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Todd Sampson Shows us Scientifically Proven Ways to Build a Better Brain

Todd Sampson

What kind of man would attempt a death-defying Houdini escape while chained underwater? Or a 120-metre climb up a rockface in Utah’s Moab Desert… blindfolded? A crazy man, some might say. But Todd Sampson isn’t crazy – he’s simply on a mission to prove that anyone, at any age, is capable of a great deal more than they realise. And he’s going to show you how.

If you’ve ever tuned in to ABC’s hit TV show Gruen, you’ll recognise Todd Sampson’s artfully dishevelled form dissecting the global advertising industry’s greatest hits and misses. Todd has headed some of the most successful advertising agencies in the world and is a well-known creative genius – even taking home the coveted Cannes Titanium Lion for Creative Campaign of the Year. His clever Earth Hour initiative, widely recognised as one of the best ideas ever, is officially the biggest environmental movement in history.

Todd’s impressive achievement reel also includes credits as an award-winning documentary-maker, presenter, producer, writer and adventurer. This unique blend of skills has seen him co-write, produce and host a number of critically acclaimed international documentaries including BODYHACK and Life on the Line.

As a self-confessed science-nerd with officially diagnosed ‘extreme optimism bias’, Todd continually puts himself through epic and unquestionably risky experiments in his constant quest to understand the limits of the human body. And it makes for mesmerising viewing (unless, of course, you’re his wife!).

As the writer and host of the award-winning Discovery Science Series Redesign My Brain, Todd reprised his role as a human guinea pig as he explored the scientific frontier of neuroplasticity.

The premise of this unique and ground-breaking series was simple: For over 70 years, science has told us that our brains are fixed – we are born with the brain we have, it develops rapidly until age 7 and then it starts a steady decline from age 30 until we die. Job done. But modern science has now shown that our brain is plastic and that we have the ability to improve it at any age, and at any time. A challenge Todd set out to scientifically prove in his customarily hazardous style.

Redesign My Brain, which won Documentary of the Year and is now being shown around the world on the Discovery channel, is the inspiration behind Todd’s extraordinary new keynote presentation, ‘Brain.Power’.

This unique presentation will show you scientifically proven ways to boost your brain power and build a better brain. Todd will take you behind the scenes of his extraordinary journey, and provide you with practical tools, strategies and techniques that will prove that you are capable of more than you ever thought possible.

According to Todd, “The difference between an ordinary brain and an extraordinary brain is within all our reach – we just have to reach for it.” Luckily, thanks to modern science, he can show us how!


Todd Sampson is now taking audiences on a unique Brain.Power journey, sharing scientifically proven exercises to help people build stronger and smarter brains. And that’s got to be good for business! As one of our most highly sought-after motivational speakers, Todd’s thought-provoking presentations are delivered with incredible vivacity and humour, leaving event-goers ready to tackle every new challenge ahead with renewed energy. If you’d like to talk to us about engaging Todd for your next event, get in touch with us now!


Anthony Laye: Mind-blowing Mentalist, Keynote Speaker and MC

Anthony Laye

Whether he’s blowing minds with his breathtaking mastery of illusion, empowering audiences as a keynote speaker or expertly working the crowd as MC, Anthony Laye has earned his reputation as one of the world’s premier entertainers.

It’s not often you find someone so adept at entertainment in all its forms. But creating a lasting impression is what Anthony Laye does best, and his unique skillset enables him to do that in an astonishing number of ways.

The Mentalist
Nothing keeps an audience on the edge of their seat like a game of Russian roulette with a live nail gun! With a captivating blend of showmanship, sharp observation, psychology and illusion, Anthony takes audiences on a gobsmacking journey full of laughs and wonder, leaving them with a sense that they’re not the only one in control of their thoughts. Unique, interactive and absolutely unforgettable, Anthony’s performance is guaranteed to deliver maximum impact!

The Keynote Speaker
Anthony’s innate ability to connect with people has helped him become a brilliant mind-reader. But as he proves in his presentation about the power of human connection, you don’t need to be a mind-reader to build rapport and communicate with influence. One of our most highly sought-after motivational speakers, Anthony empowers audiences with practical strategies to make them more effective listeners, observers, communicators and influencers – at work and at home. They’ll discover how to decode human behaviour and learn the secrets behind communicating with confidence in this highly entertaining keynote.

The Event Host and MC
These days, hosting an event is about more than a quick intro and a welcome skit. It’s about creating a flow between formalities, keeping the event on schedule, entertaining the crowd and ensuring the energy is right for the whole night. Next generation MC’s pilot the entire event experience, and it takes an expert to steer the ship. Thanks to thousands of hours at the helm, Anthony is one of the best there is!

Whether you’re looking for an entertainer, MC, keynote speaker or a clever blend of the three, Anthony Laye has the talent and experience to take your team on a journey they’ll never forget. If you’d like to talk to us about engaging him for your next event, get in touch with us now for a chat!


