“Our Gift To You’ with Antarctica Team Leader Rachael Roberston

The next speaker in our “Gift To You Series” is  Rachael Robertson

Rachael was one of only two females to lead a team to David Station in Antarctica. She led eighteen strangers for twelve months, which makes her a perfect person to share her tips on surviving the shutdown.

In this short video Rachael shares one of the techniques she used in isolation to help build a cohesive and inclusive team.

We hope you are continuing to enjoy “Our Gift To You” series of videos.

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Our Gift To You with Michael Licenblat

The next speaker in our webinar series “Our Gift To You”  is Michael Licenblat.

He is a is a resilience expert and motivational speaker who draws on his Psychology background to ‘Pressure Proof’ businesses and their staff.

In his short video he will share some advice on healthy habits to assist you in getting through the current crisis by focusing on rituals and routines to help ensure you stay grounded focused motivated and to help you to keep moving forward.

Your normal routines just don’t work in these new environments and these thoughts will help your mind body and soul to get through the coming months.

We have a limited number of Michael’s book ‘Pressure Proof’ available free of charge – How to thrive in times of disruption, change and pressure.

For your chance to receive a copy please email info@keynote.net.au

We are hoping you are continuing to enjoy “Our Gift To You” series of videos.

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Virtual Conferences – What Smart Companies are doing during this crisis

Virtual Presentation

Digital Presentation

Smart Companies know that the coronavirus, like everything, will eventually pass…

However, during this uncertain period, it is vitally important to educate and inspire your team for morale and productivity. A tailored, interactive keynote presentation that is relevant to your team’s needs, concerns and professional development!
So, whether your team is working from home or they are still in your office, it is important to bring your group together to stay inspired and as a cohesive unit.
Social distancing doesn’t mean social disconnection! 


Stay connected with your teams by streaming an online live presentation from one of the country’s best motivational speakers, thought leaders or crisis management speakers. 
They can inspire and educate you on relevant subjects, including: 
  • Crisis Management – how to stay on track when it feels like the world is crumbling 
  • Resilience – to help you adapt, endure and overcome the unique and overwhelming changes and challenges that you are currently facing 
  • Leadership – calm and confident with critical decision making 
  • Disruption – how to adapt in changing times 
  • Mindfulness/Health and Wellbeing – dealing with anxiety in the workplace 
  • Motivational and Inspirational – it’s important to keep a positive energy in the team 
  • Communication – it is more important than ever to have clear communication with your team 
Why are companies scheduling virtual presentations?
Offering a real experience, just like a conference or event, allows your team to keep safe whilst giving them applicable inspiration and skills required to navigate challenging times and at the same time keeping your community safe. 
Audience members will come away with strategies to recover and refocus, both in their personal and business lives, so that they can return to being creative, working efficiently and producing their best results. 
There are tough decision been made and people’s work and personal environment do not look the same. This cannot be ignored as an employer, however, one of the golden rules of crisis management is to not try and handle a crisis on your own. You need some assistance to help ease the anxiety and get people to continue to grow. 
A virtual presentation with a highly qualified motivational speaker can help share the load for the entire organisation, tailored for and relevant to their specific needs. 
So, how does it work?
There are two options:
A live professional studio broadcast with a dedicated link sent to your team in the best quality that meets your companies highest standard of presentation. Alternatively, the presenter can broadcast from their office on one of the popular broadcast platforms, Skype, Zoom etc. 

An interactive live broadcast is the most effective way to communicate, the speaker will make their tailored presentation and your team will be able to post questions during the presentation for the speaker to respond to in a Q & A style. 

A tailored pre-recorded broadcast that you can stream through a platform and post on your intranet or we can provide you with a dedicated secure link.
An important tool to also remember is an education and training interactive workshop. This includes a practical interactive workshop which can also run as an education series where the speaker continues to develop your team’s skills and educate them. 
All presentations can include a PowerPoint presentation with infographics as the speakers presentation would normally include. Live presentations can also be recorded for team members who were unavailable or in different time zones.
Keep in mind running a well-curated virtual event takes a lot more than just hitting ‘Go Live’ on Facebook, YouTube or a webinar platform. You’ve made the decision to run your event virtually, so do the pre-production work to ensure a quality experience for your audience. 
We can provide, as part of the presentation, the first-class broadcast with one of our studio partners.

Leading Your Team Through COVID-19

Ebola leadership expert, Mark “Squiz” Squirrell OAM was deployed to Liberia (with the United Nations) and Sierra Leone (with Aspen Medical) during the 2015 Ebola Outbreak.

It was Mark’s job to keep staff safe and ensure that the organisation could continue operating at the epicentre of the health emergency.

Using this valuable knowledge and insight, Mark can work with senior leaders/management within organisations to bring guidance and strategy, and share information on what has worked and failed in times of crisis.

An exceptional speaker and presenter, Mark delivers keynotes all over the world. Mark’s current Leadership Session is designed around highlighting strategies moving forward through the COVID-19 Outbreak.


  • Clarity – Fact vs Fear (a pinnacle part in organisations moving forward)
  • Insights into how the Outbreak will affect your workforce
  • Leadership tactics for a workforce operating within in the COVID-19 Outbreak
  • A platform to corroborate your COVID-19 plan

To engage or enquire about Mark, please give our office a buzz or email us here

To read Mark’s full bio, click here

At Keynote Entertainment, we are working hard to keep you connected. Through our virtual studio partners in Sydney and Melbourne, we can arrange a broadcast-quality presentation utilising our wonderful speakers and providing you with a dedicated link to send to the group. This will ensure office life keeps to some normality during this period and your team stays connected. Keeping abreast of these changing times, our speakers can ensure productivity, mindset, resilience and leadership are nurtured until such time that this crisis passes.