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Comedians for Hire

Got the feeling that everyone at your event might need a bit of a laugh? We've got an extensive range of comedians for hire.

Booking a comedian can be quite risky.  Just because you have seen a comedian on television and they were funny, does not necessarily mean they will work at your event.  We have specialist staff in the field of comedy that will ensure your comedian or After Dinner Speaker will hit the mark and leave your audience laughing.

We have corporate comedians for hire to match a wide variety of audiences from young to old, laid back to conservative.

Those seeking some intelligent humour will find Anthony Laye to be great entertainment. Anthony Laye’s presentations are high energy, with a focus on educating audiences on leadership, perception and understanding nonverbal communication. Serious topics are covered and audiences are engaged with Anthony’s humour and energy.

Another popular comedian for hire with business audiences is Scott Williams. His keynote ‘BUSINESS Fun! Damentals’ explores the positive impact laughter and fun can have on employee well-being and workplace productivity.

Comedians can be useful for encouraging event attendance and improving morale. They are often chosen to provide light-hearted humour after in-depth topics have been discussed.

Dave O’Neil is a popular standup comedian, having performed at 14 Melbourne International Comedy Festivals, been part of successful radio teams and recently produced his own television pilot with Glenn Robbins.

Sam Pang is another popular comedian, who you would recognize from shows such as ‘Have You Been Paying Attention’ and ‘The Front Bar’. Sam can leave any audience in stitches with his quick wit. 

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Anthony Laye - Motivational Speakers

Anthony Laye

Learn the importance and power of human connections and communication.  

Travels from Queensland

Shane Jacobson - Comedians

Shane Jacobson

One of our greatest talents and entertainers

Travels from Victoria

Nazeem Hussain  - Comedians

Nazeem Hussain

Nazeem Hussain is fast becoming one of Australia’s most loved comedians. His ...

Travels from Victoria

Peter Rowsthorn - Comedians

Peter Rowsthorn

A masterful MC,  a high energy, fast paced stand up comedian one ...

Travels from Western Australia

Kitty Flanagan - Comedians

Kitty Flanagan

Hilarious commentator and regular on The Project, popular stand-up comedian

Travels from New South Wales

Rhys Darby - Comedians

Rhys Darby

Rhys Darby is an entertainer through and through, impressing and engaging with ...

Travels from New Zealand

Tahir - Comedians

Tahir Bilgic

One of the most popular and funniest Australian comedians

Travels from New South Wales

Urzila Carlson - Comedians

Urzila Carlson

Urzila Carlson is one of New Zealand’s funniest comedians and a true ...

Travels from New Zealand

Wendy Harmer - Comedians

Wendy Harmer

Wendy Harmer is one of Australia’s most versatile entertainers - broadcaster, author, ...

Travels from New South Wales

Jean Kittson - MCs & Hosts

Jean Kittson

Professional Master of Ceremonies and hilarious stand up

Travels from New South Wales

James Smith - Comedians

James Smith

Australian born, New York based, former Banking and Finance Lawyer, James was ...

Travels from New South Wales

Tom Walker - Comedians

Tom Walker

Currently appearing on “Whose Line is it Anyway”, Tom Walker is wowing ...

Travels from New South Wales

Mick Dwyer - Comedians

Mick Dwyer

Stand­up Comedian, Adventurer, Above Average Armchair Athlete

Travels from Queensland

Steen Raskopoulos - Comedians

Steen Raskopoulos

Comedian, improviser and actor Steen Raskopoulos is set and ready to entertain ...

Travels from New South Wales

Susie Youssef  - Comedians

Susie Youssef

As an actor, comedian, writer and improviser, Susie Youssef knowns how to ...

Travels from Victoria

Scared Weird Little Guys - After Dinner Entertainers

Scared Weird Little Guys

The Scaredies are John Fleming and Rusty Berther – exceptional musicians, singers, ...

Travels from Victoria

Brad Manuel - After Dinner Entertainers

Brad Manuel

Described as a ‘double whammy’, Brad Manuel’s motivational presentations combine the use ...

Travels from Queensland

Simon McKinney - Comedians

Simon McKinney

Simon McKinney is NZ’s #1 stand up Character Impressionist and a much ...

Travels from New Zealand

James Nokise - Comedians

James Nokise

Building a reputation for making jokes about everyone and everything, James Nokise ...