‘Thirteen Lives’ Immortalises Thai Cave Rescue: Meet the Australian Cave Diving Heroes

Thai cave rescue

‘I just want to warn you. You’re going to dive to the end of the cave. You’re going to see these kids. They’re all looking healthy and happy and smiley. Then, you’re going to swim away, and… they’re probably all going to die.’

The story that transfixed the world has now been immortalised on the big screen in a gripping new movie, ‘Thirteen Lives’. The recreation of the near-impossible Thai caves rescue mission is given the full Hollywood treatment, with Academy Award-winning Director Ron Howard producing and directing, and commanding performances by stars Colin Farrell, Viggo Mortensen and Joel Edgerton bringing the story to life.

In 2018, the world held its collective breath as 13 boys from the Thai Wild Boars soccer team lay trapped deep inside an underwater cave system for seventeen days after rains flooded cave passages. More than 5,000 people, including 100 government agencies, 900 police officers and 2,000 soldiers, were involved in the rescue effort as the boys – eventually located over two kilometres into the caves – waited in darkness.

With their unique combination of medical expertise and advanced cave diving skills, leading underwater cave diver Dr. Craig Challen and fellow Australian cave diver and anaesthetist Dr Richard ‘Harry’ Harris, were asked to join the international rescue mission to save them.

With no precedent to follow, the men worked long days under intense scrutiny and extreme pressure, putting plans in place to get the stranded boys through miles of narrow flooded tunnels in zero-visibility water. The decision was made to anaesthetise them and bring them through the claustrophobic tunnels unconscious, one by one. Every 30 minutes or so during the journey of more than five hours, the boys would be dosed with ketamine to keep them sedated.

Richard explains the decision, saying “It was either leave them to die a very slow, awful death from starvation, exposure, or infection, let alone the psychological terror… or you’d take them out and probably they’ll die, but they’ll be anesthetised and asleep when that happens…”

Miraculously, all 13 members of the Thai soccer team survived the ordeal. And when Richard surfaced from the caves, as the last person out, the world celebrated. Their mission was complete, and the two Australian men became international heroes.

Craig and Richard were both awarded a Star of Courage as well as the Order of Australia for service to the international community for their selfless bravery during the successful rescue. In 2019, they were also named as the first dual Australians of the Year for their heroic efforts.

In 2020 Craig and Richard released their book, ‘Against All Odds‘, providing a riveting inside account of the Thai cave rescue. With Ron Howard’s critically acclaimed feature film ‘Thirteen Lives’ now showing on Prime Video, it’s the perfect time to engage these Australian heroes to speak at your next event!


More about Dr. Craig Challen and Dr. Richard Harris

craig challenDr. Craig Challen SC OAM is a member of the Wet Mules, a diving group that takes on some of the world’s deepest underwater caves. He has explored caves throughout Australia, New Zealand, China, Thailand, Vanuatu and the Cook Islands, as well as shipwreck sites in the South China Sea, Solomon Islands, Australia, New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Craig is a veterinary surgeon by profession, founding Vetwest group of veterinary practices in 1993 (which later became Australian Animal Hospitals), until retiring in 2017 to concentrate on diving. Craig is also an enthusiastic helicopter and aeroplane pilot! Read more about Craig here.

richard harrisDr Richard Harris SC OAM worked with AusAID in Vanuatu for two years, helping to provide much-needed medical services including anaesthesia and intensive care. His diving career spans thirty years, and has seen him complete record-breaking and daring expeditions all around the world. Richard’s passion and skill for underwater exploration has also enabled him to work on documentaries, feature films and with teams from across the globe in the roles of diver, underwater cameraman and medical support.

Richard is a member of the Explorers Club of New York, as well as diving group Wet Mules alongside Craig Challen, and is currently working as an anaesthetist at South Australia’s emergency medical retrieval service, MedSTAR. Richard was a proud recipient of an Australian award for Outstanding Contributions to Cave Exploration. Read more about Richard here.


As two of our most popular motivational speakers, Craig and Richard share their captivating story with infectious positivity and enthusiasm, uplifting hearts and inspiring people to believe in the impossible. If you’d like to talk to us about engaging Craig or Richard (or perhaps both) for your next event, get in touch with us for a chat!

How to Promote National Safe Work Month, October 2022

National Safe Work Month

Did you know that more than 120,000 serious workplace injury claims are lodged every year? With National Safe Work Month coming up in October, it’s the perfect time to renew your commitment to building a safe and healthy workplace.

The National Safe Work Month campaign theme for 2022 – ‘Know safety, work safely’ – is a valuable reminder that education is the key to dramatically reducing the risk of workplace incidents. We’ve put together some simple ways you can promote National Safe Work Month in your workplace, educating your team on health and safety initiatives and reinforcing the importance of working together to keep the workplace safe.

1) Host a SafeTea event: A morning tea is a great opportunity to have a cuppa with workmates and initiate a conversation about safety at work. Safe Work Australia has some fantastic SafeTea resources to help you promote your event and get discussions started.

2) Use free campaign resources: Visit the National Safe Work Month campaign website, download the campaign kit and use the resources to promote health and safety in your workplace. You’ll find a range of posters, social media tiles, website banners, desktop wallpapers, e-newsletter and media releases for your use – customise with your logo and away you go!

