Australian Alternatives to Big Name International Speakers

Simon Sinek. Brené Brown. Jay Shetty. James Clear. You’ve listened to their Ted talks, read their best-selling books and watched them stride across the global stage, weaving their inspirational tales of leadership, resilience, courage and personal growth. You’ve marvelled at their compelling stories, so full of insightful wisdom, and been spellbound by their captivating presence and extraordinary ability to inspire action. They’re the A-Listers of the speaking circuit, with booked-out calendars, millions of faithful followers… and a speaker fee to match.

If only you had the budget, right?

Unfortunately, we can’t help you with that. But we can help you source a brilliant Australian alternative to those big name international speakers – one that will blow your audience’s minds, without blowing your budget.

We understand how important your speaker is to the success of your event, it’s at the heart of everything we do. And because we also appreciate the need to keep your budget in check, these Australian-based speakers – visionaries every bit as compelling, insightful and inspiring as their big name international counterparts – are the perfect solution for your next event.

If you like Simon Sinek…

Simon Sinek motivational speaker

Simon Sinek is an acclaimed author, speaker and leadership expert best known for his TED Talk on ‘How Great Leaders Inspire Action’ (viewed over 63 million times) and his global best-selling book ‘Start with Why’. He emphasises the importance of purpose-driven leadership and communication, and achieving success by understanding and communicating core values and motivations.


dan gregory motivational speaker
Dan Gregory
Darren Hill motivational speaker
Darren Hill
Margot Faraci

If you like Brené Brown…

Brene Brown motivational speaker

Brené Brown is a motivational speaker renowned for her work on vulnerability, courage and empathy. With bestselling books including ‘Daring Greatly’, and hit Ted Talks including ‘The Power of Vulnerability’ (viewed over 63 million times), her research on human connection and resilience has helped people embrace vulnerability for personal growth and stronger relationships.


Kieran flanagan motivational speaker
Kieran Flanagan
Dr. Amy Silver
Ciara Lancaster

If you like Jay Shetty…

Jay Shetty motivational speaker

With over 32 million social media followers, the world’s #1 Health and Wellness podcast ‘On Purpose’ and best-selling books including ‘Think Like a Monk’, Jay Shetty is one of the world’s most popular health and wellness influencers and speakers. As a former monk, Jay blends Eastern wisdom with modern life principles, inspiring people to find purpose, wellbeing and mindfulness in their daily lives.


Emma Murray
Mark Visser
Toni Powell
darren flanagan
Darren Flanagan
Darren Fleming

If you like James Clear…

James Clear motivational speaker

World-renowned habits expert and popular speaker James Clear is best known for his bestselling book, ‘Atomic Habits’, which has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide. He shows how miniscule changes can have a revolutionary effect on your career, your relationships and your life, delivering lasting behavioural change through simple life hacks.


Chris Helder
Holly Ransom
Alison Hill
Alexandra Laws

If you’re looking for an Australian-based speaker who will meet your budget and exceed your expectations, talk to us about curating a list of options for your next event. And if you’re looking for a world-class speaker without any associated flight costs, make sure you check out our local Top 10 Motivational speaker lists for Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Queensland and New Zealand… or simply get in touch for a chat!