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Australia’s Top 10 Wellbeing Speakers

Australia's Top 10 Wellbeing Speakers

“Take care of your employees, and they will take care of your business.”
– Richard Branson

Wellbeing isn’t just good for your people, it’s good for your bottom line too.

In this hyperconnected, hybrid work environment we now live in, workplace wellbeing has never been more important… or more of a challenge.

In an age where competition for talent is fierce, business uncertainty is high and ‘quiet quitting’ is an actual thing, creating a culture that prioritises employee health and happiness isn’t just the ‘right thing to do’ – it’s good business too.  

Research clearly shows a positive correlation between employee wellbeing and company performance across a wide variety of indicators, including firm valuations, gross profits and stock market performance. And if that’s not enough motivation, failing to look after the wellbeing of employees is now a punishable offence under new Australian Work Health and Safety laws.

Bottom line? It’s time to create a culture that prioritises wellbeing. And happily, we have some of the world’s best wellbeing speakers on hand to help you!

Australia’s Top 10 Wellbeing Speakers

These 10 passionate and inspiring wellbeing experts are the best in the business, and we’d love to introduce you…

1. Ben Crowe

ben crowe wellbeing

As mindset and performance coach of some of the world’s most influential leaders, as well as superstars like Aussie tennis legends Ash Barty and Dylan Alcott and world surfing champ Steph Gilmore, Ben Crowe knows a thing or two about winning mindsets. He’s committed to helping people find purpose, confidence and a competitive advantage while living fulfilling lives, and does it by sharing high-performance principles and emphasising the importance of authenticity, vulnerability and storytelling. Read more about Ben here.

2. Emma Murray

emma murray wellbeing

With a background in psychology and athletics, leading mindfulness and high-performance coach Emma Murray helps people from all walks of life overcome mental challenges to reach peak performance. Known as ‘the secret weapon’ behind Richmond Football Club’s premiership success, Emma’s strategies are focused on present moment awareness, emotional regulation and sustained focus. With practices rooted in mindfulness and high-performance psychology, Emma is dedicated to empowering people to excel in every moment of their lives. Read more about Emma here

3. Chelsea Pottenger

chelsea pottenger wellbeing

Chelsea Pottenger is Australia’s poster girl for mental health and mindfulness, regularly featured in the media as a leading authority on wellbeing. As an accredited mindfulness and meditation coach, Chelsea works with organisations to prioritise employee wellbeing, with major clients including global brands like eBay, Uber, Estee Lauder and Mercedes Benz. She’s also a proud ambassador for mental health charities including R U OK? and The Gidget Foundation, and has over 100,000 Instagram followers! Read more about Chelsea here.

4. Stephanie Bown

stephanie bown wellbeing

With extensive education and expertise in psychology, neuropsychology, positive psychology and organisational dynamics, Stephanie Bown offers deep insights into individual and team dynamics. As a transformational change expert and high-performance coach, Stephanie’s mission is to help people reach their full potential by guiding them to lead purpose-driven, successful and well-balanced lives. Stephanie also wrote ‘Purpose, Passion & Performance’, awarded one of Australia’s top 3 leadership books in 2021. Read more about Stephanie here.

5. Mark Bunn

Bestselling author and former AFL footballer, Mark Bunn, draws from a blend of Western science, Eastern medicine and insights from some of the world’s healthiest and highest performing people to provide practical tips for improving resilience, positivity and overall wellbeing. Mark focuses on addressing health issues such as stress, poor sleep, low motivation and burnout, and has coached communities, schools and organisations like NAB, Westpac, Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce and AMP. Read more about Mark here.

6. Leanne Hall

As an integrative psychologist, personal trainer and nutrition coach, Leanne Hall has been transforming lives for over 15 years. Passionate about holistic health and wellbeing, Leanne guides people on a wide variety of topics, including beauty myths, self-esteem, body image, relationships, parenting and mental health. Promoting self-care through a combination of positive psychology and mindfulness techniques, Leanne inspires people to prioritise their mind and body. Read more about Leanne here.

7. Andrew May

Andrew May is a globally recognised workplace performance and leadership strategist with a background in high-performance sports. Partnering with organisations worldwide to establish cultures of wellbeing, Andrew delivers scientifically proven strategies for lasting change. He’s a coach and confidante to many of Asia Pacific’s leading CEO’s, executives and entrepreneurs, has worked with Olympians and is the Mental Skills Coach of the Paramatta Eels NRL Team. He’s also a published author and regular media contributor! Read more about Andrew here.

8. Dr. Michael Nagel

Dr. Michael Nagel is an Associate Professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast where he teaches and researches in the areas of cognition, human development, behaviour and learning. He also helps workplaces incorporate mindfulness practices to tackle the increasing demands and challenges leading to stress, decreased productivity, employee absenteeism and burnout. Michael unpacks the neuroscience around mindfulness and provides practical strategies to help facilitate improved communication and enhanced workplace relationships. Read more about Michael here.

9. Luke Mathers

Luke Mathers is a stress expert and performance coach who uses neuroscience, ancient wisdom and his years of experience running successful businesses to help people harness the power of stress. Luke has helped Olympians, top CEOs, brands and teams, providing practical strategies to reduce burnout and change areas of their life that need to change. Having learned from his own experience in transforming industries, Luke helps people embrace challenges and reset how they look at stress in order to achieve optimal performance. Read more about Luke here.

10. Dr. Amy Silver

Dr. Amy Silver is a psychologist and bestselling author who is regularly featured in the media talking about how fear and other emotions impact our work. With three decades of clinical experience, Amy also holds multiple degrees, including a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, a Masters in Forensic Psychiatry and a Masters in Performance, and has taught and researched at Oxford University. A globally recognised expert, Amy is committed to teaching people how to create psychological safety, trust and open communication in order to shape a better future. Read more about Amy here.

With some of the world’s most highly sought-after wellbeing experts to choose from, selecting Australia’s top 10 Wellbeing Speakers was a difficult task! If you’d like help creating a culture that prioritises wellbeing, and have a specific event brief for us, we’d be happy to provide you with a curated list of speaker choices… simply get in touch with us to get the ball rolling!