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Master of Ceremonies Sydney & Melbourne

Keynote Entertainment has connections with experienced and in-demand Master of Ceremonies in Sydney, and Master of Ceremonies in Melbourne, interstate and overseas. These respected leaders come from a variety of backgrounds such as Business, Television, Comedy, Journalism and Writing, Sports, Adventure and some who have overcome adversity and triumphed.

You might think that being an MC is an easy job, and then you see how a good MC really operates. It's flawless! They leave your audience in awe!

A Master of Ceremonies plays a key role in providing an entertaining corporate event that will run smoothly. They are the glue that holds everything together!

As your official host, they will set the tone for the event, by creating energy and excitement.They will gain the interest of the audience at the start of the event, outline what lies ahead for the day/night and introduce the various speakers and guests. A skilled Master of Ceremonies will keep a staged event moving, provide entertainment during interludes and have the ability to improvise where necessary.

Please, don't underestimate the importance of this role for your conference or event. More than any other presenter, a master of ceremonies is an essential element to get right. There are different types of master of ceremonies, such as celebrity, facilitator, comedian or a respected leader in your field.

View our Master of Ceremonies list and enquire now to confirm availability. Unsure who would be ideal for your type of event? Contact us, we would be happy to provide recommendations to suit your event and audience.

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Travels From-

Beverley O’Connor - MCs & Hosts

Beverley O’Connor

Beverley O’Connor has in excess of twenty years experience as a journalist ...

Travels from Victoria

Carrie Bickmore - Celebrities

Carrie Bickmore

Host of Channel 10 The Project, Logie winner & likable personality.  ...

Travels from Victoria

Hamish and Andy - Comedians

Hamish and Andy

Two extremely talented entertainers/ writers/ comedians

Travels from Victoria

Shane Jacobson - Comedians

Shane Jacobson

One of our greatest talents and entertainers

Travels from Victoria

Lawrence Mooney - Comedians

Lawrence Mooney

Ability to connect and set the right tone makes him a popular ...

Travels from Victoria

Scott Cam - Change Management

Scott Cam

Star of Channel Nine's The Block and Gold Logie Winner, Scott is ...

Travels from New South Wales

Mick Molloy - Comedians

Mick Molloy

Mick Molloy is one of Australia’s most recognized and loved comedians. Mick ...

Travels from Victoria

James O

James O'Loghlin

An experienced and polished MC or Host and an expert in innovation  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Waleed Aly - Celebrities

Waleed Aly

Superb credentials as a broadcaster and academic. But he also loves his ...

Travels from Victoria

Sophie Falkiner  - MCs & Hosts

Sophie Falkiner

Sophie Falkiner has one of the most recognisable faces in Australia and ...

Travels from New South Wales

Tegan Higginbotham - MCs & Hosts

Tegan Higginbotham

Multi-talented entertainer Tegan Higginbotham will entertain your audience regardless of age and ...

Travels from Victoria

Deborah Knight - MCs & Hosts

Deborah Knight

Deborah Knight has had an amazing career.  Her wit and spontaneity combined ...

Travels from New South Wales

Michael Tomalaris  - MCs & Hosts

Michael Tomalaris

The SBS authority on all things cycling, award-winning journalist Michael Tomalaris is ...

Travels from Victoria

Richard Fidler - Facilitators

Richard Fidler

Highly experienced Facilitator and MC ...

Travels from Queensland

Tracey Curro - Facilitators

Tracey Curro

Highly experienced corporate moderator/facilitator and MC Tracey Curro began her career as ...

Travels from Victoria

Ange Anderson - Facilitators

Ange Anderson

Ange Anderson has extensive experience working in radio newsrooms and has spent ...

Travels from Queensland

Urzila Carlson - Comedians

Urzila Carlson

Urzila Carlson is one of New Zealand’s funniest comedians and a true ...

Travels from New Zealand

Scared Weird Little Guys - After Dinner Entertainers

Scared Weird Little Guys

The Scaredies are John Fleming and Rusty Berther – exceptional musicians, singers, ...

Travels from Victoria

Kerry O

Kerry O'Keeffe

Kerry O'Keeffe's wit, wisdom and passion for sport and larger than life ...

Travels from New South Wales

Simon McKinney - Comedians

Simon McKinney

Simon McKinney is NZ’s #1 stand up Character Impressionist and a much ...

Travels from New Zealand

James Nokise - Comedians

James Nokise

Building a reputation for making jokes about everyone and everything, James Nokise ...

Travels from New Zealand

Tottie Goldsmith - MCs & Hosts

Tottie Goldsmith

If you are looking for an intelligent, attractive, vivacious, spontaneous, warm and ...

Travels from Victoria

Danny McMaster - After Dinner Entertainers

Danny McMaster

Super-Impressionist Danny McMaster has taken the entertainment scene by storm with his ...

Travels from Queensland

Jan van de Stool - MCs & Hosts

Jan van de Stool

Jan van de Stool is the alter-ego of beloved musical theatre star ...

Travels from Victoria

Nick Rado - Comedians

Nick Rado

One of New Zealand’s international comedy success stories.

Travels from New Zealand

Jennifer Hewett - Facilitators

Jennifer Hewett

Journalist for more than three decades and National Affairs Columnist for The Australian Financial ...

Travels from New South Wales

Gary Eck - Comedians

Gary Eck

Gary Eck is an accomplished individual. As well as being a professional ...

Travels from New South Wales

Michael Crossland - MCs & Hosts

Michael Crossland

A natural communicator and gifted speaker, Michael Crossland moves, motivates and entertains ...

