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Brilliant combination of energy, wit, humor and tailored content

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Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Chris Helder is a business communication expert and master storyteller whose presentations have radically transformed how thousands of people worldwide communicate with clients, customers, colleagues, staff and teams. He has been a professional speaker for 18 years and has done over 2,500 presentations worldwide.

He is the author of three bestselling books “The Ultimate Book of Influence” which has been published in five languages, “Useful Belief”, which is one of the highest-selling Australian business books of all time and Cut The Noise which is about achieving better results in a world of distraction.

Chris speaks at conferences in the areas of communication, influence, human potential, leadership and mastering the face-to-face customer experience.

In 2020. Chris is set to release his new book 'The Simple Shift: How useful thinking changes the way you see your everything'. 

Speaker Topics

Cut The Noise: Better results, less distractions
This is a presentation, which addresses that we are all inundated every day with so much NOISE! With everything from media, social media, endless emails and countless meetings, it can feel like fifty thousand things hitting us from every direction. In business today, it becomes even more important than ever to identify what gets results and what is simply a waste of time. This compelling keynote will have an immediate impact on your ability to FOCUS and PRIORITISE for greater success in every aspect of your life, professionally and personally.
How to Influence People: The tools of persuasion to connect and communicate
This powerful presentation makes an IMMEDIATE impact in the areas of communication, sales, leadership and building customer relationships. Chris has a fresh approach to gaining rapport and understanding how to adapt in every situation. Each participant will have a greater understanding of those they are trying to influence, in order to create a stronger connection and ultimately better results.
The Simple Shift: How useful thinking changes the way you see everything
This presentation is a game changer in the field of motivation and performance. For years, people have been told to try and be positive. The reality is that when most people try this they are unable to sustain it and end up feeling worse than when they started out. This is a presentation about having a pragmatic and practical belief system that supports you. The message that Chris will share will help everyone in the organisation determine what useful actions and useful beliefs are, in every situation, to gain maximum results.


Chris is the perfect speaker to kick start a conference, he is so energetic and engages the audience.

Elders Real Estate

Chris was fantastic, he had everyone engaged right from the start of his presentation until the end. He was able to put across very simple life lessons with humour and emotion and common sense. He was refreshing and our team loved the entire session

Assets Real Estate

Motivating, high energy, hilarious, engaging are words that spring to mind when I think of Chris Helder, but the most important thing he does is change behaviour. Chris was the keynote speaker and absolutely smashed it. To put this in context, the attendees were senior executives and they rated him a 10/10. If you want a high impact speaker who can change the game, then Chris is your man.

Chris was terrific! He had a huge abundance of energy and his enthusiasm was great! Exactly what our adviser audience needed. He took my briefing and overarching objective into his planning for his presentations and delivered on message – which was fantastic! He was professional and wonderful to work with!!

BT Financial Group

Chris Helder is combined energetic and entertainment delivery to top-notch content in a unique way. His presentation included very useful and highly practical tools that can be applied immediately both in private and business situations to influence people. The presentation was very well received by the top leaders of Nokia which is reflected by the feedback score: it was the highest in the three-day event.


Chris Helder - Sales

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