A unique view on personality traits

Motivational Speaker Amanda Gore holds a unique view on personality traits, which has seen her speak at events across the nation and help numerous businesses achieve more by changing their mindset.

A communications expert, Amanda connects with her audience and understands what is expected of her, and she always delivers!

With a strong focus on personality traits, Amanda encourages her audience to change their mindsets and therefore have greater control and influence over their life. She demonstrates how changing the way that you think determines what you can do.  

Explaining that personality traits appear through everyday actions, attitudes and behaviours but at the base is thought patterns, Amanda explains how ‘traits’ are not set in stone and are quite often ‘learned’ from childhood, experiences and adults in life. She demonstrates how ‘traits’ can be manipulated by changing the way people think.

Using fun and informative sessions Amanda teaches audiences how to become more conscious of their thinking and how it can positively affect their lives.  She aids her audience into a growth mindset, helping them face their fears and choose how they want to feel, as a result changing their ‘personality traits’.

Combining scientific findings from neuroscience, epigenetics and emotional intelligence, Amanda Gore simplifies the complicated nature of thought into a fun, educational and easy to understand presentation that is sure to stay with audience members long after the conclusion.

Amanda is a passionate speaker, often hilarious and will change perspectives of all who attend. 

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