Travels from New South Wales

Chris ‘Buddha’ Handy - Sports Heroes

Chris ‘Buddha’ Handy

Chris ‘Buddha’ Handy - few names are more synonymous in the world ...

Travels from Queensland

Chris Parsons - MCs & Hosts

Chris Parsons

Chris Parsons features on Queensland Weekender each week travelling around and showcasing Queensland. In ...

Travels from Queensland

Chrissie Swan  - MCs & Hosts

Chrissie Swan

Chrissie Swan is one of Australia's most loved personalities and probably one ...

Travels from Victoria

Libbi Gorr - MCs & Hosts

Libbi Gorr

Libbi Gorr is one of Australia's finest live hosts and broadcasters. Warm, witty ...

Travels from Victoria

David Smiedt - Comedians

David Smiedt

Dave Smiedt’s easy charm and affability and easy charm combined with a ...

Travels from New South Wales

Simon Kennedy - Comedians

Simon Kennedy

With more than 14 years as an international headline comedian, presenter and ...

Travels from New South Wales

Brett de Hoedt - MC & Host

Brett de Hoedt

Master of ceremonies, facilitator, host – whatever you call it – Brett ...

Travels from Victoria

Sarah Jones - After Dinner Entertainers

Sarah Jones

Sarah Jones is a talented ventriloquist comedian who offers entertainment for corporate ...

Travels from Victoria

Melissa Hetherington - Celebrities

Melissa Hetherington

Melissa Hetherington is a familiar television face having appeared regularly on the ...

Travels from Victoria

David Campbell - Celebrities

David Campbell

David Campbell is a renowned performer, presenter, MC/Host and Artistic Director.  David ...

Travels from New South Wales

James Kirby

James Kirby is a breath of fresh air on the Australian speaking ...

Travels from Victoria

Tripod - Comedians


Tripod is a three man musical comedy act that is well known ...

Travels from Victoria

Tony Squires - MCs & Hosts

Tony Squires

Understand the game from an amusing, informative and entertaining Master of the ...

Travels from New South Wales

Tony Jones - Facilitators

Tony Jones

A Walkley Award-winning Australian television journalist.

Travels from New South Wales

Todd McKenney - Celebrities

Todd McKenney

Australia’s leading man of song and dance

Travels from New South Wales

Toby Travanner - Change Management

Toby Travanner

Dynamic, captivating and engaging business speaker

Travels from Victoria

Tania Zaetta - Celebrities

Tania Zaetta

A highly sought after event host;  always a crowd pleaser and never ...

Travels from Victoria

Steve Vizard - After Dinner Entertainers

Steve Vizard

One of Australia’s most recognised contributors to the Australian entertainment industry  ...

Travels from Victoria

Steve Haddan - MCs & Hosts

Steve Haddan

Hilarious and knowledgable, he delivers a corporate experience of enormous enjoyment

Travels from Queensland

Shane Bourne - Comedians

Shane Bourne

First class Comedian and an Australian Favourite

Travels from Victoria

Shura Taft - MCs & Hosts

Shura Taft

The charismatic Shura Taft is a true and experienced professional known for ...

Travels from Victoria

Casey Donovan - Recording Artists

Casey Donovan

Casey Donovan – the girl with the powerhouse voice - was the ...

Travels from New South Wales

Samantha Lane - Celebrities

Samantha Lane

Has a a knack of balancing the serious and irreverent in sport  ...

Travels from Victoria

Sam Newman - Celebrities

Sam Newman

Sam Newman is one of Australia’s most popular and controversial stars. Sam Newman ...

Travels from Victoria

Rachael Finch - MCs & Hosts

Rachael Finch

A natural beauty who's proven her versatility across a variety of platforms  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Phil Kearns - MCs & Hosts

Phil Kearns

Without a doubt, one of Rugby’s most famous and respected sons.  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Peter Buckley - Business Speakers

Peter Buckley

Presentation Performance Techniques – Creating the Voice of a Leader

Travels from Queensland

Peter Berner - Comedians

Peter Berner

Popular and respected media entertainer, stand-up comic and corporate performer

Travels from New South Wales

Pete Lazer - MCs & Hosts

Pete Lazer

From hosting a top-rating dating show on Channel 9, to being the ...

Travels from Victoria

Paul Martell - Comedians

Paul Martell

Paul Martell is a multi talented performer, who adds impact to any ...

Travels from New South Wales

Gorgi Coghlan - MCs & Hosts

Gorgi Coghlan

Co-host of Network Ten's former show The Circle - also a  Scientist, ...

Travels from Victoria

Paul ‘Fatty

Paul ‘Fatty' Vautin

A national household name – a Queensland legend.

Travels from New South Wales

Nikki Osbourne - Celebrities

Nikki Osbourne

Roving reporter, actress and television star with a quirky sense of humour  ...

Travels from Victoria

Nigel - After Dinner Entertainers


The memory guy that can remember hundreds of guests names after a ...

Travels from Queensland

Nicky Buckley - Celebrities

Nicky Buckley

Nicky Buckley is one of Australia’s most recognised female faces. Nicky began ...

Travels from Victoria

Michael Wipfli - MCs & Hosts

Michael Wipfli

Australian radio presenter on the Nova 969 breakfast show

Travels from Victoria

Michael Slater - MCs & Hosts

Michael Slater

Top of the Australian Test batting line-up for close to a decade  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Michael Pascoe - Economists

Michael Pascoe

A most entertaining and provocative speaker on matters financial, economical and political  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Mia Freedman - MCs & Hosts

Mia Freedman

Founder, Editor and publisher of mamamia.com.au, Australia's largest female blog and The ...

