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How do I book a great motivational speaker for my event or conference?

Booking a great motivational speaker can appear daunting, as your audience – your boss, your clients and your peers, expect the best. They expect to hear something great that will change their lives for the better.  And it is all up to you.  Using the advice of expert staff at will ensure your event is successful.

You may hear great things about a speaker and want to book them, but how will you know if they will work for you and your conference? To be 100% sure you are getting the right motivational speaker who is consistently great, you need some expert assistance.  Keynote work with motivational speakers every single day and we know who will be the perfect fit for your event.

We can assist you in being prepared when taking a list of speakers to your event committee. We can let you know who will who is available for the date and put a hold in place for a preferred speaker.  With one call Keynote can provide you with the perfect speaker options and their availability, making your approach to the committee professional, without taking too much time away from the rest of your work.

Keynote Account Executives have years of experience in events and can help reduce your stress by taking care of the finer details – they can ensure multimedia presentations are delivered to your tech team early. Keynote will provide a complete service, undertaking all the logistics for the speaker including flights, ground transfers and accommodation which further reduces your workload and stress.  Think of how nice it would be to have one number to call for all queries and a fully dedicated team to ensure your success.

If you are responsible for booking a motivational speaker, it is important that you know that booking an inappropriate speaker can turn a great conference bad, leaving you looking for a rock to hide under. Keynote Account Executives understand how busy you are putting your conference or event together.  Take some of the pressure off yourself and let our experts work alongside you to ensure your event is talked about for all the right reasons.

Keith Abraham, Motivational Speaker, Shares his Advice

Keith Abraham’s motivational speeches revolve around helping others find what they are passionate about, whether it be in their personal or professional life. Keith is an excellent motivational speaker who understands how to get the best out of people and uses these skills to benefit the many companies who turn to him for help, including NAB, Bupa, Toyota, Lexus, Westpac as well as many more.

He encourages those in the audience to identify what their passions are and use it to motivate and inspire themselves.

Keith is considered one of the world’s premier thought leaders and is a Certified Speaking Professional. As a result he knows how to best help you and your audience to promptly improve business.

He has assisted in setting over 14 million goals in people’s lives helping them achieve what they desire.

Keith’s presentations are always engaging and interesting as he interacts with audience members to ensure they take away key messages and apply it in their own lives. He uses keynote presentations, coaching and a program to help businesses and their employees find clarity, improve concentration and as a result improve their performance.

Keith aims to help individuals find their passion, harness it and utilise it in both their personal and professional lives. He motivates individuals to link both professional and personal goals to help them gain what they desire.

His book ‘invites readers to identify what they are passionate about and connect it to what they wish to achieve in life. The self-help book has received positive reviews from readers as they go on a discovery for their passion.

‘Extreme South’ an incredible story from a Inspirational Motivational Speaker

James Castrission is the author of ‘Extreme South’ incredible story of his adventure with friend Justin Jones. James is an inspirational motivational speaker who uses his first-hand experiences to encourage and inspire his audience. Using his unique stories of adventure, James motivates his audience to embrace life and not let anything hold them back.

In 2011, James and Justin set out on a challenging expedition. They planned to trek across Antarctica to the South Pole. A feat which had been attempted before but never accomplished.

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