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Lynne Schinella is a business speaker, facilitator and speaker coach who works with individuals and organisations to help them connect with influence and respect.

So if you want to improve your workplace communication and have your people engaged, understanding and respecting one another, working better together, being more productive and to build a respectful, connected and thriving culture, then Lynne is the speaker you want.

Lynne’s audiences get real value from her practical down to earth approach, her honest, engaging and entertaining delivery and her talent for making the complex simple and relevant.

Perfect at the start of any conference, Lynne's session gets people understanding each other better, taking in other points of view, being open to new ideas and having open transparent conversations. It also creates a fun and blameless language that continues throughout the event (and long after) and lends itself to fun Fruit theming throughout the event.

Creator of the RIPE Personality Profiling System in 2004, Lynne has trained thousands of people on how to work with the strengths and challenges of being an Apple, Mango, Lime or Banana. Lynne has her audiences focus on understanding these different behavioural types so they can work more effectively together, creating an engaged and productive workforce and a workplace culture of trust, empathy and respect for diversity.

Lynne started life in the tourism industry, working with various airlines and hotels, then established Schinella Incentives, a performance improvement company, where she learned that the most successful teams were the most diverse.

So when Lynne established Ripe Learning in 2001, it was natural her consulting, workshops and keynotes had a strong message of understanding and celebrating our differences.

She is the author of ‘Bite Me! and other do’s and don’ts of dealing with our differences’.

As the global pandemic continues, Lynne Schinella can tailor her presentation to discuss the effect coronavirus has on team connection. Lynne can present her keynote speech by virtual broadcast to your organisation through videoconferencing, live streaming and Zoom events.

Speaker Topics

Working With People You Just Do Not Get
Practical, relevant and interactive, this session helps everyone to increase their awareness of our differences so they can work more effectively together, build stronger, deeper relationships & influence those around them, be that their peers, team members or clients/customers. Everyone completes a Fruit profile online to determine which behavioural preference they are, whether Apple, Lime, Mango or Banana (building excitement and anticipation in the lead up to the event). In a frank discussion that brings much clarity, Lynne identifies four different types of human behaviour, showing how each of us have our natural preferences in how we behave, both good and those that may cause challenges.


Lynne and her fruit session was one of the highlights of our conference with the delegates still talking about which fruit they are! Fun, engaging, highly energising with outcomes of how to work better with people around them.


Our whole team of support staff have all commented on the benefits of the seminar on learning how to work effectively with different personalities. Our team is still talking fruit a few months after the seminar. Having an understanding of different perspectives of a situation, and how to work with people, has been enormously effective for us. When different situations arise, people immediately start talking fruit. They understand how each person sees the situation and how they both need to find a positive pathway forward. Thank you Lynne!! You have changed our workplace for the better.

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Lynne Schinella - Communication

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