Travels from New South Wales

Meshel Laurie - Comedians

Meshel Laurie

Meshel Laurie is a hilarious stand up comedian of over 20 years’ ...

Travels from Victoria

Marty Switzer - Business Coaching

Marty Switzer

Create a small business that works for YOU rather than because of ...

Travels from New South Wales

Liz Ellis - Change Management

Liz Ellis

As one of Australia’s highest profile elite athletes and most successful netballers ...

Travels from Queensland

Leila McKinnon - MCs & Hosts

Leila McKinnon

One of the Nine Network's leading journalists and presenters

Travels from New South Wales

Laura Csortan - Celebrities

Laura Csortan

An experienced TV host and presenter - with a passion for travel  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Larry Emdur - MCs & Hosts

Larry Emdur

Presents a unique Corporate Game Show designed to drive home strategic messages, ...

Travels from New South Wales

Kerrie-Anne Kennerley - Celebrities

Kerrie-Anne Kennerley

A favourite with Australian television audiences for more than 20 years

Travels from New South Wales

Jennifer Hawkins - Celebrities

Jennifer Hawkins

An Australian icon with her popular work as a TV presenter, designer ...

Travels from New South Wales

Juanita Phillips - Celebrities

Juanita Phillips

The ABC's 7pm news anchor in Sydney

Travels from New South Wales

Jim Wilson - Facilitators

Jim Wilson

Two decades of experience in journalism and media - the perfect Host  ...

Travels from New South Wales

James Tobin - MCs & Hosts

James Tobin

An all-round popular host.  Audiences have loved his interviews

Travels from New South Wales

Ian Dickson - Celebrities

Ian Dickson

Legendary Australian Idol Judge and now a household name

Travels from New South Wales

Gretel Killeen - Celebrities

Gretel Killeen

TV and radio presenter, humorist, communications consultant and author: The Night My ...

Travels from New South Wales

Graeme Bowman - Comedians

Graeme Bowman

Hoax Speaker, Master of Ceremonies, Comedian, Lateral Thinking Facilitator, Pozzy to Cozzy ...

Travels from Victoria

Frances Whiting - Facilitators

Frances Whiting

Connects with her audience to provide an uplifting look at life - ...

Travels from Queensland

Fifi Box - Celebrities

Fifi Box

One half of the dynamic Fifi and Jules duo on national radio  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Erin Holland - Celebrities

Erin Holland

Current Miss World Australia

Travels from New South Wales

Edwina Bartholomew - MCs & Hosts

Edwina Bartholomew

Whether she’s hanging from a helicopter over croc infested waters or bashing ...

Travels from New South Wales

Dylan Lewis - Celebrities

Dylan Lewis

Co-host of Nova 919 breakfast show, Dylan is now heard on alarm ...

Travels from

Dr Chris Brown - Celebrities

Dr Chris Brown

Vet, TV personality and popular author and columnist.

Travels from New South Wales

Darren McMullen - MCs & Hosts

Darren McMullen

Host of Channel Nine’s The Voice

Travels from New South Wales

Daniel MacPherson - MCs & Hosts

Daniel MacPherson

Provides a masterful performance as MC or Host - and does it ...

Travels from New South Wales

Col Cameron - MCs & Hosts

Col Cameron

After 20 years in corporate entertainment in varied roles from performer to ...

Travels from Victoria

Charli Robinson - Celebrities

Charli Robinson

One of the Australia’s most listened to radio announcers.

Travels from Queensland

Catriona Rowntree - Celebrities

Catriona Rowntree

Australia's Most Travelled Woman

Travels from Victoria

Cameron Daddo - After Dinner Entertainers

Cameron Daddo

Actor, singer/songwriter and presenter.

Travels from United States

Brigitte Duclos - Celebrities

Brigitte Duclos

Radio personality and journalist Brigitte Duclos celebrates 21 years in the media.

Travels from Victoria

Bob Downe - Celebrities

Bob Downe

Mark Trevorrow aka Bob Downe has created one of our most much ...

Travels from New South Wales

Ben Price - After Dinner Entertainers

Ben Price

The Master of Impersonation as well as a hilarious performer and Australia's ...

Travels from Victoria

Barry Du Bois - MCs & Hosts

Barry Du Bois

TV Presenter - Channel Ten’s The Living Room / Master Builder With over ...

Travels from New South Wales

Alisa & Lysandra - MCs & Hosts

Alisa & Lysandra

'The Block' winners - reality TV becomes real-life designing

Travels from New South Wales

Ada Nicodemou - Celebrities

Ada Nicodemou

Best known for her role as Leah in Home and Away and ...

Travels from New South Wales

Paula Abdul - Celebrities

Paula Abdul

With drive and passion, she’s turned 20 plus years in dance and choreography ...

Travels from United States

Glenn Ridge - MCs & Hosts

Glenn Ridge

Glenn Ridge is an impressive speaker for a variety of events. With ...

Travels from Victoria

Tony Mowbray - Adventure & Challenge

Tony Mowbray

Record breaking non-stop solo and unassisted around the world sailing trip

Travels from New South Wales

Tim Ross - MCs & Hosts

Tim Ross

Editor Comedian, broadcaster, television presenter and architecture tragic

Travels from New South Wales

Natalie Bassingthwaighte - MCs & Hosts

Natalie Bassingthwaighte

Actress, Singer and Television Host

Travels from Victoria

Kitty Flanagan - Comedians

Kitty Flanagan

Hilarious commentator and regular on The Project, popular stand-up comedian

Travels from New South Wales

Emma Freedman - MCs & Hosts

Emma Freedman

Her wonderful personality and spirit makes for a great host or MC  ...

