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Better Together: Artificial intelligence in the workplace

No, the robots are not coming for our jobs! But artificial intelligence (AI) is changing almost every industry. People and machines together are better than either of them alone. For smart, savvy organisations and leaders, this is a real game changer, because AI can boost productivity, enhance customer service, and create a competitive advantage in a fast moving world. Read less
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Customers On Your Side: Be a truly customer centric organisation

Organisations are falling over themselves to deliver superior customer experiences. The best way to be customer centric is to bring your customers inside your business. When you get customers on your side, you tap into their diversity, create long term loyalty, and future proof your role in the customer journey. Read less
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Disruption By Design: Innovate from the inside out

Innovation and disruption are two sides of the same coin: Disruption is when change happens to you, innovation is when you lead the change yourself. Innovation is everybodys business now, and the best organisations and teams foster a culture of ongoing innovation. Successful teams make innovation a habit, so it becomes embedded into everyday work and an important part of the culture. Read less
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Fit For The Future: Thriving ,not just surviving, in a disrupted world

The world is changing at breakneck speed, and we know there’s more uncertainty and disruption – but also opportunity – in our future.

From digital expansion to climate action, from fresh faces in the office to new rules on how and where we work, and from social change to AI – these aren’t just disruptions, they are your next big chance.

You might think the future is outside your control, but that’s not true. We can’t be future proof, but we can be future ready. We all have the opportunity to shape the future – and that starts now.

Let’s explore the trends shaping our future, understand the skills and mindset we most need now, and learn how to thrive in a fast-changing world. Come ready to think, laugh, learn, and leave with a game plan for your own future.

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Future Ready Leaders

We have already faced years of change and uncertainty, and the real disruption is still to come. The future of work will be even more fluid – influenced by climate change, working from home, diversity and inclusion, generational shifts, AI and automation, changes in global economic power, and more.

If your people are burnt out, fed up, falling behind, and pushing back, you’re not alone! More than ever, we need leaders to step up and lead the way – providing clarity and confidence when they face chaos and confusion.

The best people can – and will – choose where, when, how, and for whom they work. Will you create the sort of workplace that will attract and keep them? And are you the sort of leader they want to follow?

In this keynote presentation for leaders and managers, you will understand the essential components of the future of work, gain insights into the must-have skills for tomorrow, and learn what it takes to create the best workplace on earth.

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The Best Workplace on Earth: Attract and keep the best people

The workplace of the future is not just technology and automation, it is about the environment you create for attracting the smart, talented, savvy people with the skills you need for future proofing your organisation. Those stars are in demand, and can choose where they work. Are you providing the best workplace to attract and keep them? Read less
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The Future of Leadership: Build high performance teams for a complex world

Our volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world needs a new kind of leadership. The most successful organisations and teams move fast, change quickly, and adapt to their environment faster. Learn how to engage a modern workforce, tap into the unique skills and talents of team members, and lead effectively in an uncertain future. Read less
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Gihan Perera

A futurist and speaker giving businesses insights into the future.

Gihan Perera is a futurist, conference speaker, online presenter, and author who shows you how to be fit for the future in a fast-changing world.

For 25 years, he has worked with organisations and leaders throughout Australia, as well as in New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, and North America – helping them to thrive in a fast-changing world. Since the pandemic, he has helped people lead in uncertainty, and act with clarity and confidence through crisis, recovery, and growth.

Gihan is the author of 'The Future of Leadership', 'Disruption By Design', as well as 10 additional books. He has always taken the lead in embracing emerging technologies and trends, from his university thesis in robotics and artificial intelligence to leading a software development team building the infrastructure for the early Internet, founding one of Australia’s first Web development companies in 1996, teaching thought leaders how to engage in e-learning platforms, and helping business leaders build their personal brand and online influence.

Because innovation is everybody’s business, and the best ideas can come from anywhere, Gihan has worked with a number of industries – including healthcare, financial services, mining and resources, property, local government, education, and technology.

Forbes magazine rated him the #5 social media influencer in the world (and #1 in Australia) in his area of expertise.

He is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), the only internationally recognised designation for professional speakers. Gihan has always been interested in people and the way they communicate – and how to become fit for the future, so they embrace change, act on opportunities, and live happier lives


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