Travels from New Zealand

Tim Minchin - Comedians

Tim Minchin

An Australian musician, composer, songwriter, actor, comedian and writer

Travels from United Kingdom

Josh Norbido - After Dinner Entertainers

Josh Norbido

Josh is available for CLOSE UP MAGIC, his MAGIC STAGE SHOW and also ...

Travels from Queensland

Danny McMaster - After Dinner Entertainers

Danny McMaster

Super-Impressionist Danny McMaster has taken the entertainment scene by storm with his ...

Travels from Queensland

Gary Eck - Comedians

Gary Eck

Gary Eck is an accomplished individual. As well as being a professional ...

Travels from New South Wales

David Smiedt - Comedians

David Smiedt

Dave Smiedt’s easy charm and affability and easy charm combined with a ...

Travels from New South Wales

Chris Wainhouse - Comedians

Chris Wainhouse

Chris Wainehouse is an award winning comedic talent.  His razor sharp humour ...

Travels from New South Wales

Simon Kennedy - Comedians

Simon Kennedy

With more than 14 years as an international headline comedian, presenter and ...

Travels from New South Wales

Adam Rozenbachs  - Comedians

Adam Rozenbachs

Adam Rozenbachs is a stand-up comedian, broadcaster, writer, voice over artist, actor ...

Travels from Victoria

Greg Fleet - After Dinner Entertainers

Greg Fleet

Greg Fleet is a rare motivational speaker who can engage through comedy ...

Travels from Victoria

Paul McDermott - Comedians

Paul McDermott

Paul McDermott has been at the forefront of the Australian entertainment industry ...

Travels from New South Wales

Alice Fraser - MCs & Hosts

Alice Fraser

A great young, professional with heaps of energy that she passes onto the ...

Travels from New South Wales

Em Rusciano - Comedians

Em Rusciano

Singer, Writer, TV presenter, Broadcaster, Stand-up Comedian, Corporate MC and Mother of ...

Travels from Victoria

Sarah Jones - After Dinner Entertainers

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones is a talented ventriloquist comedian who offers entertainment for corporate ...

Travels from Victoria

Eddie Perfect - Comedians

Eddie Perfect

Eddie Perfect is a multi-talented and multi-award winning Australian performer. A successful ...

Travels from New South Wales

Nelly Thomas - Comedians

Nelly Thomas

She's been described as having all the moxie of an RSL barmaid ...

Travels from Victoria

Glen Rhodes - After Dinner Entertainers

Glen Rhodes

Magician & Entertainer

Travels from Queensland

Joel Ozborn - Comedians

Joel Ozborn

Joel Ozborn began perfecting his comedy skills on the streets of Sydney’s ...

Travels from New South Wales

Tripod - Comedians


Tripod is a three man musical comedy act that is well known ...

Travels from Victoria

Tracy Bartram - Comedians

Tracy Bartram

Tracy speaks to your topic and weaves her own experiences through her ...

Travels from Victoria

Peter Helliar - Comedians

Peter Helliar

In high demand as a stand up comedian and has headlined in ...

Travels from Victoria

Tom Ballard - Comedians

Tom Ballard

The Project’s Resident Expert fortnightly where he pretended to get angry and ...

Travels from Victoria

Nick Rado - Comedians

Nick Rado

One of New Zealand’s international comedy success stories.

Travels from New Zealand

Tim Smith - Comedians

Tim Smith

Comedy with power is what this man is!

Travels from Victoria

Tim Ross - MCs & Hosts

Tim Ross

Editor Comedian, broadcaster, television presenter and architecture tragic

Travels from New South Wales

Julia Morris - Comedians

Julia Morris

Australia’s first lady of corporate entertainment and corporate comedy

Travels from New South Wales

Hamish and Andy - Comedians

Hamish and Andy

Two extremely talented entertainers/ writers/ comedians

Travels from Victoria

The Umbilical Brothers - Comedians

The Umbilical Brothers

They have faced off against George Negus, played charades with Harry Shearer, ...

Travels from New South Wales

Tom Gleeson - Comedians

Tom Gleeson

Gleeson reveals himself to be the thinking man’s stand-up comic  ...

Travels from Victoria

Simon Yates - Comedians

Simon Yates

Simon will make you laugh….and leave other emotions jangled and stimulated  ...