Travels from Victoria

Emma Alberici - MCs & Hosts

Emma Alberici

Emma Alberici is an experienced journalist in business, economics and finance. She ...

Travels from New South Wales

Sylvia Jeffreys

Sylvia Jeffreys, the Today Show’s new News Presenter, has quickly established herself ...

Travels from New South Wales

Rik Rushton - Motivational Speakers

Rik Rushton

As a peak perfromance coach, platform speaker, conference MC and trusted advisor, ...

Travels from Victoria

Ellen Fanning - MCs & Hosts

Ellen Fanning

Award Winning Current Affairs Journalist. Master of Ceremonies.

Travels from New South Wales

Tim Campbell - After Dinner Entertainers

Tim Campbell

Tim is on of the most sought after performers on the corporate ...

Travels from Victoria

Lucy Holmes

Lucy Holmes is one of Australia’s hardest working performers and most versatile ...

Travels from Victoria

Heather Maltman - MCs & Hosts

Heather Maltman

Best known as a contestant on Network Ten’s The Bachelor, Heather Maltman ...

Travels from Queensland

Tom Panos - Branding & Marketing

Tom Panos

Real estate coach and trainer Tom Panos teaches agents how to attract ...

Travels from New South Wales

Neil Crompton - MCs & Hosts

Neil Crompton

One of Australia’s leading race-car drivers and best-known motor racing personalities, Neil ...

Travels from New South Wales

Brad Manuel - After Dinner Entertainers

Brad Manuel

Described as a ‘double whammy’, Brad Manuel’s motivational presentations combine the use ...

Travels from Queensland

Andrew Winter - Sales

Andrew Winter

Andrew Winter started his career in real estate at the age of ...

Travels from Queensland

Nathan Brown - Motivational Speakers

Nathan Brown

Achieving success both on and off the field, Nathan is a motivational ...

Travels from Victoria

Alice Fraser - MCs & Hosts

Alice Fraser

A great young, professional with heaps of energy that she passes onto the ...

Travels from New South Wales

Nelly Thomas - Comedians

Nelly Thomas

She's been described as having all the moxie of an RSL barmaid ...

Travels from Victoria

Rob Carlton - MCs & Hosts

Rob Carlton

Rob Carlton is highly respected on the corporate stage where he constantly ...

Travels from New South Wales

Tracy Bartram - Comedians

Tracy Bartram

Tracy speaks to your topic and weaves her own experiences through her ...

Travels from Victoria

Julia Zemiro - Celebrities

Julia Zemiro

Rockwiz Host, TV personality and entertaining Master of Ceremonies

Travels from Victoria

Grubby and Dee-Dee - MCs & Hosts

Grubby and Dee-Dee

Popular event hosts and as MC’s they have brought life and laughter ...

Travels from Victoria

Andrew Voss - Sports Heroes

Andrew Voss

Achieved more than just his childhood dream of becoming a rugby league ...

Travels from New South Wales

Andrew Klein - MCs & Hosts

Andrew Klein

Professional MC / Facilitator and a respected authority on Presentation Skills.

Travels from New South Wales

Andrew Daddo - MCs & Hosts

Andrew Daddo

Successful Author, Columnist, Corporate Coach, Radio Broadcaster, TV Presenter.

Travels from New South Wales

Amber Sherlock - Celebrities

Amber Sherlock

News and weather presenter for the Nine Network

Travels from New South Wales

Nick Kay - MCs & Hosts

Nick Kay

Nick’s professional career in magic started after winning first place at the ...

Travels from Victoria

James Mathison - MCs & Hosts

James Mathison

A highly experienced and very successful  MC, TV presenter, radio host and part-time ...

Travels from New South Wales

James Smith - Comedians

James Smith

Australian born, New York based, former Banking and Finance Lawyer, James was ...

Travels from New South Wales

Mick Dwyer - Comedians

Mick Dwyer

Stand­up Comedian, Adventurer, Above Average Armchair Athlete

Travels from Queensland

Marty Wilson - Communication

Marty Wilson

Change Management Speaker, Selling with Stories Trainer, Bestselling Author, former Australian Comic ...

Travels from New South Wales

Jillian Whiting - Facilitators

Jillian Whiting

Jillian Whiting is a well-known and respected journalist, who holds over 20 ...

Travels from Queensland

Paul McDermott - Comedians

Paul McDermott

Paul McDermott has been at the forefront of the Australian entertainment industry ...

Travels from New South Wales

Em Rusciano - Comedians

Em Rusciano

Singer, Writer, TV presenter, Broadcaster, Stand-up Comedian, Corporate MC and Mother of ...

Travels from Victoria

Simon Burke - MCs & Hosts

Simon Burke

Brings a combination of wit, intelligence, warmth, gravitas, suavity and great singing ...

Travels from New South Wales

Sigrid Thornton - MCs & Hosts

Sigrid Thornton

Renowned and respected star of film, TV and the stage.

Travels from New South Wales

Scott Williams - MCs & Hosts

Scott Williams

An important message loaded with laughter

Travels from Queensland

Peter FitzSimons - Motivational Speakers

Peter FitzSimons

Top Selling Author, Journalist, Radio Commentator and Motivational Speaker.

Travels from New South Wales

Luke Jacobz - MCs & Hosts

Luke Jacobz

As host of The X Factor, Luke Jacobz has also had huge ...

