Karl O

Karl O'Callaghan

Former Police Commissioner for Western Australia

Travels from Western Australia

Kevin Lawrence - Change Management

Kevin Lawrence

Make your business life easier with simple, applicable tools

Travels from Canada

Tania de Jong AM - Women in Business

Tania de Jong AM

One of Australia’s most successful female entrepreneurs and innovators

Travels from Victoria

Phill Nosworthy - Change Management

Phill Nosworthy

Executive coach, global speaker and change-maker

Travels from New South Wales

Michael McQueen - Business Speakers

Michael McQueen

Award winning speaker, trend forecaster and bestselling author.

Travels from New South Wales

Daryl Elliott Green - Leadership

Daryl Elliott Green

TWICE SHOT in the line of duty, an incredible story of bravery, ...

Travels from Queensland

Tony Wilson - Change Management

Tony Wilson

Create an environment of high success 

Travels from Queensland

James Adonis - Motivational Speakers

James Adonis

Motivational speaker specialising in employee engagement and team leader education

Travels from New South Wales

Daniel Flynn - Branding & Marketing

Daniel Flynn

A motivational speaker with a passion for helping those less fortunate

Travels from Victoria

Paul Roos - Motivational Speakers

Paul Roos

Paul Roos has earned a much-acclaimed reputation as an AFL player and senior ...

Travels from Victoria

Lucy Bloom - Motivational Speakers

Lucy Bloom

Sought-after keynote speaker, passionate photographer, author and award-winning leader

Travels from New South Wales

Ian Berry - Change Management

Ian Berry

Author, trusted advisor and speaker who understands business

Travels from New South Wales

Bruce Cotterill  - Business Coaching

Bruce Cotterill

A professional and humorous motivational speaker with a background in business

Travels from New Zealand

Michael Licenblat - Mindfulness & Mindset

Michael Licenblat

Increase adaptivity, positivity and performance with increased resilience

Travels from Victoria

Dominic Thurbon - Change Management

Dominic Thurbon

Discover the ultimate formula for driving innovation, collaboration and behaviour change ...

Travels from New South Wales

Anders Sorman-Nilsson  - Motivational Speakers

Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Renowned Futurist, Speaker and Author

Travels from New South Wales

Marty Wilson - Communication

Marty Wilson

Change Management Speaker, Trainer, Author, former Australian Comic of the Year

Travels from Queensland

Josie Thomson - Business Coaching

Josie Thomson

Coach, speaker, trainer, business owner and author

Travels from Queensland

Deborah Wilson - Facilitators

Deborah Wilson

Career Architect, Change Manager and Industry Leader. 

Travels from Queensland

Fiona Redding - Motivational Speakers

Fiona Redding

Prepare to feel motivated to create changes in your life

Travels from Victoria

John Mulvey - Motivational Speakers

John Mulvey

Inspiration, Motivation, Communication

Travels from Queensland

Alison Hill - Business Speakers

Alison Hill

Author, speaker, business coach and psychologist

Travels from Queensland

Lindsay Adams - Business Coaching

Lindsay Adams

Passionate about building effective leaders and teams.

Travels from Queensland

Colin James - Business Coaching

Colin James

One of Australia's leading coporate speakers, educators and facilitators

Travels from New South Wales

Craig Harper - Change Management

Craig Harper

A High-performance and Change Management Speaker and Writer

Travels from Victoria

Lt Gen David Morrison AO - Leadership

Lt Gen David Morrison AO

2016 Australian of the Year

Travels from ACT

Jane Mara - Business Coaching

Jane Mara

Author, researcher, leadership trainer and executive coach 

Travels from New South Wales

Bruce Sullivan - Motivational Speakers

Bruce Sullivan

A proven performer in achieving results in people for over 30 years

Travels from Queensland

Lynne Schinella - Communication

Lynne Schinella

A strategic communications expert delivering results

Travels from Queensland

Stan Alves OAM - Motivational Speakers

Stan Alves OAM

Follow the journey from the elite sporting arena to business management, ...

Travels from Victoria

Scott Williams - MCs & Hosts

Scott Williams

An important message loaded with laughter

Travels from Queensland

Rosie Batty AO - Motivational Speakers

Rosie Batty AO

A leading voice against domestic violence

Travels from Victoria

Robert de Castella - Motivational Speakers

Robert de Castella

Australia’s greatest ever marathon runner

Travels from ACT

Rob Redenbach - Motivational Speakers

Rob Redenbach

Learn new strategies in leadership, communication and conflict resolution 

Travels from Queensland

Peter Thurin - Motivational Speakers

Peter Thurin

Learn how to achieve your own Blackbelt in Excellence

Travels from Victoria

Peter Keith - Motivational Speakers

Peter Keith

Motivational Speaker, Executive Coach, Organisational Training & Development Professional

Travels from Queensland

Peter FitzSimons - Motivational Speakers

Peter FitzSimons

Top Selling Author, Journalist, Radio Commentator and Motivational Speaker.

Travels from New South Wales

Paul Featherstone - Motivational Speakers

Paul Featherstone

People recovery and emergency situation expert, Paul is an Australian Bravery Medal ...

Travels from New South Wales

Nigel Marsh - Branding & Marketing

Nigel Marsh

Co-founder of Earth Hour and speaker on Business and Life.