Travels from Victoria

Shane Bourne - Comedians

Shane Bourne

First class Comedian and an Australian Favourite

Travels from Victoria

Scott Williams - MCs & Hosts

Scott Williams

An important message loaded with laughter

Travels from Queensland

Scott Dooley - Celebrities

Scott Dooley

Popular comedian, radio legend and accomplished writer and presenter for television

Travels from New South Wales

Sam Simmons - Comedians

Sam Simmons

A multi award winning cult figure within the Australian comedy scene

Travels from New South Wales

Merrick Watts - Comedians

Merrick Watts

Host of the new comedy quiz show for ABC1 called Tractor Monkeys  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Rusty and the Other Guy - Comedians

Rusty and the Other Guy

After 20 years as half of Australia's favourite musical comedy duo, The ...

Travels from Victoria

Rod Quantock - Comedians

Rod Quantock

one of the reasons that Melbourne is the live comedy capital of ...

Travels from Victoria

Peter Berner - Comedians

Peter Berner

Popular and respected media entertainer, stand-up comic and corporate performer

Travels from New South Wales

Dave Hughes - Comedians

Dave Hughes

Dave’s laconic style thinly disguises one of the fastest comic minds this ...

Travels from Victoria

Paul Martell - Comedians

Paul Martell

Paul Martell is a multi talented performer, who adds impact to any ...

Travels from New South Wales

Robbi Mack - Motivational Speakers

Robbi Mack

Connect to transform lives, connect with what is truely important

Travels from New South Wales

Meshel Laurie - Comedians

Meshel Laurie

Meshel Laurie is a hilarious stand up comedian of over 20 years’ ...

Travels from Victoria

Mikey Robins - Comedians

Mikey Robins

Television and Radio Comedy Legend

Travels from Victoria

Mick Molloy - Comedians

Mick Molloy

Mick Molloy is one of Australia’s most recognized and loved comedians. Mick ...

Travels from Victoria

Justin Hamilton - Comedians

Justin Hamilton

A unique voice within the Australian Comedy scene.

Travels from New South Wales

Judith Lucy - Comedians

Judith Lucy

Her sell-out national live tours have made her a household name

Travels from Victoria

Denise Scott - Comedians

Denise Scott

She has hit the big time, scoring  high profile TV spots, filling ...

Travels from Victoria

Gretel Killeen - Celebrities

Gretel Killeen

TV and radio presenter, humorist, communications consultant and author: The Night My ...

Travels from New South Wales

Jay Jay - MCs & Hosts

Jay Jay

Amazing New Age Magician

Travels from New South Wales

Akmal Saleh - Comedians

Akmal Saleh

One of Australia’s most respected, successful and popular comedians,

Travels from New South Wales

Hannah Gadsby - Comedians

Hannah Gadsby

Her droll delivery, delightful wordplay and heart-breakingly funny, self-deprecating observations have delighted ...

Travels from Victoria

Graeme Bowman - Comedians

Graeme Bowman

Hoax Speaker, Master of Ceremonies, Comedian, Lateral Thinking Facilitator, Pozzy to Cozzy ...

Travels from Victoria

Joel Creasey - Comedians

Joel Creasey

Fall in love with his intelligent observations, acerbic style and pop-culture savvy.  ...

Travels from Victoria

Frank Woodley - Comedians

Frank Woodley

Comedian / Professional Show Off

Travels from Victoria

Dave Thornton - Comedians

Dave Thornton

Dave’s most recent solo show, The Some Of All Parts, was a smash ...

Travels from Victoria

Cal Wilson - Comedians

Cal Wilson

Her stand up shows are as engaging as they are hilarious

Travels from Victoria

Lawrence Mooney - Comedians

Lawrence Mooney

Ability to connect and set the right tone makes him a popular ...

Travels from Victoria

Darren Carr - Comedians

Darren Carr

Australia's Number One Ventriloquist

Travels from New South Wales

Colin Lane - Comedians

Colin Lane

Comedian, actor, & TV host, best known for being one-half of former ...

Travels from Victoria

Claire Hooper - Comedians

Claire Hooper

Sought after for MC roles and comedy spots at corporate events

Travels from Victoria

Ed Kavalee - Comedians

Ed Kavalee

A regular panelist on ‘Have You Been Paying Attention’, Ed is a popular ...

Travels from Victoria

Charlie Pickering - Comedians

Charlie Pickering

Edgy, polished and inventive, Charlie Pickering is one of the most exciting ...

Travels from Victoria

Carl Barron - Comedians

Carl Barron

Hilarious Comedian with wide appeal

Travels from Queensland

Bryan Dawe - Comedians

Bryan Dawe

Well known for his Satirical character ‘Sir Murray Rivers QC’  ...