Travels from New South Wales

Lisa Backhouse - MCs & Hosts

Lisa Backhouse

Accomplished Master of Ceremonies, facilitator and guest speaker

Travels from Queensland

Justin Hamilton - Comedians

Justin Hamilton

A unique voice within the Australian Comedy scene.

Travels from New South Wales

Jennifer Hansen - MCs & Hosts

Jennifer Hansen

Jennifer is perhaps best known to television audiences as the former co-host ...

Travels from Victoria

Jay Jay - MCs & Hosts

Jay Jay

Amazing New Age Magician

Travels from New South Wales

Kris Smith - MCs & Hosts

Kris Smith

Kris Smith is the popular presenter of the global reality show Insight ...

Travels from Victoria

Stephanie Bendixsen - MCs & Hosts

Stephanie Bendixsen

Stephanie Bendixsen, also known as Hex, is an Australian video game critic ...

Travels from New South Wales

Tara Moss - Inspirational

Tara Moss

Tara Moss is an author, journalist, TV documentary presenter, speaker, human rights ...

Travels from New South Wales

Nicholas J. Johnson - Motivational Speakers

Nicholas J. Johnson

Nicholas J. Johnson is a professional speaker, magician, author and educator who specialises ...

Travels from Victoria

Mike Goldman - MCs & Hosts

Mike Goldman

Mike Goldman is Sydney Drive time radio show host on C91.3 FM, ...

Travels from New South Wales

Justine Clarke - MCs & Hosts

Justine Clarke

Justine Clarke wasn’t quite born on stage, but over three extraordinary decades ...

Travels from New South Wales

Elise Elliott - MCs & Hosts

Elise Elliott

With more than two and a half decades of experience as a very popular ...

Travels from Victoria

Kim Adams - Facilitators

Kim Adams

With warmth, wit and surprising stage presence for her small stature, Kim ...

Travels from Queensland

Phil Lee - Business Speakers

Phil Lee

Warning!! – attendees at Phil Lee’s presentations often leave feeling energised, inspired ...

Travels from New South Wales

Matt Doran - MCs & Hosts

Matt Doran

Matt Doran is an award-winning reporter and presenter with Network Ten. He ...

Travels from Victoria

Nathan Strempel - MCs & Hosts

Nathan Strempel

Nathan Strempel is one of Australia’s most engaging and dynamic Master of ...

Travels from New South Wales

Jackie Clarke  - MCs & Hosts

Jackie Clarke

Jackie Clarke gave up house cleaning when she discovered people would pay ...

Travels from New Zealand

Ed Kavalee - Comedians

Ed Kavalee

A regular panelist on ‘Have You Been Paying Attention’, Ed is a popular ...

Travels from Victoria

Richard Champion  - Sports Heroes

Richard Champion

“As a Professional Speaker and an MC, I share lessons learned and ...

Travels from Queensland

Cam Knight - Comedians

Cam Knight

Cam Knight performing solo comedy or MC'ing is a consummate professional, who ...

Travels from New South Wales

Warwick Merry - MCs & Hosts

Warwick Merry

Success in the conference game can be a challenge. The demands are ...

Travels from Victoria

Mike Tyler - After Dinner Entertainers

Mike Tyler

Mike Tyler is an amazing magician, mentalist and comedy hypnotist who brings ...

Travels from Queensland

Sam McCool - Comedians

Sam McCool

Sam McCool is an expert comedian and MC in global demand! Launched by ...

Travels from New South Wales

Karen Phillips - Change Management

Karen Phillips

Professional speaker and innovation facilitator specialising in the areas of: Creating Connections – ...

Travels from Queensland

Mike van Acker - Comedians

Mike van Acker

Mike van Acker has been a fixture of the Australian Comedy Circuit ...

Travels from Queensland

Natarsha Belling - MCs & Hosts

Natarsha Belling

Nartarsha Belling read her first international news bulleting at the age of ...

Travels from New South Wales

Vince Sorrenti - Comedians

Vince Sorrenti

Consistently one of Australia's best corporate performers and one of our most ...

Travels from New South Wales

Tim Wilson - Communication

Tim Wilson

International Public Policy Analyst, Media Commentator and Presenter

Travels from Victoria

Tim Ellis - Facilitators

Tim Ellis

One of Australia's Funniest and Greatest Magicians

Travels from Victoria

Sonia Kruger - Celebrities

Sonia Kruger

An accomplished presenter, actress, dancer, interviewer and entertainer.

Travels from New South Wales

Shelley Craft - Celebrities

Shelley Craft

One of Australia’s most popular television presenters.

Travels from New South Wales

Scott McGregor - MCs & Hosts

Scott McGregor

A poised and relaxed host for your corporate event

Travels from New South Wales

Sami Lukis - MCs & Hosts

Sami Lukis

An excellent commentator for fashion, travel, fitness and lifestyle issues

Travels from New South Wales

Anjali Rao - MCs & Hosts

Anjali Rao

Anjali Rao has interviewed world leaders and presented leading news and current ...

Travels from Victoria

Sam Kekovich - After Dinner Entertainers

Sam Kekovich

Sporting Legend and Hilarious Entertainer

Travels from Victoria

Ryan Fitzgerald - MCs & Hosts

Ryan Fitzgerald

Former AFL star and now media star including "Talking Footy" host and ...

Travels from South Australia

Russell Gilbert - Comedians

Russell Gilbert

One of our most much lived comedians with accolades including The Comedy ...

Travels from Victoria

Rob Mills - After Dinner Entertainers

Rob Mills

Singer / Entertainer / Media Personality.

