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Dan Gregory - Branding & Marketing - Speaker, Author, Commentator, Comedian and Expert  ...

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Behavioural Trends: How to read and lead human behaviour

To navigate a world of unprecedented change, we need to do more than simply focus on what is changing in terms of technology, we must also understand the changes that are taking place in human and social behaviour. The world is in a constant state of change, which is incredibly fascinating to many of us, but also a little frightening for those of us who are struggling just a little bit to keep up. We are witnessing behavioural and social changes that include generational trends, the democratising of information and shifts in demographics and psychographics as well as the redistribution of trust as large institutions fall from grace and are usurped by new powerhouses of information and influence. In this revelationary presentation, Dan Gregory will reveal just what is going on in our societies and our psychologies as he reveals the latest trends in human behaviour and just how they are going to impact our organisations, team members and customers, not just in the future, but right now, today! Read less
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Hacking Human Nature: How to work with who you are & who shows up

Motivation is certainly a great thing to have, however, few of us are motivated all of the time and certainly not in every area of our lives or our work. In fact, there is much behavioural research that reveals that, in the long term, design beats discipline! In this exciting presentation, Dan will reveal how to hack human nature and use design over discipline to create a bias towards success (and away from failure) as well as providing practical tools to help you work with who you are (rather than beating yourself up) and how to engage who shows up (rather than complaining about their limitations). Hacking Human Nature is all about understanding human tendencies and preferences, learning to swim with behavioural currents and engineering habits and procedural interrupts that allow performance to show up independent of engagement. Read less
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ID:ology: How identity drives beliefs, behaviour & belonging

All human behaviour is ultimately driven by our sense of identity, who we think we are and who we wish to project to the world that we are. Identity builds cultures, increases buy in and internalises motivation making performance and competence intrinsic and unconscious. So how do we ensure we have chosen an optimal identity for ourselves, our customers and our organisations or communities, and perhaps more importantly, how do we change them when we get it wrong? In this enlightening and provocative presentation, Dan Gregory will help you understand how identity shapes us, informs our purpose, drives decision making and purchasing behaviour as well as creating a sense of belonging and loyalty that seems to defy logic. Designed for leaders who need to create cultures of the willing around a sense of purpose, for sales and marketing professionals who want to know what sits at the base of both their customers and clients decision making and purchasing behavior, and for individuals who want to better understand what drives them and their behaviour. Read less
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The 3 Levels of Influence: The psychology of engagement

If we want to increase our influence, to lead more effectively, to drive the change we wish to make in the world and to increase sales and personal persuasiveness, we need to understand that there are multiple levels of engagement. However, too often, we bias towards logical arguments and rely on calls to rationality while ignoring the much more powerful emotional and psychological levels of influence, or else we repeat trite features and benefits promises without understanding what is really driving those we seek to influence. In this insightful presentation, Dan will help you navigate The 3 Levels of Influence and take you one a journey from the Literal to the Emotional and ultimately to the Psychological levers that drive our decision making. He will then explain how to transform this understanding into persuasive communication that is visual, verbal and behavioural. Peppered with real world case studies, this presentation makes the process easy to understand and simple to implement, so it is hugely practical for any leader, sales professional or marketing team that needs to increase their influence and deepen their connections. Read less
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Dan Gregory

Speaker, Author, Commentator, Comedian and Expert on Human Behaviour

Dan Gregory has a deep obsession with human behaviour, beliefs and belonging.

Dan is the co-founder of The Behaviour Report, where he assists entrepreneurs, experts, and executives in increasing their influence, impact and income by revealing what truly drives beliefs, behaviours and belonging. For nearly 30 years, Dan has helped start-ups become industry leaders, turned brands into household names and guided experts and thought leaders along the path to professional fame by focusing on four key areas of influence: Personal, Professional, Commercial and Social. He has developed leadership strategies for global technology firms, designed performance strategies for C-Suite executives and created engagement strategies for organisations as diverse as Coca-Cola, Unilever, the Royal Australian Navy and the UN in Asia.

Dan is a highly captivating speaker. He was rated in the top 25 speakers to watch by Meetings & Conventions USA. His business intelligence can only be surpassed by his wit and unique insights. His presentation experience is built upon the foundation of three years of stand-up comedy experience in the US and the UK. He is a regular on Gruen and Masters of Spin.

Dan worked as a lecturer at AWARD, one of Australia’s leading creative schools. He also lectures at The Miami Ad School and has taught Masters students at Macquarie University and The University of Sydney. Dan frequently coaches and mentors CEOs and non-executive board members.

Dan can tailor his presentation to discuss the effects of the coronavirus on your behaviour and communication.  He can present his keynote speech by virtual broadcast to your organisation through videoconferencing, live streaming and Zoom events.



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