Travels from Victoria

Bob Downe - Celebrities

Bob Downe

Mark Trevorrow aka Bob Downe has created one of our most much ...

Travels from New South Wales

Ben Price - After Dinner Entertainers

Ben Price

The Master of Impersonation as well as a hilarious performer and Australia's ...

Travels from Victoria

Arj Barker - Comedians

Arj Barker

Arj Barker is a hilarious stand-up comedian who appears regularly on Australian ...

Travels from New South Wales

Matt Tilley - MCs & Hosts

Matt Tilley

One of Australia's most respected radio personalities

Travels from Victoria

Adam Hills - Comedians

Adam Hills

Five times Gold Logie nominated host of his two hit ABC TV ...

Travels from New South Wales

Craig Quartermaine

Craig Quartermaine is a man of many talents. After exploring a variety ...

Travels from Western Australia

Neel Kolhatkar - Comedians

Neel Kolhatkar

With a subscriber base that had previously garnered him millions of hits ...

Travels from New South Wales

Liam Power - After Dinner Entertainers

Liam Power

Magic can seduce you anywhere. It happened to Liam in Thailand when ...

Travels from New South Wales

Magda Szubanski   - Comedians

Magda Szubanski

Australian actress, comedian, television presenter, radio host, author - Australian Entertainment Legend  ...

Travels from Victoria

Cam Knight - Comedians

Cam Knight

Cam Knight performing solo comedy or MC'ing is a consummate professional, who ...

Travels from New South Wales

James BuSTAR - After Dinner Entertainers

James BuSTAR

He's taken the business of laughter seriously!

Travels from New South Wales

Bizircus - After Dinner Entertainers


For more than eleven years Bizircus has thrilled audiences with their hilarious ...

Travels from Western Australia

Mike Tyler - After Dinner Entertainers

Mike Tyler

Mike Tyler is an amazing magician, mentalist and comedy hypnotist who brings ...

Travels from Queensland

Mike van Acker - Comedians

Mike van Acker

Mike van Acker has been a fixture of the Australian Comedy Circuit ...

Travels from Queensland

Tommy Little - Comedians

Tommy Little

Labelled "The Future Of Funny"

Travels from Victoria

Kerry ‘Nigel

Kerry ‘Nigel' Domann

Sure to leave your audience intrigued and entertained.

Travels from Queensland

Sam Pang - Celebrities

Sam Pang

Comedian, radio host and television star

Travels from Victoria

Anh Do - After Dinner Entertainers

Anh Do

From Refugee to successful comedian, a true story of being able to ...

Travels from New South Wales

Josh Thomas - Comedians

Josh Thomas

Stand Up Comedian, nominated for Best Comedy Release at the 2011 ARIA Awards.  ...

Travels from Victoria

Corinne Grant - Comedians

Corinne Grant

Accomplished Comedian, Writer, Actor, Broadcaster, Presenter

Travels from Victoria

Elliot Goblet - Comedians

Elliot Goblet

Elliot Goblet is one of the most original comedians in the history ...

Travels from Victoria

Craig Reucassel - MCs & Hosts

Craig Reucassel

Craig Reucassel is an Australian writer and comedian who is best known ...

Travels from New South Wales

Big Brother Little Brother - Comedians

Big Brother Little Brother

Big Brother Little Brother is an hilarious musical comedy duo that is ...

Travels from Queensland

Marty Fields - Comedians

Marty Fields

Well recognized from his five years on Hey Hey it's Saturday, The ...

Travels from Victoria

Sammy J and Randy

Sammy J & Randy are without question two of the most sought ...

Travels from Victoria

Heath Franklin

Heath Franklin is a Logie-nominated Australian actor, comedic performer, improviser and writer. ...

Travels from New South Wales

Julia Zemiro - Celebrities

Julia Zemiro

Rockwiz Host, TV personality and entertaining Master of Ceremonies

Travels from Victoria

Harley Breen - Comedians

Harley Breen

Harley Breen has blown away audiences from the Melbourne to Edinburgh to ...

Travels from Victoria

Ben Bradshaw - After Dinner Entertainers

Ben Bradshaw

Ben Bradshaw is the ultimate 21st century magician taking Australian audiences by ...

Travels from Queensland

Nikki Britton

Nikki exploded onto the comedy scene in 2011. Her warm, lightning paced ...