Travels from New South Wales

Paul Huschilt - Comedians

Paul Huschilt

A closing experience like no other.

Travels from Canada

Natalie Hunter - MCs & Hosts

Natalie Hunter

Affable, bubbly, and down to earth, Natalie Hunter is a presenter whose ...

Travels from Victoria

Livinia Nixon - MCs & Hosts

Livinia Nixon

Livinia showed her versatility in front and behind the camera when presenting ...

Travels from Victoria

Kerry ‘Nigel

Kerry ‘Nigel' Domann

Sure to leave your audience intrigued and entertained.

Travels from Queensland

Karl Stefanovic - MCs & Hosts

Karl Stefanovic

Karl Stefanovic is one of Australia’s most popular and admired television presenters.  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Jules Lund - MCs & Hosts

Jules Lund

An impressive list of television credits, host of primetime Australian formats, broadcast ...

Travels from New South Wales

Jenny Seaton - MCs & Hosts

Jenny Seaton

Logie Award winning Host, TV presenter, MC and Speaker

Travels from Western Australia

Matt Okine - Comedians

Matt Okine

Matt Okine is a multi talented comedian, actor/presenter and musician whose career began ...

Travels from New South Wales

David Galbally QC - Business Speakers

David Galbally QC

A shaper of opinion, thought and events

Travels from Victoria

Dave Staughton - Business Coaching

Dave Staughton

 Increase sales  Staff motivation and performance  Creative Solutions  Working together  Business Motivation  ...

Travels from Victoria

Darren Palmer - Change Management

Darren Palmer

Teachs the key points of adding value to property through design and ...

Travels from New South Wales

Dannii Minogue - Celebrities

Dannii Minogue

Television personality, fashion designer and author

Travels from Victoria

Dale Vine - MCs & Hosts

Dale Vine

Dale Vine has won over legions of fans on the Nine Networks ...

Travels from Victoria

Chloe Maxwell - MCs & Hosts

Chloe Maxwell

Her magnetism, innate style and poise make her a popular and respected ...

Travels from New South Wales

Anh Do - After Dinner Entertainers

Anh Do

From Refugee to successful comedian, a true story of being able to ...

Travels from New South Wales

Marty Fields - Comedians

Marty Fields

Well recognized from his five years on Hey Hey it's Saturday, The ...

Travels from Victoria


Andrew 'Cosi' Costello

Cosi is a born and bred South Australian. He grew up on the ...

Travels from South Australia

Ben Bradshaw - After Dinner Entertainers

Ben Bradshaw

Ben Bradshaw is the ultimate 21st century magician taking Australian audiences by ...

Travels from Queensland

Dilruk Jayasinha - Comedians

Dilruk Jayasinha

After moving to Australia on his own from Sri Lanka at the ...

Travels from Victoria

Tim Gilbert - MCs & Hosts

Tim Gilbert

Tim Gilbert has spent over twenty years with the Nine Network and is ...

Travels from New South Wales

David Quirk - Comedians

David Quirk

As a stand-up comedian and actor, David Quirk has a strong place ...

Travels from Victoria

Sammy J - Comedians

Sammy J

As an award-winning comedian, author and musician, Sammy J can be found ...

Travels from Victoria

Felicity Ward - Comedians

Felicity Ward

Felicity Ward is a regular on the comedy circuit, and is favored ...

Travels from Victoria

Ivan Aristeguieta - Comedians

Ivan Aristeguieta

After leaving Venezuela after a successful career as a Brew Master and ...

Travels from Victoria

Virginia Trioli - MCs & Hosts

Virginia Trioli

Virginia Trioli is one of Australia’s best-known journalists. With an unwavering reputation ...

Travels from Victoria

Stephen Curry - MCs & Hosts

Stephen Curry

Actor and comedian Stephen Curry is one of Australia's most popular and ...

Travels from Victoria

Geoff Cox - MCs & Hosts

Geoff Cox

Geoff Cox, best known as Coxy, is an Australian entertainment industry legend. ...

Travels from Victoria

Maxine McKew - Facilitators

Maxine McKew

Maxine McKew is an author and Hon Enterprise Professor of the Melbourne ...

Travels from Victoria

Mark Aiston - MCs & Hosts

Mark Aiston

Mark Aiston is a well-known television and radio personality who has accomplished ...

Travels from South Australia

Abby Coleman - MCs & Hosts

Abby Coleman

With a recognisable voice and personality, Abby Coleman can be heard on ...

Travels from Queensland

Blake Beattie - Change Management

Blake Beattie

As a dynamic and engaging speaker, Blake Beattie is a passionate individual ...

Travels from New South Wales

Ben Murphy - Feature Acts

Ben Murphy

As one of the world's most popular entertainers, Ben Murphy has been ...

Travels from Victoria

Deborah Wilson - Facilitators

Deborah Wilson

Career Architect, Change Manager and Industry Leader. 

Travels from Queensland

Lynne Schinella - Communication

Lynne Schinella

Practical down to earth approach, willingness to be transparent and a talent ...

Travels from Queensland

Liz Kelsh - MCs & Hosts

Liz Kelsh

Diversity is what makes her work stand out

Travels from New South Wales

Jodie Oddy - MCs & Hosts

Jodie Oddy

Jodie Oddy's vivacious and enthusiastic personality has seen her work as a ...

Travels from South Australia

Grant Denyer - Celebrities

Grant Denyer

V8 Supercar Driver, TV Host, Journalist, Aussie dare devil...

Travels from New South Wales

Dr Lisa Chimes - MCs & Hosts

Dr Lisa Chimes

Combines her love of animals and her passion for television with her ...

