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Described as an 'Innovation Architect', Nils helps to achieve rapid business growth.

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Nils Vesk has been applying, teaching, and researching innovation around the world for over 15 years. The key innovation problem he solves is that organisations have too few innovations and they are too far apart. 

Nils’ research has identified that the major cause of this problem is that our biases get in the way of innovating. Simply put ‘what we see changes what we see’. This is human nature, except it often results in us filtering and making decisions we’re not even aware that we’ve made. 

This is why Nils believes that every innovation expert you’ve ever heard speak, has been totally right yet totally wrong at the same time. Each expert (and everyone else) comes with a bias based on the professional roles they have had in their career. 

Having spearheaded the science of diagnosing and prescribing critical innovation skills. Nils has reinvented the innovation process, through the use of innovation archetypes. By matching the right perception to a specific situation we can hatch the innovation. 

Professionally trained as a designer Nils used ‘Design thinking’ as a key skill in becoming Australia’s pioneering ‘Innovation Architect’. Nils is simplifying innovation so that everyone, not just a select few, can create rapid commercial innovation that helps to create millions of dollars of additional revenue. 

Nils is the author of the innovation book Innovation Archetypes: democratising innovation (2015), Ideas with Legs: how to generate and realise ideas (2011), Life's little toolbox: tips for a happier healthier you (2003) and co-author of Ideas: original perspectives on life and business from leading thinkers (2006)

Speaker Topics

Hatch: How to create killer ideas on demand
Now more than ever, innovative ideas are the currency for success. While we know innovation is valuable, it is a sad fact that too many organisations just do not know how to innovate. The good news is no matter how time poor, or how crammed our heads might be with traditional business management skills, with Nils innovation techniques we can still find a way to bend time to our advantage and shake up our thinking patterns to start innovating. Discover what your customers really want and what they are willing to pay for. Learn how to tap into the innovation cognition regions of the brain, as well as how to facilitate and prompt innovative thinking ideas with just one question.
The Next Big Thing: How to spot and catch the waves of change
Want to know how to create that game changer before your competition does? Now is the time to discover the next emerging trends that will impact you, your team, customers and how to capitalise on it at minimal risk. At the Next Big Thing keynote, you will learn how to think like a futurist to uncover the latest innovation generating breakthroughs to innovate across every aspect of your business, including discovering and converting emerging trends into ground breaking products, disruptive customer experience innovations and game changing organisational leadership innovations. All so you are on the cutting edge of this new innovation revolution.
Think On Your Feet: Fast solution thinking for tricky situations
When business operates at a supersonic MACH 3 pace, we do not have the luxury of taking a few days to think of a solution, especially when someone else is gunning for your position. On the fly, we need to be able to analyse a pressing problem, generate an insight, followed by fresh ideas and a strategy to execute. In short we need to be able to create rapid commercial solutions as fast as possible. Learn a powerful mental deck of quick practical processes to solve problems, as well as how to redefine problems to discover the crux of a problem. Nils explores with audiences how to use models to unpack and solve a problem, as well as how to pitch a solution off the cuff that converts with confidence
Unthinkable: Courageous thinking for a cut throat world
We live in a rapidly evolving world that needs people to be adaptive and open to changing how they think. Rethinking business and life challenges, and who also the ability to think differently to create the ground breaking ideas that effect positive change. Being able to unthink how things used to be done and then rethink how things need to be done in our evolving world are a must. In this session you will learn how to identify the habits and thinking that hamper your ability to contribute to game changing thinking & how to rewire your mind in order to accelerate your success from thinking the unthinkable.


Absolutely brilliant. Put a new perspective on my thought process.


Some words to describe what Nils Vesk did for us at our conference. He led us, he guided us, he facilitated, he challenged us, and most importantly he helped us innovate and become thought leaders. He was fabulous, his style is terrific, his energy is contagious and we’d use him again in a heartbeat.

Commonwealth Bank

Nils was lovely to work with leading up to our event, and very enthusiastic about our theme.

Elders Real Estate

Nils Vesk - Futurists & Future Trends

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