How to wake up on the right side of the bed: by Amanda Gore

Living with uncertainty and constant change, when everything we felt comfortable with is seemingly taken away, waking up full of enthusiasm and energy every day can be a challenge!

Inspiring others as a leader, encouraging colleagues or performing at your best at work and home seems impossible if you are struggling to get out of your PJs!

But there is a simple strategy that can lift your energy and performance, boost your joy and improve your ability to connect with others.

The one thing which you have total control – every minute of every day  – is – wait for it – your thinking! 

No one else plants thoughts in your head! You are the one who thinks your thoughts; you decide what thoughts you let in.

You are the one who tells yourself the stories that rule your life. You are not your story, but your stories rule your life.

The secret to waking up on the right side of bed each day is to observe what you are telling yourself. 95-99% of the time we are literally unconscious of the thoughts we have. Which means our lives are being created and ruled by those unconscious thoughts.

If you wake up and the first thing you think is negative – it can rule your whole day! It can set your mind on a path to unconsciously choosing to focus on what is going wrong or challenging or difficult. If you wake up grateful, and consciously choose to find things for which to be grateful, your whole day will be different.

My mentor Dr David Martin, talks about people tuning into the radio station – the frequency – of the person they want to be and the life they want to create. And he has a great question that helps you consciously create the life you want.

It is the secret to a joyful, productive, purpose driven, meaningful and fulfilling life that leaves a valuable legacy.

His question, that I am using now as my ‘true north question’ – part of the compass I now use to navigate my life – is: “Am I being the person I want to be in this moment?’

This sounds like a simple and easy thing to do! And it is. Making the decision to be the person I want to be was easy.

That one question, the true north compass question, can instantly change everything. Literally.

But first, I had to look at what sort of person did I want to be! And to actually acknowledge what sort of person I was showing up as under challenging circumstances.

Working out the person I wanted to be took some deep diving and work. It was kind, grateful, loving and honouring myself and others.

Actually reflecting on my behaviour, what story is driving it and showing up as the person I said wanted to be is a tad more challenging at times!

I have learned many valuable lessons in this process but two stand out. And this question and strategy has since helped many people navigate their way through difficult times.

I learned that I wanted to be a person who was kind, grateful, and loving, who honoured myself as well as the other person or people involved.

Working this out was not too challenging. Working out how to honour myself and others was more so. In this process, I (and others I have shared this with) have had to learn about boundaries; about what really matters to me (not what’s the matter with me!); and about what sort of life I wanted to create, direct and produce.

I had to learn the clues my body gave me to remind me to check what story I was telling myself – and ask myself ‘is it true for this moment’ or is it an unconscious reflex. For example, whenever I felt anxious, uncomfortable, fearful, confused, or disturbed in any way, I realised I was telling myself some version of the old stories of I was worthless or not good enough; that someone would find out I was not worth loving; that I would be voted off the island because I didn’t fit in or belong; or that I was unsafe in some way.

I am a work in progress but once I recognised the ‘feeling clues’, I had a strategy to work with. I noticed the feeling ….I checked in with myself and identified which one of those stories I was telling myself and then asked myself – was it my grown up self or my (roughly) two year old self telling the story! Inevitably, it was the two year old!

So I consciously choose now to ask myself the True North question in those moments. And I consciously choose to show up as the person I decided I want to be in that moment. The grown up that is as kind, loving, grateful, wise, honouring and as fearless as possible.

Generally speaking, I (and most of us) don’t want to be anxious, fearful, timid, angry, defensive, a bully or anything other than content or joyful.

My path to creating the life I want, the mood I want, the day I want, the results I want is to choose to be kind, loving, grateful and honouring myself and others.

If you recall the best boss you have ever had, it will not be someone who was brilliant at giving you awesome, high KPIs! It will be the person you felt cared about you and your growth. They were kind and caring (read loving!). Which didn’t mean they were a pushover or wimpy! It means that at times, kindness was shown by pushing or challenging you because they believed in you. And giving you the support you needed to shine.

Business today is – even more now than it has been – fueled by how people feel around you (in person or virtually) – which is determined by how you feel about yourself. We are not in the business of B2B – we are in the business of H2H – human to human; heart to heart.

