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Behaviour Expert / Mentalist / Speaker

Learn the importance and power of human connections and communication.


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In a world that is constantly distracting us and fighting for our attention, being a better leader, influencer and communicator requires a unique edge.

Anthony’s mission is to inspire that in you. And he does this by teaching you to live a more conscious life.

Using his talent as a mentalist, Anthony shares his amazing business and mindset skills as he demonstrates the importance and power of being conscious. A dynamic, energetic and exciting professional speaker, Anthony engages, empowers and connects his audience, as he delivers the edge you need to help you develop a more cohesive team, build stronger business relationships, sharpen your sales speak or improve customer experience.

And when you start to live a conscious life, you’ll find yourself being happier, more productive, and more business will be won and retained.

Living consciously is your secret to standing out from the crowd, and being part of the top 1%.

As the global pandemic continues, Anthony Laye can tailor his presentation to discuss the effects of the coronavirus on your engagement and communication.  He can present his keynote speech by virtual broadcast to your organisation through videoconferencing, live streaming and Zoom events.

Anthony Laye - Entertainment:

Losing your mind has never been more hilarious. Australia’s premier corporate entertainer Anthony Laye, takes you on a mind-blowing adventure full of laughs and wonder, leaving you with a sense that you’re not the only one in control of your thoughts! A powerful show that leaves a lasting impression.

​A human lie detector test, nail-biting Russian roulette, amazing mind tricks. Anthony Laye delivers a unique, unforgettable and funny experience that is talked about long after the event.

​So unless you’ve already seen Anthony Laye in the international magic spectacular “The Illusionists”or on his television appearances, then you’ve never seen anything like him.

Speaker Topics

Conscious Communication
To be an effective, leader, influencer and communicator, being conscious in the way you communicate is critical. You must ensure that your messages are delivered in a way that builds trust. Anthony reveals why we must focus on the reptilian brain, and how we can do it effectively.
Conscious Confidence
Your ability to connect and influence starts with you. To display authority and be seen as a leader we must be able to consciously control our state. One of the biggest killers of trust is lack of confidence, so maintaining confidence even when under pressure is critical. Cultivating confidence is a huge passion for Anthony and an area in which he wants to help everyone.
Conscious Impressions
How fast do people decide what they think of us? Less than a second! Having instant impact when it comes to first impressions is often overlooked, however a first impression will influence an entire interaction, and could be the deciding factor as to whether a client will work with you or not. Anthony shares the tools needed to make the right impact and the first impression count.
Conscious Mindset
Having a conscious mindset is about stopping the autopilot mentality and checking in with yourself, making every moment deliberate. Anthony shares a simple tool that will not only give the audience daily clarity, but will put them in a deliberate mindset for the conference.
Conscious Rapport
Before a prospect will buy into your service or product, they need to buy in to you first. You need to be armed with the skills to connect quickly with anyone. With only 7 percent of communication being words, when building rapport are you focused on the other 93 percent? Anthony shares his non-verbal rapport building tool The M.E.E.T.S Strategy.


Anthony was fantastic. He engaged the audience from the outset with his interactive presentation. He had meaningful messages which he presented very well and incorporated them into the overall conference theme. As organisers he was great to work with and from out client’s perspective he was not only professional … he was exciting to listen to. The audience were given sound, take home tips. I would highly recommend Anthony as a speaker to any group.

Annie Holloway Events

Thank you for bringing Anthony to our attention as the keynote speaker for our Conference, the attendees were absolutely enthralled and captivated by him, his presentation was so energetic and inspirational. Almost every attendee walked out of the room quoting Anthony's take away message "check in" with yourself and I know I am finding myself doing just that before every meeting now.

Monash University Health Services

We had the pleasure of having Anthony Laye give a key note at our recent conference. His presentation was entertaining and on point. I would recommend him for a conference or event that you may be having in the future

Janine Allis - Boost Juice

One of the best speaker’s we have had, nothing but great feedback. Key Note and Anthony were a pleasure to deal with.

Institute of Public Administration Australia NSW

Anthony Laye, what a way to close the event! His keynote was unique to say it simply, Anthony had the ability to have an entire room on edge while displaying the importance of building trust and how to master human interactions, it was breathtaking and valuable, a real must see.

Domain Group

Anthony Laye - Motivational Speakers

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