Mindfulness Speakers – The Latest In-Demand Keynote Speaker

mindfulness speakers

Mindfulness experts have become the latest in-demand speakers for keynote presentations. We discuss why mindfulness has become such a hot topic in the corporate world and what outcomes you can expect from a mindfulness presentation.

Mindfulness is achieved when your mind is fully focused and aware of what’s happening in the present moment. Those who have achieved mindfulness are not distracted, thinking about something else, worrying about the future or overreacting to events occurring around them.

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Amazon has arrived. Is your business ready?

Amazon has finally launched in Australia and is set to change our business landscape.

In this short 2 minute video, consumer and retail expert Amanda Stevens shows how your customers could be impacted.

Amanda quickly shares:
• Why customer experience is the number one factor for business survival.
• Drones will soon be delivering our goods straight to us.
• Increasing expectations around customer service.
• How Amazon provides a masterclass in what a seamless digital experience looks like.
• V Tailing (Voice Activated Retailing)

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Motivational Speakers Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan

Dan Gregory and Kieran Flanagan are Motivational Speakers and top behaviour research strategists who aim to increase performance and working relationships in employees by ensuring they are equipped with the skills needed to succeed. Their motivational speeches and applicable strategies ensure audiences feel inspired to achieve their desires and reveal the psychology behind decisions.

Kieran is one of the youngest Creative Directors to have led a company and now works to raise awareness of humanity and its impact on customer relations. Dan is the President and CEO of The Impossible Institute where he utilises innovation and motivation to encourage changing individual mindsets.

Dan and Kieran are both passionate about what drives business and the thinking behind a company. They delve deep into thoughts to study human nature and how it affects business.   

Both give enjoyable and memorable speeches which resonate with audiences and leave them with useful tips and strategies to improve their lives.

With expertise in branding and marketing, the duo is often separately sought out by large companies including Coca-Cola, TEDx and Vodafone.

Dan and Kieran’s co-authored book ‘Selfish, Scared and Stupid: Stop Fighting Human Nature and Increase Your Performance, Engagement and Influence’, has helped individuals across the nation motivate themselves and unlock their true potential. It draws on psychology, fear and key aspects of motivation to tell the truth about behaviours and help benefit businesses. An important read for anyone who wants to improve business, this book is informative, eye opening and educational.

We have a limited number of copies to give away, so for you chance to receive one please email justin@keynote.net.au