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Why mindfulness should be a topic at your next conference

Mindfulness is a topic that is becoming increasingly recognised as a key to business and personal fulfilment.

And a topic that is becoming more in demand in Australian conferences and events.

One brilliant speaker for this topic is Emma Murray.

Emma is a master of mindfulness and a peak performance mind coach who was considered the ‘secret weapon’ behind Richmond football Club’s 37-year drought breaking AFL Grand Final win.

It was her unique program and multidisciplinary approach combining mindfulness, psychology, meditation and quantum energy that was considered the difference in performance for a Club that has a long-standing reputation of folding under pressure.

Emma’s speaking engagements not only gives you an insider’s account of the performance secrets behind one of the most incredible AFL Grand Final wins in history, but she provides simple tools to adopt in any high pressure, high expectation environment so people can perform at their best.


Is this Australia’s Most Inspiring Athlete?

You might not have heard of Motivational Speaker Dr Jessica Gallagher?

Jessica achieved history when she became the first Australian athlete – either Olympian or Paralympian – to win a medal in both the Summer and Winter Games.

And amazingly she achieved this – with use of only 7% of her eye sight.

At the Winter Games, Jessica skied down a mountain at 100 km/hr – vision impaired – being instructed by someone else! Would you have the courage to trust someone when they literally take your life into their hands?

In Jessica’s inspiring presentation she show’s audiences:

Trust – How do you and your team take the leap of faith when your opportunity arises?

Who’s your guide? Mindset – How do we maintain tunnel vision on our goals whilst allowing our peripheral to make choices?

Are. You. Ready? – When it comes to productivity and performance, having performance foresight allows you to achieve successful outcomes regardless of what challenges are thrown your way.

Click here to view see Jessica on stage: