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Mindfulness & Mindset Speakers

Many organisations are switching on to the powerful effects of mindfulness. Event managers are more and more often requesting mindfulness speakers to help their employees and leaders manage stress and maintain productivity in a demanding world.

We are living in an age where are brains are constantly trying to keep up with constant activity and information. This can make us feel drained and left struggling to focus on the real issues in front of us.

Mindfulness enables us to remain calm and maintain focus for longer periods. It enables us to focus on idea creation, solving complex problems, be more present in conversation and improve memory. This reduction in stress is also found to improve cardiovascular health and immunity.

Those who are able to implement mindfulness strategies throughout their professional lives are able to remain productive and motivated while calmly dealing with multiple pressures. They remain competitive and adapt to unexpected changes with poise and precision.

These speakers are experts in demonstrating the importance of mindfulness and how it can be implemented in the everyday lives of time-poor executives and leaders. They have achieved positive change in international business, professional athletes, government departments and national organisations.

View the list of our most popular mindfulness and mindset speakers and inform us of your availability requirements.


Mindfulness & Mindset Traveling From:

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Travels From-

Dr Toby Ford - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Toby Ford

Helping executives and staff become their best selves

Travels from Queensland

Mark Bunn - Motivational Speakers

Mark Bunn

Learn timeless health wisdoms from a former AFL star

Travels from Victoria

Blythe Rowe - Communication

Blythe Rowe

Understand the brain and the importance of relationships 

Travels from New South Wales

Gilbert Enoka - Mindfulness & Mindset

Gilbert Enoka

New Zealand's leading mental skills coach 

Travels from New Zealand

Andrew Fuller - Education Speakers

Andrew Fuller

Learn how to handle mental health and resilience

Travels from Victoria

Dr Michael Nagel on Mindfulness - Mindfulness & Mindset

Dr Michael Nagel on Mindfulness

Mindfulness, the Brain and Enhancing the Workplace!  

Travels from Queensland

Al Jeffery - Communication

Al Jeffery

Find your purpose and create a life of meaning

Travels from Victoria

Penny Locaso - Innovation

Penny Locaso

The World's First Happiness Hacker on a mission to future-proof happiness  ...

Travels from Victoria

Dr Sally Cockburn - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Sally Cockburn

An expert in sex, relationships, lifestyle and good health

Travels from Victoria

Alison Hill - Business Speakers

Alison Hill

Author, speaker, business coach and psychologist

Travels from Queensland

Greg Hire - Sports Heroes

Greg Hire

Former Vice Captain of the Perth Wildcats and Mental Health ambassador

Travels from Western Australia

Nataly Kogan - Entrepreneur

Nataly Kogan

Successful entrepreneur, speaker, and founder and CEO of Happier

Travels from United States

John Shackleton  - Mindfulness & Mindset

John Shackleton

Understand the science behind stress and develop mindfulness techniques to use

Travels from New Zealand

Craig Hamilton

Mental Health Advocate, Keynote Speaker and Author

Travels from New South Wales

Talitha Cummins

Established Australian television and radio journalist, keynote speaker & media consultant

Travels from New South Wales

Gus Worland - MCs & Hosts

Gus Worland

Passionate about raising awareness and reducing the stigma of mental health in ...

Travels from New South Wales

Leisel Jones - Mindfulness & Mindset

Leisel Jones

One of the world's greatest swimmers, television personality and corporate speaker  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Graeme Cowan - Mindfulness & Mindset

Graeme Cowan

Helping leaders and their tribes be more agile, resilient, and avoid burnout ...

Travels from New South Wales

Susan David - Change Management

Susan David

Travelling to Australia Sept 9th-13th, 18th-20th and Nov 12th-14th  ...

Travels from United States

Beau Vernon - Motivational Speakers

Beau Vernon

Learn how to overcome any obstacle to acheive 

Travels from Victoria

Aaron Williams - Mindfulness & Mindset

Aaron Williams

Providing audiences with the inspiration to feel happier, stronger and healthier every ...

Travels from Victoria

Kate James - Mindfulness & Mindset

Kate James

A coach and mindfulness teacher passionate about cultivating mindful mindsets

Travels from Victoria

Dr. Jenny Brockis  - Mindfulness & Mindset

Dr. Jenny Brockis

Passionate about helping people work smarter not harder

Travels from Western Australia

Allan Sparkes - Mindfulness & Mindset

Allan Sparkes

A leader in the shift towards mental wellness and lifetsyle awareness

Travels from New South Wales

Emma Murray - Communication

Emma Murray

Combine mindfulness, psychology, meditiation and quantum energy to succeed!

Travels from Victoria

Glenn Mitchell - Motivational Speakers

Glenn Mitchell

A familiar and popular sporting commentator 

Travels from Western Australia

Michael Licenblat - Mindfulness & Mindset

Michael Licenblat

Increase adaptivity, positivity and performance with 6 stages of resilience

Travels from Victoria

Paul Taylor - Motivational Speakers

Paul Taylor

Exercise Physiologist, Nutritionist, Neuroscientist and Affiliate Professor

Travels from Victoria

Jane Mara - Business Coaching

Jane Mara

Author, researcher, leadership trainer and executive coach 

Travels from New South Wales

Jo Stanley - Comedians

Jo Stanley

Comedian, author, speaker and host

Travels from Victoria

Dr Helena Popovic - Education Speakers

Dr Helena Popovic

Doctor – Carer – Author – Speaker – Media Commentator

Travels from Queensland


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