Kieran Flanagan

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The Business of Human Behaviour

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Speaker Topics

  • Collaboration: Team Genius
  • Innovation: Commercial Creativity
  • Transformation: Change Positive

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CEO’s, brands, employees, sales people – we all wish we could unlock the secret to driving others to buy, engage and follow. Achieving these goal requires understanding what is essential in our Human Nature. Responsible for some of the biggest product launches in history, few people understand what makes people ‘buy’ or ‘buy in’ better than Kieran Flanagan.

A true Creative Leader in a world of MadMen, Kieran was also one of the youngest Creative Directors to lead an award-winning advertising agency. And now, after years of consulting with the worlds leading businesses on how to engage consumers – Kieran is captivating audiences with her revolutionary message.

A passionate advocate for the commercial power of creativity and leadership that is more human, agile and engaging, Kieran has wowed audiences as diverse as the UN, Coca-Cola and TEDx.

With a career that spans two decades, global awards and un-paralleled respect within the industry – her message: that our humanity is our greatest asset in driving influence, engagement and performance will deliver lasting change to your organisation.

A selection of Kieran’s themes include:

  • How our survival brain still calls the shots 
  • Why we need to learn to swim with the current of human nature
  • If we want to succeed, we need to prepare for failure
  • How Design beats Discipline & Motivation
  • Answering “What’s In It For Them”
  • Flipping the fear from ACTION to INACTION
  • Making failure difficult

Book Kieran for a keynote or a workshop to:

  • Align your leadership & performance with human decision making filters
  • To help sales teams understand how human beings process through self-interest, fear and ease
  • To encourage cultural buy in & make collaboration less forced and superficial
  • To understand why change is so difficult and how we can accelerate innovation and acceptance


Kieran’s insight and depth of experience across the ever-evolving commercial landscape is second to none. She works at the vanguard of business evolution and brings her audiences a rare opportunity to grow their own understanding of the skills and competencies we all need to cultivate for today and tomorrow

Sustaining Women in Business

Kieran Flanagan - Branding & Marketing

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