Travels from New South Wales

Corinne Grant - Comedians

Corinne Grant

Accomplished Comedian, Writer, Actor, Broadcaster, Presenter

Travels from Victoria

Rebecca De Unamuno - Comedians

Rebecca De Unamuno

Comedian, actor and a familiar voice.

Travels from New South Wales

Nikki Britton

Nikki exploded onto the comedy scene in 2011. Her warm, lightning paced ...

Travels from New South Wales

Elliot Goblet - Comedians

Elliot Goblet

Elliot Goblet is one of the most original comedians in the history ...

Travels from Victoria

Kyla Kirkpatrick - Entrepreneur

Kyla Kirkpatrick

We now live in a world where the barriers to entry with ...

Travels from Victoria

Josie Thomson - Business Coaching

Josie Thomson

Multi Award Winning Coach, Mindset, Resilience & Change Leadership Expert, International Speaker ...

Travels from Queensland

Craig Reucassel - MCs & Hosts

Craig Reucassel

Craig Reucassel is an Australian writer and comedian who is best known ...

Travels from New South Wales

Peter Bell - Motivational Speakers

Peter Bell

Peter Bell is the Former Captain of Fremantle Dockers, a TV and ...

Travels from Western Australia

Phil Ore - MCs & Hosts

Phil Ore

So far in life, Phil Ore has been a very lucky man – This ...

Travels from Victoria

Mick Colliss - Motivational Speakers

Mick Colliss

Mick Colliss had a desire to play for Australia.  What followed has ...

Travels from Western Australia

Michael Pope - MCs & Hosts

Michael Pope

Michael Pope holds a unique place in the Australian entertainment industry. A ...

Travels from Victoria

Fiona O

Fiona O'Loughlin

Fiona O’Loughlin is one of Australia’s most beloved comedians. As a mother ...

Travels from Victoria

Jamila Rizvi - MCs & Hosts

Jamila Rizvi

Jamila Rizvi is an author, presenter and political commentator. She is Editor-at-Large ...

Travels from Victoria

Jeff Green - Comedians

Jeff Green

Life IS change, Fear IS natural

Travels from Victoria

Todd Jarratt - Motivational Speakers

Todd Jarratt

Empower, overcome and achieve

Travels from Queensland

Amanda Keller - MCs & Hosts

Amanda Keller

Amanda Keller is a beloved Australian personality who can be found co-hosting ...

Travels from New South Wales

Andrew Bayly - Communication

Andrew Bayly

Highly versatile facilitator and trainer

Travels from Victoria

Sam Pang - Celebrities

Sam Pang

Comedian, radio host and television star

Travels from Victoria

Anders Sorman-Nilsson  - Motivational Speakers

Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Change doesn't care whether you like it or not - it doesn't ...

Travels from New South Wales

Stephen Quartermain - MCs & Hosts

Stephen Quartermain

Popular News Reporter and Professional Master of Ceremonies

Travels from Victoria

Dr Sally Cockburn - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Sally Cockburn

An expert in sex, relationships, lifestyle and good health

Travels from Victoria

Blythe Rowe - Communication

Blythe Rowe

Understand the brain and the importance of relationships 

Travels from New South Wales

Andrew O

Andrew O'Keefe

Renowned host, actor, radio talent, and classically trained singer

Travels from New South Wales

Wilbur Wilde - After Dinner Entertainers

Wilbur Wilde

One of the funniest and talented performers

Travels from Victoria

Verity James - MCs & Hosts

Verity James

One of Perth’s leading television and radio presenters

Travels from Western Australia

Andrea Burns - MCs & Hosts

Andrea Burns

An award winning journalist and accomplished presenter 

Travels from Western Australia

Karen Tighe

 A regular face and voice of ABC TV and radio

Travels from Western Australia

Professor Helen Chenery - Education Speakers

Professor Helen Chenery

A strong advocate for gender equality and innovation in the workplace

Travels from Queensland

Tara Dennis - MCs & Hosts

Tara Dennis

One of television’s most recognised faces, presenting decorating and style tips  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Anthony Scott - MCs & Hosts

Anthony Scott

An active member of the landscape industry over the last 25 years

Travels from Victoria

Abbey Gelmi - MCs & Hosts

Abbey Gelmi

A presenter, host and MC looking to inject fun into events

Travels from New South Wales

Wendy Moore - Health & Lifestyle

Wendy Moore

Passionate about creating inspirational spaces

Travels from New South Wales

Mike House - Facilitators

Mike House

Learn how to thrive in any situation

Travels from Western Australia

David Reyne - MCs & Hosts

David Reyne

David Reyne has plagued Australian television screens for more than three decades, ...

Travels from Victoria

Rebecca Leo - Women in Business

Rebecca Leo

A leading specialist in helping people to find their mojo

Travels from Queensland

Phoenix - Feature Acts


An entertaining and enthralling show that is full of surprises

Travels from New South Wales

Peter Maddison - Innovation

Peter Maddison

Graduating with a Bachelor in Architecture in 1982, Peter Maddison's career has ...

Travels from Victoria

Sofie Formica  - Health & Lifestyle

Sofie Formica

A professional, entertaining and engaging speaker

Travels from Queensland

Liz Cantor - Health & Lifestyle

Liz Cantor

A true advocate for adventure and living every day

Travels from Queensland

Nic Yates - MCs & Hosts

Nic Yates

An MC, facilitator, producer, creative writer, talent manager and problem solver

Travels from Victoria

Darren Isenberg - MCs & Hosts

Darren Isenberg

Bringing personality to any event to everyone enjoys their experience

Travels from New South Wales

Nigel Collin - Business Coaching

Nigel Collin

Profitable Growth through Better Business Process, Ideas and Conversations

Travels from New South Wales

Keith Schleiger Contact - MCs & Hosts

Keith Schleiger

We are your speaker contact for Keith Schleiger, the infamous foreman from ...

