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Most Popular Keynote Speakers

This carefully crafted list includes our most popular keynote speakers who time and time again receive rave reviews from clients. We have also featured some newcomers who are turning heads and making quite a stir!

These popular speakers are respected leaders in business, leadership, comedy, health and lifestyle or have the ability to inspire audiences with their stories of overcoming harsh adversity.

If your unsure which speaker would be the most appropriate for your audience, contact us and we'll be happy to recommend some suitable choices.

Most Popular Traveling From:

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Travels From-

Dr Penny Adams - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Penny Adams

A trusted GP with a passion for health

Travels from New South Wales

Garry McDonald AO - Motivational Speakers

Garry McDonald AO

One of Australia's most successful actors 

Travels from New South Wales

Samantha Taranto - Motivational Speakers

Samantha Taranto

Improve customer and business outcomes using motivation

Travels from New South Wales

Dr Catherine Keenan - Motivational Speakers

Dr Catherine Keenan

2016 Australia's Local Hero and a captivating motivational speaker.

Travels from New South Wales

Ken Lay APM - Leadership

Ken Lay APM

Striving to make Australia a better place through changes 

Travels from Victoria

Simon Waring - Motivational Speakers

Simon Waring

An inspiring tale of triumph over adversity

Travels from Victoria

Elaine Jobson - Motivational Speakers

Elaine Jobson

CEO of Jetts Australia

Travels from Queensland

Rob Pyne - Most Popular

Rob Pyne

Fascinated by the way we think and make decisions 

Travels from New South Wales

Paul Vasileff  - Business Speakers

Paul Vasileff

Young Australian of the Year SA for 2017

Travels from South Australia

Todd Jarratt - Motivational Speakers

Todd Jarratt

Empower, overcome and achieve

Travels from Queensland

Damien Thomlinson - Motivational Speakers

Damien Thomlinson

Australian veteran of the war in Afghanistan with an inspiring story

Travels from New South Wales

Sharon Bown - NEW Online Presentation  - Change Management

Sharon Bown - NEW Online Presentation

Discover the Power of Nursing 

Travels from ACT

Anthony Laye - NEW Online Presentation - Change Management

Anthony Laye - NEW Online Presentation

Connected Communication: How To Create Rapport And Build Trust In A Digital ...

Travels from Queensland

Carren Smith - Motivational Speakers

Carren Smith

A powerhouse of positivity and success, Carren inspires transformation and a new ...

Travels from Queensland

Dr Craig Challen - Motivational Speakers

Dr Craig Challen

Heroic Thai Cave Rescue Diver & 2019 Australian of the Year

Travels from Western Australia

Dr Richard Harris - Motivational Speakers

Dr Richard Harris

2019 Australian of the Year for his heroic efforts

Travels from South Australia

Gary Mortimer - Branding & Marketing

Gary Mortimer

Australia’s leading retail and consumer behaviour expert

Travels from Queensland

Clifford Rosenberg - Social Media

Clifford Rosenberg

Gain rare insights from a business and technology leader

Travels from New South Wales

Tarang Chawla - Motivational Speakers

Tarang Chawla

Advisor to put an end to domestic and family violence

Travels from Victoria

Sharon Bown - Motivational Speakers

Sharon Bown

Change the way you see adversity

Travels from ACT

Julie McKay  - Women in Business

Julie McKay

Julie works to advance gender equality and women's empowerment globally

Travels from Queensland

Mike Rolls - Motivational Speakers

Mike Rolls

Using 'proactive resilience' to overcome life-altering obstacles 

Travels from Victoria

Kristy McKellar OAM - Motivational Speakers

Kristy McKellar OAM

Play a part in preventing domestic violence across the country

Travels from Victoria

Elizabeth Broderick AO - Women in Business

Elizabeth Broderick AO

A world leader in gender equality and creating change in the workplace ...

Travels from New South Wales

Juliette Wright - Entrepreneur

Juliette Wright

On a mission to alleviate poverty across Australia

Travels from Queensland

Turia Pitt | Motivational Speaker | Keynote Entertainment

Turia Pitt

An amazing story of love, courage and inspiration.

Travels from New South Wales

Sebastian Terry - Motivational Speakers

Sebastian Terry

Travelling to Australia Early April, May 18th-30th and Early June, 2020

Travels from United States

Rosie Batty AO - Motivational Speakers

Rosie Batty AO

A leading voice against domestic violence

Travels from Victoria

Dr Michael Nagel  - Education Speakers

Dr Michael Nagel

Provides contemporary insights into learning, motivation and 21st century learners.

Travels from Queensland

Anthony Laye - Motivational Speakers

Anthony Laye

Behaviour Expert / Mentalist / SpeakerLearn the importance and power of human ...

Travels from Queensland


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