That’s why your best boss always has been and always will be the person you felt good around. It’s what makes great sales people, leaders, teachers, entrepreneurs, teams – any business category –  great.

It’s that capacity to feel good about yourself so others can feel good around you.

You feel good about yourself when you show up consistently as ’the person you want to be’.

That’s why using the True North question – ‘am I being the person I want to be in this moment’ – is such a critical life and performance enhancer in these times of change, uncertainty and disruption. It puts you back in control of your stories – which in turn determines your feelings, behaviour, attitudes, and impact.

It makes you the conscious creator, producer and director of your life, performance, impact and legacy.

And that can all be summed up with a fun formula!








Amanda Gore is one of our most loved Inspirational and Motivational speakers,  her energy is uplifting and she is wonderful addition to any conference or staff event.

Find the best motivational speaker in your home state?

While the uncertainty of border closures continue, a safe way to ensure your event does not get held up is to use a motivational speakers in your home state.

Australia has a great range of Keynote speakers located in each of the home states and territories, and you can view a list of each of these speakers by clicking one of the below links:

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Top Motivational speakers based in Tasmania common trend at the moment for business events is organisations running their conferences with only their local audience in each state and then broadcasting to all other territories. This is a way to create engagement in each location and for satellite offices to feel like they are not being left out. But to truly make sure it is an interactive experience for all, the best results will come from booking for a speaker to present at each office and broadcast to the other territories. This way every gets that energy and excitement that comes from a live presentation..

This can work by having an MC in Queensland, a sales speakers in Sydney, a keynote speaker on company culture from Melbourne, a motivational speaker from Adelaide and your conference closer in Perth….. What better way to bring as many people as possible into the experience.

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Dr Louise Mahler – Speaker of the Year 2021

One of the industry’s favourite speakers Dr Louise Mahler has been awarded the 2021 Keynote Presenter Award for Excellence.

The recipient of this award has to cover several criteria, they need to speak to a diverse range of audiences, have a captivating style, their delivery needs to be first class, their message needs to engage the audience, they need to have a sense of humor and most importantly they need to be able to educate and inspire.

No wonder Louise was this year’s recipient as she has manage to continue to do all of this through 2020 both virtually and at live events. Louise was also engaged to present to large audiences in the United States with outstanding feedback throughout the year.

Louise is a communication specialist and expert in the psychology of personal engagement. She has a PHD in Business and degrees and post graduate studies in service management and Music as well.

Some of the topics Louise speaks on include:

  • Use your voice to build relationships with clients
  • Find your leadership voice to inspire and motivate
  • How to make difficult messages easy for people to hear
  • Building a culture that breaths harmony and teamwork

We are proud to work with Louie and you can read more about her specialty by clicking here.

Top 20 Motivational Speakers to Inspire you in 2021

As we head into the new year, many of last years challenges may still be with us. That is why it is important to rebuild your company culture and to re-energise your team in 2021, and we are here to help you bounce back.

At Keynote, our core value is simple, we help good companies continue to perform at a high level and move to the next level through motivation and education.

And the way we do this is providing you with the best motivational and inspirational speakers in the country. Couple this along with our unmatched ability to be able to help you pick the right motivational speaker for your organisation, and it is the perfect formula to help you to continue to grow.

In line with this, we have put together a list of some of the most inspirational speakers in the country, and they are here to help you drive a new pathway forward.

We hope you can take some time to look at each of the below individuals, but of course if you are wanting some assistance with assessing the best person to meet your values, then we are here to help and happy to chat at any time  on either or 1300 661 904.

Yours sincerely

The Keynote Team, Your Partner in Motivation.

Turia Pitt is likely to be the most inspirational person in Australia. She is also one of the most booked speakers in Australia. Turia delivers inspiration and motivation to those who thought there goals were out of reach. Click here to read more about Turia Pitt


Dr. Richard Harris SC OAM and Dr. Craig Challen both become national icons from their heroic in the Thai Cave Rescue. A truly remarkable story that has to be heard first hand from the men that lived it.

Click Here to read more about Dr. Richard Harris 

Click Here to read more about Craig Challen





Jess Gallagher is Australia’s only summer and winter Para Olympian, Jess is training to compete at the Summer Olympics in her third discipline, Rowing, to go along side her skiing and cycling Olympic success.

