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Leading Your Team Through COVID-19

Ebola leadership expert, Mark “Squiz” Squirrell OAM was deployed to Liberia (with the United Nations) and Sierra Leone (with Aspen Medical) during the 2015 Ebola Outbreak.

It was Mark’s job to keep staff safe and ensure that the organisation could continue operating at the epicentre of the health emergency.

Using this valuable knowledge and insight, Mark can work with senior leaders/management within organisations to bring guidance and strategy, and share information on what has worked and failed in times of crisis.

An exceptional speaker and presenter, Mark delivers keynotes all over the world. Mark’s current Leadership Session is designed around highlighting strategies moving forward through the COVID-19 Outbreak.


  • Clarity – Fact vs Fear (a pinnacle part in organisations moving forward)
  • Insights into how the Outbreak will affect your workforce
  • Leadership tactics for a workforce operating within in the COVID-19 Outbreak
  • A platform to corroborate your COVID-19 plan

To engage or enquire about Mark, please give our office a buzz or email us here

To read Mark’s full bio, click here

At Keynote Entertainment, we are working hard to keep you connected. Through our virtual studio partners in Sydney and Melbourne, we can arrange a broadcast-quality presentation utilising our wonderful speakers and providing you with a dedicated link to send to the group. This will ensure office life keeps to some normality during this period and your team stays connected. Keeping abreast of these changing times, our speakers can ensure productivity, mindset, resilience and leadership are nurtured until such time that this crisis passes.

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