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Mindfulness Speakers – The Latest In-Demand Keynote Speaker

mindfulness speakers

Mindfulness experts have become the latest in-demand speakers for keynote presentations. We discuss why mindfulness has become such a hot topic in the corporate world and what outcomes you can expect from a mindfulness presentation.

Mindfulness is achieved when your mind is fully focused and aware of what’s happening in the present moment. Those who have achieved mindfulness are not distracted, thinking about something else, worrying about the future or overreacting to events occurring around them.

Mounting pressures placed on professionals has seen mindfulness become a hot topic in recent times. Busy lifestyles are creating situations where people are unconsciously slipping into autopilot and not working at their full potential. Or their mind is drifting off in other directions instead of enjoying the current moment. Your happiness and productivity level drops. You become more susceptible to anxiety, stress and depression.

As your mind is wandering and not present in the moment, you become less likely to enjoy life. You’re having dinner with your partner and instead of enjoying their company and conversation, your worrying about work. At work the following day, you’re thinking about the deteriorating relationship you have with your partner, and fail to be productive.

Traditionally large corporations have had a survival-of-the-strongest environment where employees are expected to leave their personal problems at the door. Those who are dealing with personal stresses and cannot focus 100% on the task at hand are exploited or ignored.

Forward thinking organisations are realising that in this situation, the employee and the company both suffer. Organisations such as Google, Nike, Mayo Clinic and the United States Marine Corp are investing in Mindfulness training; utilising the services of respected professionals to educate employees and implement effective programs. By protecting the minds of their employees, they protect their own profits.

mindfulness speaker

Mindfulness training can improve three qualities of attention – stability control and efficiency. Studies have found that the brain wanders approximately half of our waking hours. Mindfulness training has been found to increase attention span in visual and listening tasks1. It reduces stress and improves concentration, memory, decision making, creativity and emotional reactions. Those dealing with negative thoughts are to prevent them from taking over their day.

Mindfulness training involves regular meditation; however this doesn’t mean you can only be mindful when you’re sitting cross legged with your eyes closed! Regular practice of meditation enables you to be mindful in any moment.

The key elements of practicing Mindfulness are2:

  • Setting aside regular time.
  • Observe the present moment as it is.
  • Let your judgements pass by. Make a quick mental note and let them go.
  • Return to the present moment.
  • Don’t judge yourself for any thoughts that enter your mind, simply recognise that your mind has wandered and bring it back to the present moment.

In recent times, mindfulness has become a hot topic at corporate events. Large organisations are seeking external experts to explain the benefits of mindfulness and get their employees onside before a workplace program is rolled out.

Event managers are finding that the audience engagement and feedback from these presentations is remarkably positive. Audiences can often feel that a keynote speaker is simply trying to rev them up for the benefit of the company and their profits. Even the most skeptical audiences understand that practicing mindfulness will improve their personal life and overall happiness.

Some of the leading speakers on mindfulness include:

Emma Murray

mindfulness speaker emma murray

Emma Murray is a highly sought after mind coach who was considered the “secret weapon” behind the Richmond Football Club’s drought breaking AFL Premiership victory in 2017.

Her keynote presentations run in a workshop format, where she uses practical exercises and examples from her previous work to demonstrate the skill and importance of attention control. She conducts practical exercises and demonstrates ready-to-use strategies which audience members can easily grasp and incorporate into their daily lives.

Her presentations are popular with corporate organisations, particularly as part of a sales training program or an annual conference.


Dr Michael Nagel

mindfulness speaker michael nagel

Dr Michael Nagel PhD is an Associate Professor at the University of the Sunshine Coast, where he has conducted extensive research into cognition and learning, and human development. As a recognised author and lecturer, he is able to articulate his findings for the audience at hand.

Dr Nagel’s presentations explore the neuroscience around mindfulness, providing practical strategies for engaging in mindfulness in a professional and personal environment. These presentations are designed to enable those in high pressure roles to deal with the pressures of the workplace, remain productive and reduce absenteeism.


Mark Bunn

mindfulness speaker mark bunn

Mark Bunn uses a fascinating mix of ancient east wisdom and modern west to help audiences to control negative forces such as stress, anxiety, low motivation, negativity, burnout and low work/life balance.

His presentations are uplifting and positive, empowering audiences with the ability to look after their number one resource – themselves. Mark avoids many of the latest health fads and teaches proven, timeless health wisdoms which are practiced by Richard Branson, Oprah, Tim Ferris and Arianna Huffington. These presentations are popular with Australian and international audiences, at organisations such as CBA, NAB, Westpac, Duke Corporate Educ (USA), FMG (New Zealand), YPO Asia-Pacific, Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, MLC, AMP, Toyota and Ericsson.


Dr Sally Cockburn

mindfulness speaker Dr Sally Cockburn

Dr Sally Cockburn, also known by her pseudonym “Dr Feelgood” is a medical professional, teacher, mentor and policy maker. For over 25 years she has tackled sensitive mental health issues and is particularly interested in the prevention of problems in the work place and its role in promoting good mental health. She has been a member of the Mental Health Reform Council in Victoria and a board member of VicHealth.

Dr Cockburn uses humour to tackle serious issues and provides audiences with an enthralling presentation with useful take home messages for your professional and personal life.


To enquire about the availability of these mindfulness experts, contact us.

These are only a selection of the mindfulness experts who perform keynote presentations across Australia. Take a look at the full list of mindfulness speakers.


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2 Foundation for a Mindful Society

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