Click here to read more about Jess Gallagher

Anthony Laye is on a mission to inspire you, and he does this teaching you how to live a more conscious life.

Click here to read more about Anthony Laye



Samantha Gash is the first woman and the youngest person, to complete the Four Deserts Grand Slam, armed with the philosophy, if you want something you’ve never had you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.

Click here to read more about Samantha Gash

Kurt Fearnley is a 5 time world champion and two Para Olympic Gold Medallist for the Marathon, one of the most inspirational speakers in Australia.

Click here to read more about Kurt Fearnley


Emma Murray is a mindfulness and high performance coach and considered the secret weapon behind Richmond FC premiership success.

Click here to read more about Emma Murray


Justin Langer is the coach of the Australian Cricket team and the driving force behind their revival.

Click here to read more about Justin Langer



Rachael Robertson is one of the only two females to lead a team to Davis Station in Antarctica developing advanced leadership skills.

Click here to read more about Rachael Robertson


Toss Sampson is an adventurer, award-winning documentary-maker and pushing the boundaries of the body and mind.

Click here to read more about Todd Sampson




 Lisa McInnes-Smith shifts attitudes to improve the performance on teams and increase productivity and the bottom line.

Click here to read more about Lisa-Mcinnes-Smith


Gilbert Enoka is leading mental skills coach and works alongside the All Blacks to help mentally prepare them for better performance.

Click here to read more about Gilbert Enoka



Margie Warrell Empowers people to be resilient and embrace change through her personal experience and business success.

Click here to learn more about Margie Warrell



Dan Gregory helps make the impossible…possible through behaviour and belief systems, he is the master of human behaviour.

Click here to read more about Dan Gregory


 Elizabeth Broderick AO is a world leader in gender equality and creating change in the workplace, she has worked tirelessly to break down structural and social barriers and inspire people to a better workplace.

Click here to learn more about Elizabeth Broderick



Sir Peter Cosgrove is the Leaders Leader and displays characteristics we value most as Australians.

Click here to read more about Sir Peter Cosgrove



Louise Sauvage is an amazing athlete and a 9 time Para Olympic Gold Medallist, she is an inspiration to any team.

Click here to read more about Louise Sauvage


 Damien Thomlinson is a soldier and Para Olympian and an inspiration to many,  his determination and commitment saw him face terror and come out triumphant.

Click here to read more about Damien Thomlinson


Sharon Bown is a Nursing Officer who narrowly escaped death in a near-fatal helicopter crash to go on an inspire people with her award winning novel: One Woman’s War and Peace.

Click here to read more about Sharon Bown

Q: Are keynote speakers willing to perform at a virtual event? A: Yes they are!

This year witnessed a major shift in the event industry with birth of virtual or hybrid events.

So it was only natural that motivational speakers who are one of the major assets of the events industry followed trend and adapted to the new world in events quickly.

Looking ahead we can expect to see hybrid and virtual events continue into the early part of 2020, with the most likely trend becoming groups of 100-200 people attending the meeting, then streaming to the rest of the company at their local offices or interstate.

So while this format is still a necessity, you can expect all keynote speakers to still be available to participate in a hybrid virtual events. Many of them have had to recraft their skills to suit this style of event and one of the biggest challenges is delegate engagement. It is difficult but it can be done, check out this post from motivational speaker Anthony Laye Click here to view with some useful tips you should expect from your keynote speaker when booking them for a hybrid virtual event.

It won’t be long until we are back enjoying the experience of meeting in person as there are certain things you just can’t do online, like looking each other in the eye or picking up on nonverbal communication. We have always come together to plan, debate laugh and enjoy each other’s company. But until then remember to take advantage of the virtual technology we all have available to us, and keep your team inspired by booking a motivational speaker.

Stay safe and keep smiling.

The Team from Keynote

Why it is Important to Award Your Team; and How To Do It!

A pattern that emerged in the second half of this year were an increase in organisations award events online.

As Covid continued to keep its grip on us this year, companies started to realise there is not going to be a chance to all get together to celebrate each other’s achievements.

Smart companies realised that they still have to run their award ceremonies to acknowledge their employees hard work and to make sure they don’t add to people’s disappointment in 2020.