Travels from New South Wales

Nick Maxwell - Sports Heroes

Nick Maxwell

Uses his experiences to motivate in leadership, persistence and strength 

Travels from Victoria

Nick Farr-Jones - Motivational Speakers

Nick Farr-Jones

Motivates, inspires and assists audiences to understand change and leadership

Travels from New South Wales

Ngahi o te ra Bidois - Motivational Speakers

Ngahi o te ra Bidois

Motivational skills taught through Ancient Wisdom and Modern Solutions!

Travels from New Zealand

Natalie Cook - Motivational Speakers

Natalie Cook

Nat is a champion who shares her story with any audience

Travels from Queensland

Mick Malthouse - Motivational Speakers

Mick Malthouse

Legendary AFL Coach and Team Leader

Travels from Victoria

Michelle Bridges - Motivational Speakers

Michelle Bridges

Motivational Speaker, Fitness & Business Guru

Travels from New South Wales

Dr Michael Nagel  - Education Speakers

Dr Michael Nagel

Provides contemporary insights into learning, motivation and 21st century learners.

Travels from Queensland

Michael Klim - Sports Heroes

Michael Klim

Olympian champion and elite swimming coach

Travels from Victoria

Matina Jewell - Change Management

Matina Jewell

A story of inspiration and leadership learnt over her military career

Travels from New South Wales

Mary Maddock - Change Management

Mary Maddock

Uncover alternatives and reveal new ways to better solutions 

Travels from Victoria

Mark Bickley - Motivational Speakers

Mark Bickley

A football legend whose passion extends beyond the field

Travels from South Australia

Margie Warrell - Motivational Speakers

Margie Warrell

Empowering people to lead the change they want to see

Travels from Victoria

Liz Ellis - Sports Heroes

Liz Ellis

As one of Australia’s highest profile elite athletes and most successful netballers ...

Travels from Queensland

Lisa McInnes-Smith - Leadership

Lisa McInnes-Smith

Shifting attitudes and behaviours to improve focus and lift performance

Travels from Victoria

Libby Trickett - Motivational Speakers

Libby Trickett

Olympic Champion and Golden Girl of Australian Swimming

Travels from Queensland

Leanne Rowe AM - Change Management

Leanne Rowe AM

The authority on staying healthy longer and tackling teenage depression

Travels from Victoria

Laurie Lawrence - Team Building

Laurie Lawrence

Feel the passion, the commitment, the desire and the success

Travels from Queensland

Lauren Burns - Motivational Speakers

Lauren Burns

OAM, naturopath, nutritionist, Herbalist (bHsc) Olympic Gold Medallist, Taekwondo. Sydney 2000

Travels from Victoria

Kurt Fearnley - Motivational Speakers

Kurt Fearnley

Paralympian, champion and NSW Australian of the Year 2019

Travels from New South Wales

Keith Abraham - Innovation

Keith Abraham

A premier thought leader on passionate performance and cultures 

Travels from Queensland

Jules Lund - MCs & Hosts

Jules Lund

A versatile performer with a range of experience 

Travels from Victoria

John Anderson - Business Speakers

John Anderson

Founder of Contiki Tours and passionate speaker

Travels from New Zealand

Jeff Green - Comedians

Jeff Green

Life IS change, Fear IS natural

Travels from Victoria

Jamie Durie - Celebrities

Jamie Durie

Inspiring a whole new generation to rediscover their gardens.  

Travels from United States

Glenn Capelli - Business Speakers

Glenn Capelli

Winner 2013 NSAA Keynote Speaker of the Year

Travels from Victoria

Duncan Armstrong - Change Management

Duncan Armstrong

Olympic Hero and Inspirational Speaker

Travels from Queensland

Dr Sally Cockburn - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Sally Cockburn

An expert in sex, relationships, lifestyle and good health 

Travels from Victoria

Dr Helena Popovic - Education Speakers

Dr Helena Popovic

Doctor – Carer – Author – Speaker – Media Commentator

Travels from Queensland

Dr Andrew Rochford - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Andrew Rochford

Focussed on improving the health and wellbeing of all Australians

Travels from New South Wales

Dr Amantha Imber - Motivational Speakers

Dr Amantha Imber

Innovation psychologist, best-selling author, and founder of innovation consultancy Inventium

Travels from Victoria

David Penglase - Change Management

David Penglase

Learn how to build positive business relationships

Travels from New South Wales

Chris Helder - Sales

Chris Helder

Brilliant combination of energy, wit, humor and tailored content

Travels from Victoria

Brennon Dowrick - Motivational Speakers

Brennon Dowrick

One of Australia’s most successful male gymnasts and now an internationally in-demand ...

Travels from Queensland

Blythe Rowe - Communication

Blythe Rowe

Understand the brain and the importance of relationships 

Travels from New South Wales

Andrew Gaze - Motivational Speakers

Andrew Gaze

One of Australia’s most well-known and respected sporting champions

Travels from Victoria

Andrew Bryant - Motivational Speakers

Andrew Bryant

Renowned Business Speaker, Author, Coach.

Travels from Singapore

Amanda Gore - Motivational Speakers

Amanda Gore

One of Only Four Australians Inducted Into the USA Speaker Hall of ...

Travels from Queensland


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