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Advocating for a better world: Intergenerational equity and climate change

Cultivating resilience: looking after self in order to look after what matters

Feeding the future: Innovation in the food and farming system

Feeding the future: Innovation in the food and farming system

It’s not game-over, it’s game on: The frontline of climate change impacts and solutions

Dr Anika Molesworth

Shaping the future of sustainable agriculture

Dr Anika Molesworth is a leading expert on climate change and food systems reliance. Her extensive research into international agricultural development has made her a frequently sought-after speaker.

After witnessing her family’s sheep farm in New South Wales undergo a decade-long drought, Anika was inspired to explore alternative farming systems that can help vibrant rural communities enforce sustainable agriculture.

With a Bachelor of Science specializing in Agribusiness, a Master of Sustainable Agriculture, and a PhD with the Centre for Regional and Rural Futures, Anika hopes to achieve a more optimistic future by implementing practical and sustainable strategies for agriculture.

In 2014, Anika established Climate Wise Agriculture. The knowledge-sharing platform aims to facilitate the flow of information and skill transfer with regards to climate change and farming.

She is also a Founding Director of Farmers for Climate Action, a farmer-led organisation that advocates for climate solutions in rural communities. Spanning over 5,000 Australian farmers, the organisation has had a prominent role in implementing national impact through grassroots community actions. 

Anika has also been pivotal in developing sustainable systems for Southeast Asian farming. Working with the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, she has helped to empower urban audiences with understandable information.

Appearing frequently on radio, television, and in newspapers and magazines, Anika continues to spread awareness with her warmth and compelling storytelling. Recently, she has also published her knowledge in a new book ‘Our Sunburnt Country’.

Anika is passionate about challenging the status quo through engaging conversations and practical strategies. In doing so, she has brought her inspiring optimism around the globe to meet with global leaders. Thanks to her ability to engage and inspire others, Anika has also grown a mass following of thousands across her social media platforms. 


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