We witnessed some clever ideas such as sending hampers to the team to enjoy the food and wine they would have at a fancy event.

But the greatest evolution was the use of a professional studios to broadcast the event. This was by far and away the best use of their event budget. A professional studio will not only provide you with a broadcast quality presentation, but they have a team of producers there to deliver seamless transitions between presenters, keynote speakers and awards recipients.

Another important use of the event budget, was the use of a professional Master of Ceremonies or host. Remote presentations can have some challenges and using an experienced MC will definitely make a difference if you experience any difficulties. Televisions Hosts and Comedians have been a saviour to many events, a TV host is accustomed to switching the run order if a guest is not available or a comedian can fill until things are back on track. We have witnessed some high profile TV hosts and comedians we have placed into events save the day more than once this year.

We may be up and down for a while when it comes to restricted numbers in venues however, we need to keep in mind and keep focus on those delivering our business services.  Staff must continue to be recognized, acknowledged and supported and keeping momentum through Company Awards is a great way to show company appreciation and stimulate morale.

Get the Team Together for an End of Year Laugh

Introducing “The Virtualist”

Experience an interactive virtual show the entire team can enjoy.

Internationally Renowned Mentalist Anthony Laye has been captivating audiences with his mind blowing ability to seemingly read peoples thoughts and control their choices.

His online mind bending show is the perfect way to entertain your team at your end of year function or end of week drinks.

One of the biggest challenges organisations are currently facing with online meetings and events is finding entertainment that is interactive, engaging and doesn’t feel like the team are sitting watching Youtube or Netflix.

In this modern era of communication, we need to explore new ways of creating experiences that can take a group of people living at distance and bring them together.

Are you ready to enter the world of Virtualism – Check out Anthony Laye in Action!

For more information about this dynamic show or to book Anthony Laye, please contact us on 1300 661 904 or email

“An outstanding performance! Anthony Laye had the audience in the palm of his hand from the moment he joins you audience virtually. His show is both exciting and intriguing; hilarious and entertaining. Anthony will have your guests wanting more and asking themselves “How did he do it!?”. Anthony is one of the best performers I have come across”

‘Our Gift To You’ with Steve Simpson

Steve Simpson is a workplace cultural expert. In this short video he touches on what workplace cultures are going through with the upheaval that they have never experienced before.

Steve Simpson is a workplace cultural expert. In this short video he touches on what workplace cultures are going through with the upheaval that they have never experienced before. Many company cultures have been shattered and it is going to be a long road to recovery, Steve believes there are four important principals that should be followed in order to keep or rebuild your company culture.

We hope you are continuing to enjoy “Our Gift To You” series of videos featuring some of the best thought leaders and motivational speakers from the Keynote Entertainment roster. Please feel free to get in touch with us on 1300 661 904 to discuss how a virtual presentation can help your company stay connected in lock down

How should I be turning up? Create your story…..

In this inspirational video from Anthony Laye, he discusses how sometimes the darkest moments can help you become a better version of yourself. Anthony highlights the need for consciousness in our behavior as well as our interactions and communications when moving forward from these challenging times.

As we slowly return to our workplaces and resume normality in our daily lives, Anthony shares some powerful thoughts and direction around the question ‘How Should I Be Turning Up’?’.  A simple question that opens the door to better outcomes and better workplaces.

Anthony demonstrates how ‘turning up’ impacts the outcome of our every day. As companies start to rebuild their culture and relationships, how you choose to turn up will have a direct impact on your pathway forward.

A influential global speaker, Anthony is committed to bringing conscious communication to your organisation and helping your company and staff return and rebuild.

Great Virtual Speakers for R U OK? Day.

R U OK? Day probably takes on more significance this year than it ever has previously!

If you are looking to run and R U OK? Virtual Event or you want to check in with your team and give them a little help along the way in 2020, we have many fantastic speakers available who can present virtually on mental health and wellbeing and mindfulness.

Two standouts for us are Graeme Cowan who specialises in stressful work places and who is a non-executive Director of R U OK? and Chelsea Pottenger who is a mental health and mindfulness speaker and an Ambassador for R U OK?

Find out more about R U OK? By visiting their site and watching this video.