Travels from New South Wales

Sam Kekovich - After Dinner Entertainers

Sam Kekovich

Sporting Legend and Hilarious Entertainer

Travels from Victoria

Sam McCool - Comedians

Sam McCool

Sam McCool is an expert comedian and MC in global demand! Launched by ...

Travels from New South Wales

Wil Anderson - Comedians

Wil Anderson

  A world class comedian at the top of his craft.

Travels from New South Wales

Vince Sorrenti - Comedians

Vince Sorrenti

Consistently one of Australia's best corporate performers and one of our most ...

Travels from New South Wales

Russell Gilbert - Comedians

Russell Gilbert

One of our most much lived comedians with accolades including The Comedy ...

Travels from Victoria

Rebecca De Unamuno - Comedians

Rebecca De Unamuno

Comedian, actor and a familiar voice.

Travels from New South Wales

Dilruk Jayasinha - Comedians

Dilruk Jayasinha

After moving to Australia on his own from Sri Lanka at the ...

Travels from Victoria

David Quirk - Comedians

David Quirk

As a stand-up comedian and actor, David Quirk has a strong place ...

Travels from Victoria

Sammy J - Comedians

Sammy J

As an award-winning comedian, author and musician, Sammy J can be found ...

Travels from Victoria

Felicity Ward - Comedians

Felicity Ward

Felicity Ward is a regular on the comedy circuit, and is favored ...

Travels from Victoria

Ivan Aristeguieta - Comedians

Ivan Aristeguieta

After leaving Venezuela after a successful career as a Brew Master and ...

Travels from Victoria

Bev Killick - Comedians

Bev Killick

Bev Killick is from the bold and brassy school of stand up, ...

Travels from Victoria

Ben Murphy - Feature Acts

Ben Murphy

As one of the world's most popular entertainers, Ben Murphy has been ...

Travels from Victoria

Matt Okine - Comedians

Matt Okine

Matt Okine is a multi talented comedian, actor/presenter and musician whose career began ...

Travels from New South Wales

Mick Colliss - Motivational Speakers

Mick Colliss

Mick Colliss had a desire to play for Australia.  What followed has ...

Travels from Western Australia

Jeff Green - Comedians

Jeff Green

Life IS change, Fear IS natural

Travels from Victoria

Fiona O

Fiona O'Loughlin

Fiona O’Loughlin is one of Australia’s most beloved comedians. As a mother ...

Travels from Victoria

Phoenix - Feature Acts


An entertaining and enthralling show that is full of surprises

Travels from New South Wales

Ronny Chieng  - Comedians

Ronny Chieng

Malaysian Chinese Ronny Chieng was raised in the USA and Singapore, before ...

Travels from United States

Luke Heggie - Comedians

Luke Heggie

One of Australia's most in demand and recognisable comedians

Travels from New South Wales

Celia Pacquola

Celia Pacquola has cemented her position as one of the most in-demand comedians ...

Travels from Victoria

Lehmo  - MCs & Hosts


Well-known radio host, television presenter and comedic performer

Travels from Victoria

Nick Cody - Comedians

Nick Cody

“Nick Cody is a revelation.” ★★★★

Travels from Victoria

Bridie Connell  - Comedians

Bridie Connell

Multi-talented Bridie Connell is fast becoming a well-known comedian after being featured ...

Travels from New South Wales

Clint Paddison - MCs & Hosts

Clint Paddison

Clint Paddison is one of Australia’s most in-demand comedians with appearances in ...

Travels from New South Wales

Jimeoin - Comedians


One of the hottest stand-up comics of this generation - a true ...

Travels from Victoria

Adam Zwar - MCs & Hosts

Adam Zwar

Co-creator of the award-winning Australian comedy series Lowdown and Wilfred. A comedian ...

Travels from Victoria

Anne Edmonds

One of Australia’s most exciting stand-up, character and banjo-playing comedians  ...

Travels from Victoria

Dave O

Dave O'Neil

Much sought after MC and corporate entertainer

Travels from Victoria

Marty Wilson - Communication

Marty Wilson

Change Management Speaker, Selling with Stories Trainer, Bestselling Author, former Australian Comic ...

Travels from Queensland

Paul Huschilt - Comedians

Paul Huschilt

A closing experience like no other.

Travels from Canada

Katie Burch - Comedians

Katie Burch

Katie Burch is a comedian, mum and wife.  Her style is uncompromising ...

Travels from Victoria

Jo Stanley - Comedians

Jo Stanley

Comedian, author, speaker and host

Travels from Victoria


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