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Our Gift To you with Lynne Schinella

The next speakers in “Our Gift To You” series is Lynne Schinella who is a business speaker specialising in workplace communication helping you build a respectful, connected and thriving culture.

This new video shares some of her thoughts in relation to understanding each other’s differences in order to be able to work together more effectively virtually.

We have a limited number of Lynne’s book ‘Bite Me!’ free of charge, for your chance to receive a copy please email info@keynote.net.au

With the constant struggle we are all facing of virtual meetings, a communications speakers such as Lynne Schinella could be a vital resource to help guide your organisation, please feel free to get in touch with us on 1300 661 904 to discuss a virtual presentation for your company.

We hope you are continuing to enjoy “Our Gift To You” series of videos.

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