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Darren Fleming - Business Speakers - Peak performance strategist

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Mindset Mastery - Do less. Achieve more 

• What stops you and I from achieving anything is what we feel about it. If we look closely, when we didn't speak up in a meeting it was because we didn't feel it was the right thing to do. Sales people don't ask for the sales order because it doesn't feel right at the time. For anyone who has used this excuse (and it's all of us) to overcome this feeling we often suppress the feeling. This means we are fighting something inside of us all day. It's exhausting to do this day after day. The Mindset Mastery program (and keynote) is about deactivating this energy so you don't have to fight against yourself anymore. Read less
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The Better Question to Ask

Most people ask questions to prove themselves right. They set up a script of questions they can ask, go in for the meeting and expect to get the sale or compliance. Unfortunately, the customer or staff member does not have the script and often pushes back. This interactive work-note unpacks the first of four levels of questioning that enables full connection and understanding of clients, customers and colleagues. Read less
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Darren Fleming

Peak performance strategist

Darren Fleming is a Peak Performance Strategist who works with that voice in our head  It’s the voice that makes up stories about other people, their motivations and why things happen the way they do. It causes us to waste time by rehashing old conversations - trying to change history - so we can be right and others can be wrong. Unfortunately we get caught in believing what that voice says and this impacts how we productive we are.

 The traditional way of getting past that voice include ignoring, suppress, or expressing it. But Darren will show you none of these work long term and the only way to deal with the voice is to  deactivate it. His Mindset Mastery Speech removes the mental noise so your team can back themselves, be more innovative and less stressed at work.

Darren has a wide and varied background. He has worked as a para-legal, sold vacuum cleaners door-to-door, worked as a debt collector, was a banker for 3 years, spent 5 years as a statistician for the Australian government, and even spent 2 years as a tele-marketer while putting himself through uni as a mature age student. While doing all of this, he spent 10 years representing Australia in sailing and  achieved  a brown belt in Judo.

Darren now works with major Australian and international companies to unblock their performance. He is passionate about helping people get out of their own way and stopping them from following that voice in their head. This means they can achieve more with less effort. He counts Global 100 companies such as CISCO, Caterpillar, Komatsu and others among his clients.

He is the author of six books on communication, leadership and influence. His seventh book Mindset Mastery 

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