When Is The Best Time To Have A Comedian Perform?

Having a great comedian perform can be a huge drawcard to your event and give some pleasant relief to an intense conference.

However putting them on at the wrong time can have the opposite effect.

If your comedian is performing during table service, this will not work, many of their jokes can need peoples full attention or a quite pause, and if people are eating and making noise it just won’t work.

Also you don’t want to have them on to early in the evening, when people are busy networking and catching up or have not had time to unwind yet. But you dont want them on to late either when some people might be a bit wrestles, tired or maybe possibly have had a few to many to drink.

A great time that works for most events is after dinner and before desert.

There are many great comedians for hire in Australia.  A great comedian will leave your audience laughing and help make the event memorable.  

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