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Conscious Communication

To be an effective leader, influencer and communicator, being conscious of how you communicate is critical. In this keynote, Anthony reveals how to deliver your message in a way that builds trust and why we must focus on the reptilian brain and how we can do it effectively.

Conscious Confidence

Your ability to connect and influence starts with you. One of the biggest killers of trust is lack of confidence. Therefore, we must be able to consciously control our state and maintain confidence even when under pressure. Anthony will help develop your confidence in this keynote, enabling you to display authority and be seen as a leader.

Conscious Impressions

How fast do people decide what they think of us? Less than a second! Having instant impact when it comes to first impressions is often overlooked, however a first impression will influence an entire interaction, and could be the deciding factor as to whether a client will work with you or not. Anthony shares the tools needed to make the right impact and the first impression count.

Conscious Mindset

Having a conscious mindset is about stopping the autopilot mentality and checking in with yourself, making every moment deliberate. Anthony shares a simple tool that will not only give the audience daily clarity, but will put them in a deliberate mindset for the conference.

Conscious Rapport

Before a prospect will buy into your service or product, they need to buy in to you first. You need to be armed with the skills to connect quickly with anyone. With only 7 percent of communication being words, when building rapport are you focused on the other 93 percent? Anthony shares his non-verbal rapport building tool The M.E.E.T.S Strategy.

Anthony Laye

Behaviour and Communication Expert

Using his skills as a mentalist, Anthony is ready to inspire you to become a better leader, influencer and communicator to give you and your company a unique edge. He firmly believes that the right mindset and the ability to connect with people is key to opening more doors and hearing YES more often.

Anthony has made it his mission to teach others to live a more conscious life and demonstrate the importance of becoming a conscious communicator. He has found that those who communicate and live consciously find themselves happier, more productive, and more business will be won and retained. It is the secret to standing out from the crowd and being a part of the top 1%.

A dynamic and engaging professional speaker, Anthony reveals powerful business communication and influence tools to help give you a unique competitive edge. He combines this with his energy and excitement to create a fun and engaging session. Ultimately, Anthony will empower you to develop more cohesive teams, improve customer experience, sharpen your sales speak and build stronger business relationships.

Anthony's presentations leave a long-lasting impression as he delivers a unique, unforgettable, and funny experience. Australia's premier corporate entertainer Anthony Laye takes you on a mind-blowing adventure full of laughs and wonder.

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