3) Communicate your policies: Keep everyone updated about relevant policies and procedures – every worker has a duty of care when it comes to health and safety, so make sure you’re all on the same page. The Work Health and Safety Act provides a legal framework to protect the health, safety and welfare of workers, while the relevant codes of practice will help you achieve the standards of health and safety required under the Act. The Safe Work Australia website also has a great range of information and tools to help you maintain a safe and healthy workplace.

4) Present an interactive safety workshop: Get your team involved by hosting a workshop that covers those relevant policies and procedures and reinforces the key safety messages. As well as internal stakeholders, consider engaging a motivational speaker with relevant ‘workplace’ experience to talk to your team – their fascinating stories and wonderful ability to captivate an audience can have enormous impact and help drive genuine change in your workplace. Whether presentations are held virtually, in-person or a hybrid mix, we can introduce you to a variety of captivating speakers with fascinating stories to tell, including:

darren flanaganDarren Flanagan:
On 25th April 2006, a major mine collapse in Beaconsfield, Tasmania trapped two mine workers, Todd Russell and Brant Webb. The nation watched in horror as the story unfolded, with rescue efforts continuing for days. Explosives expert Darren Flanagan spent five days trying to refine an explosion that would tunnel through the rock but not kill the trapped miners. After 29 hours of nonstop explosions, which left Darren both mentally and physically exhausted, a blast that came within 30cm of the miners enabled rescuers to save them, completing one of the most difficult rescues in Australian history. Darren’s unwavering persistence and determination ensured the safe return of the two trapped miners to their families, and made him a national hero. Darren tells his emotional story to audiences with passion and humour, an enduring message of resilience and overcoming challenges. Read more about Darren here.

matt hallMatt Hall: There aren’t too many people more qualified to talk about safety and risk management than reigning Red Bull Air Race world champion and former RAAF top gun fighter pilot and combat instructor Matt Hall. Matt is one of the most polished and engaging speakers you will ever meet, keeping audiences captivated with mind-blowing aviation and near-death experiences, while seeding key inspirational and educational messages about risk management, excelling under pressure, high performance, preparing to succeed and teamwork. Matt is extremely warm and engaging, and always welcomes the opportunity to speak one-on-one with event attendees. Read more about Matt here.

Craig ChallenDr Craig Challen:
When 12 boys from a Thai soccer team became dangerously trapped in a flooded cave in 2018, Craig Challen, one of Australia’s leading underwater cave and shipwreck divers, was asked to join the international rescue mission to save them. Craig worked 14–16-hour days alongside his diving partner, fellow Australian Dr Richard Harris, to help the boys to safety in a story that gripped the world (and has since been immortalised in a Hollywood movie). Craig was awarded a Star of Courage as well as the Order of Australia for service to the international community for his unwavering and selfless bravery during the successful rescue. In 2019, Craig and his diving partner were also named as the first dual Australians of the Year for their heroic efforts during the rescue mission. Craig tells his story with infectious positivity and enthusiasm, inspiring those around him to take advantage of life’s opportunities and to be ready when they arise. Read more about Craig here.

mark squirrellMark Squirrell OAM:
From the world’s most brutal war zones to the summit of Mt Everest, Mark Squirrell’s journey from military commando to International Aid Worker is equal amounts inspiring and enthralling. His thrilling recount of his career, and the knowledge he shares about leadership, teamwork and communication, is a priceless lesson for leaders. Awarded the coveted green beret during his military service and recognised with an Order of Australia Medal (OAM) for service to the international community through humanitarian aid, Squiz is one of our most admired motivational speakers. His use of authentic footage and Virtual Reality goggles in his keynotes, workshops and team-building activities makes his presentations a truly unforgettable experience. Read more about Mark here.

Dr-Joanna-McMillanDr. Joanna McMillan: As an accomplished author and regular on television and radio, Joanna McMillan is one of Australia’s favourite and best-known nutrition and lifestyle specialists. And she’s on a mission to educate Australians about health and nutrition so they can embrace a happier and healthier lifestyle. Her engaging and insightful presentations deliver key information in a warm and easy-to-understand way, empowering individuals with the knowledge they need to live healthier lives. What better way to show commitment to your team’s health and wellbeing than by gifting them the power to live healthier lives, in and out of the workplace? Read more about Joanna here.

While National Safe Work Month presents a great opportunity to focus on the importance of workplace health and safety, the overall health and safety of your workforce should be a year-round priority. Use National Safe Work Month to show your team that you’re doing everything you can to keep them safe and healthy, every day of the year!


With National Safe Work Month less than 8 weeks away, now is the time to lock in a motivational speaker with unique ‘workplace’ experience to talk to your team. Our fascinating speakers, including Darren Flanagan, Matt Hall, Dr. Craig Challen, Mark Squirrell and Dr. Joanna McMillan are wonderfully entertaining, with stories guaranteed to captivate your team… and put a whole new spin on workplace health and safety! If you’d like us to introduce you, simply get in touch with us for a chat.

national safe work month