Travels from Victoria

Julie McCrossin - Facilitators

Julie McCrossin

An experienced broadcaster and fantastic host or facilitator for any event.  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Jo Stanley - Comedians

Jo Stanley

Her work as a corporate MC and host has won her legions ...

Travels from Victoria

Dr Andrew Rochford - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Andrew Rochford

Focussing on improving the health and wellbeing of all Australians

Travels from New South Wales

Leigh Sales

Award-winning author and journalist at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Travels from New South Wales

Helen Dalley - MCs & Hosts

Helen Dalley

One of Australia's most experienced and highly respected TV journalists and interviewers.   ...

Travels from New South Wales

Norman Swan

A multi-award winning broadcaster and medically qualified journalist 

Travels from New South Wales

Osher Günsberg - MCs & Hosts

Osher Günsberg

Osher Günsberg is one of Australia’s most recognisable media personalities. Osher has ...

Travels from New South Wales

Tim Blackwell - MCs & Hosts

Tim Blackwell

One of Australia's much loved personalities 

Travels from New South Wales

Matt Tilley - MCs & Hosts

Matt Tilley

One of Australia's most respected radio personalities

Travels from Victoria

Samantha Riches

Character, professionalism & passion. Everything you could dream of in a host, ...

Travels from Victoria

Kate Gibbs

A food and travel writer with an eye for detail

Travels from New South Wales

Casey Beros

A recognised health journalist, television presenter and content producer

Travels from New South Wales

Josh Stinton

Founder of Outspire - focused on providing education, learning and insights  ...

Travels from United Kingdom

Celia Pacquola

Celia Pacquola has cemented her position as one of the most in-demand comedians ...

Travels from Victoria

Shelly Horton - MCs & Hosts

Shelly Horton

An MC, host or keynote speaker with a twist

Travels from New South Wales

Erin Molan

Presenter, Ambassador, MC and host

Travels from New South Wales

Jason Akermanis - Sports Heroes

Jason Akermanis

A Brownlow Medallist and triple premiership player

Travels from Victoria

Laura Dundovic - MCs & Hosts

Laura Dundovic

An experienced MC, model, ambassador and Australian celebrity

Travels from New South Wales

Danny Frawley - Mindfulness & Mindset

Danny Frawley

Passionate about breaking down the stigma of mental health

Travels from Victoria

Jordana Borensztajn - Social Media

Jordana Borensztajn

Social media strategist, presentation skills coach, author and humourist

Travels from Victoria

Shaynna Blaze - MCs & Hosts

Shaynna Blaze

Shaynna Blaze is an award-winning Interior Designer who has created stunning interiors ...

Travels from Victoria

Lehmo  - MCs & Hosts


Well-known radio host, television presenter and comedic performer

Travels from Victoria

Clare Bowditch - Recording Artists

Clare Bowditch

Best-selling musician, Logie Nominated actor, experienced speaker, MC and author. 

Travels from Victoria

Nazeem Hussain  - Comedians

Nazeem Hussain

Nazeem Hussain is fast becoming one of Australia’s most loved comedians. His ...

Travels from Victoria

Wayne Schwass - Motivational Speakers

Wayne Schwass

AFL Champion, media commentator, founder of the Sunrise Foundation and a motivational ...

Travels from Victoria

Ray Scicluna - Sales

Ray Scicluna

Hear Ray’s life journey and be inspired by his “can do attitude”  ...

Travels from Queensland

Colin James - Business Coaching

Colin James

One of Australia's leading coporate speakers, eductaors and facilitators

Travels from New South Wales

Clint Paddison - MCs & Hosts

Clint Paddison

Clint Paddison is one of Australia’s most in-demand comedians with appearances in ...

Travels from New South Wales

Steven Bradbury - Motivational Speakers

Steven Bradbury

One of the world’s most colourful Olympic Champions!

Travels from Queensland

Peter Rowsthorn - Comedians

Peter Rowsthorn

A masterful MC,  a high energy, fast paced stand up comedian one ...

Travels from Western Australia

Mal Walden - MCs & Hosts

Mal Walden

A prominent figure in broadcasting and television for over 5 decades

Travels from Victoria

Julia Morris - Comedians

Julia Morris

Australia’s first lady of corporate entertainment and corporate comedy

Travels from New South Wales

Jimeoin - Comedians


One of the hottest stand-up comics of this generation - a true ...

Travels from Victoria

Jean Kittson - MCs & Hosts

Jean Kittson

Professional Master of Ceremonies and hilarious stand up

Travels from New South Wales

Jamie Durie - Celebrities

Jamie Durie

Inspiring a whole new generation to rediscover their gardens.  

Travels from United States

Hamish McLachlan - MCs & Hosts

Hamish McLachlan

Experienced radio and television host

Travels from Victoria

Claire Hooper - Comedians

Claire Hooper

Sought after for MC roles and comedy spots at corporate events

Travels from Victoria

Anthony Laye - Motivational Speakers

Anthony Laye

Learn the importance and power of human connections and communication.  

Travels from Queensland

Adam Zwar - MCs & Hosts

Adam Zwar

Co-creator of the award-winning Australian comedy series Lowdown and Wilfred. A comedian ...

Travels from Victoria


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