Mike Walsh

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Preparing global business leaders for what's next

Categories: Business Speakers, Futurists & Future Trends

Speaker Topics

  • Designing Your Business for the 21st Century
  • The Algorithmic Leader

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Mike Walsh helps prepare global business leaders for what's next. He is a leading authority on the intersection of emerging technologies, consumer behaviour and fast growth markets. In his current role as CEO of innovation research lab Tomorrow, he helps some of the world’s leading brands and companies shape the future of their industries.

Constantly traveling the world for the best ideas, he distils the most relevant insights into tailored keynotes that allow any audience to understand and influence the future direction of their industry. Rather than focusing on the distant future, Mike focuses on the next five years.

Mike brings his a global perspective blending a multimedia feast of video, high impact visuals and mind blowing case studies of innovation from his personal experiences in cutting edge global markets. Whether a conference, strategy offsite or an intimate boardroom discussion - Mike's presentations act as a powerful catalyst for innovation, strategic planning and brand inspiration.


Thanks for a very good presentation! You pinpointed a number of observations relevant in every day work as a leader.


Mike is a very engaging speaker and brings to life the future with stories and visuals in a way that is accessible to both people with a strong understanding of the future as well as those who don’t have the same level of understanding. He has a unique ability to open the eyes of the audience in a positive way. Mike tailors his speech to his audience and is excellent in delivery.

Deloitte Australia

Mike recently was the keynote speaker at our conference. Not only was he a very accomplished speaker, the content of his presentation was more than fascinating. I particularly enjoyed his research on how different cultures view the use of social media. Very eye opening.


Loved the presentation and gained a greater understanding of the need for us to move forward quickly to engage our people and our customers. Some amazing “a-ha” moments.

Commonwealth Bank

Amazingly fresh presentation with tons of thought leadership and practical actions to take the next step in evolving our teams.

Red Bull

Mike Walsh - Futurists & Future Trends

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