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'Innovation Architect' - Nils Vesk works with many of the worlds’ fastest growing businesses on how to be smarter in business using the smartest tools and simplest steps to achieve rapid business growth.

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If you're after the type of speaker you would usually book, you aren't going to find him here! Nils is as unusual as they come ….

Nils Vesk is the quintessential go to man for organisations looking for money making thinking and energised people who get stuff done … Think Jamie Oliver meets Edward DeBono

Nils is a professional designer but you won't find him designing your office layout or your company website. For the last 18 years Nils has been applying the process of design thinking to the business of generating and realising ideas. His clients include the worlds fastest growing companies who use Nils as a virtual think tank and change catalyst for accelerating business growth through innovation.

He's strategic but stops at number crunching, he's mentored Australia's most successful entrepreneurs yet stopped at becoming a venture capitalist and his fast thinking is in higher demand than instant coffee. Of course he's published books and been on TV but more importantly he wants to collaborate with you!

Nils began his careers as an urban designer, creating amusement parks and towns in Asia, but in the process became concerned with his colleagues inability to perform under pressure. So Nils became a personal trainer and yoga teacher, and went on to write his internationally-published book, Life's Little Toolbox as a foundation to help teach people how to utilise stress to get things done.

Nils' core services are often described as 'innovation to go'. Nils has a number of keynotes, workshops, and consulting services that are primarily focused on helping organisations innovate and create innovation from blueprint to bottom line.

So what sets Nils apart from the rest?

18 yrs experience in design thinking Processing power Ability to turn ideas into profitable projects Ability to generate ideas instantly Graphic facilitation and communication Tools that are instantly applicable

Challenges that Nils is called in to help solve include:

  • In-house innovation
  • Competitive advantage beyond quality, quantity and cost
  • Products and service similarity
  • Service experience
  • Failing to capture & utilise organisational wisdom
  • Project and personal procrastination
  • High stress and pressure commitments
  • Innovation leadership 


Ideas with legs

This is the keynote that offers you the worlds’ most powerful idea generators and the process to create ideas that become practical projects and profits. All this becomes possible when you have the design thinking and insights behind the worlds best business ideas. Differentiate yourself from the competition with revolutionary products and services. How to pick the right ideas and then turn it into a reality. Prototyping, pitching and completing your idea.

You’ll walk away with ....... instant idea generation techniques to make your organisation money, steps to complete ideas and projects faster more effectively, with minimal risk and a higher R.O.I.

Innovation under pressure

Innovation under pressure is the perfect antidote for increasing attrition, absenteeism and stress whilst increasing your innovation productivity. Stress utilisation meets time management.

You’ll walk away with ....... the ability to handle stressful situations without the negative side-effects of stress.

The Architecture of Innovation

An in-depth organisational innovation structure and the key components required to make it happen.

Thought Leadership Unlimited

All about unpacking and capturing the creative and innovative wisdom in your organisation and communicating your business ideas to position your business through thought leadership marketing.

Hot Innovative Teams (HIT)

The keynote that ensures your teams have all the energy, creativity, resilience, focus and communication needed to rock on day in day out. You’ll walk away with ....... clearer communicating teams.

'Simple as…'

Too many business owners are time poor, overworked, exhausted and overwhelmed by the complexity of running a business.

Elite business owners however stay on top of the game by utilising the latest technology and business simplification principles that gain them time, accelerate their business growth, save effort and keeps everything under control.

'Simple as…' is the business technology mindset that elite business owners have mastered. It's a 'mashup' of business acceleration principles and the latest simple yet powerful business technologies. We borrow from UX designers (user experience designers whose mindset is about simplifying technology to maximise results) and we borrow from the entrepreneurial mindset for business growth.

'Simple as…' is not only about being exposed to the technology, apps, cloud and software that help to enable businesses to run as close to autopilot as possible. It's also about what ways we can use business thinking to simplify our business.

Here's what you'll experience in the 'Simple as…' keynote

  • Simple Apps and Techniques to Help You be More Effective than a Marketing Agency
  • Faster Execution, Decision Making, and Productivity Tools that Work
  • The Best Way to Utilise Technology to Grow and Manage Your Business
  • Why Smart Phones are Making Cash Registers Obsolete
  • Replacing the Bookkeeper with an App. Business Sin or Smart Business? 
  • Going Paperless is Simpler and Smarter than You Think 
  • Time Saving Automation Without the Headaches
  • Why using Technology to Outsource your Work Saves You and Makes You Money
  • The Fastest Way to Outsource at the Cheapest Price

'Simple as...' is a high energy, interactive, step by step, eye opening adventure into using technology to make business easier and more successful.

Nils Vesk works with many of the worlds’ fastest growing businesses on how to be smarter in business using the smartest tools and simplest steps to achieve rapid business growth. His clients have ranged from Microsoft and IBM to small business start-ups. He's the author of numerous books including Ideas with Legs and Innovation Archetypes.



Nils was lovely to work with leading up to our event, and very enthusiastic about our theme. 

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