Sophie Delezio – An inspiration Beyond All Measure

“We are put on this planet to live, create as much happiness, joy, love and positivity as possible and to make the world a better place for the next generation”. These are the spoken words of one of Australia’s most truly inspirational humans – Sophie Delezio.  

Sophie’s start to life was unimaginable. At the age of 2, Sophie was involved in a horrific car accident leaving 85% of her body covered in burns and both legs below

 the knee and one hand amputated.  Three years later, Sophie was involved in another car accident leaving her with multiple fractures and a brain injury, which resulted in been in hospital for 2 months. Heart breaking and overwhelming, Sophie’s journey was going to be one of hardship and fight.

Many years later, several surgeries and therapy, Sophie is 20 years of age.  A confident young ambitious woman ready to take on the world.  Sophie has never let the accidents define who she is, her positive energy has driven her to get on with her life, from sky diving to studying in London or finding love, this courageous 20 year old has a truly inspirational story to tell.

Sophie’s story is one to raise your spirits, promote courage and determination.  Living her best life, Sophie will inspire many audiences and that feeling of ‘you’ve got this’ will linger in conversations long after seeing Sophie speak.

View Sophie on Anh’s Brush with Fame

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