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Celebrity Speakers

Sprinkle a little ‘star power’ on your next corporate occasion with a celebrity keynote speaker or entertainer.

Celebrity speakers are perfect as a master of ceremonies, or as an inspirational motivational speaker or a guest speaker. Offering your guests a chance to hear – and potentially meet – a famous celebrity can also boost your attendee numbers significantly at corporate events.

As a leading speakers bureau, we have a wide range of well-known celebrity speakers for your event in Melbourne, Sydney or any other city to suit all types of audiences, occasions and budgets.

Inspiring speakers we can secure include: business speakers, media personalities, politics and education personalities, high profile film and television actors, tv presenters, leading sportspeople, famous musicians, top comedians and other famous speakers.

Got someone else in mind apart from the speakers' list? We can help you secure their services too.

Keynote Entertainment is a speakers bureau with a team of more than 30 years of experience in the business.

Contact us today to see how we can add the ‘wow factor' with a celebrity speaker for corporate events.

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Kitty Flanagan - Comedians

Kitty Flanagan

Hilarious commentator and regular on The Project, popular stand-up comedian

Travels from New South Wales

Molly Meldrum - Celebrities

Molly Meldrum

A legend in the history of Australian music,

Travels from Victoria

Dr Chris Brown - Celebrities

Dr Chris Brown

Vet, TV personality and popular author and columnist.

Travels from New South Wales

Tim Robards - Health & Lifestyle

Tim Robards

Known for his dedication to health, fitness and clean living

Travels from New South Wales

Melissa Hetherington - MCs & Hosts

Melissa Hetherington

A familiar television face

Travels from Victoria

Tania Zaetta - Celebrities

Tania Zaetta

Forged one of the most diverse and successful entertainment careers

Travels from Victoria

Suzie Wilks - Celebrities

Suzie Wilks

One of Australia’s most popular television presenters

Travels from Victoria

Grubby and Dee-Dee - MCs & Hosts

Grubby and Dee-Dee

Popular event hosts and MC’s, delighting audiences

Travels from Victoria

Gorgi Coghlan - MCs & Hosts

Gorgi Coghlan

Classically trained singer and professional stage performer

Travels from Victoria

Dr Lisa Chimes - MCs & Hosts

Dr Lisa Chimes

Combines her love of animals and her passion for television

Travels from New South Wales

Ernie Dingo - MCs & Hosts

Ernie Dingo

One of Australia’s finest on-screen talents and a national treasure  ...

Travels from Western Australia

Jeff Thomson

Best known simply as ‘Thommo’, Jeff Thomson made his Australian Test debut ...

Travels from Queensland

Maz Farrelly - Celebrities

Maz Farrelly

The mind behind many of Australia's greatest hit TV Shows

Travels from Victoria

Damien Power - Comedians

Damien Power

One of Australia's Favourite Comedy Talents

Travels from Queensland

Mel Buttle

Mel Buttle is a hilarious bundle of contradictions, and she’s a package that ...

Travels from Queensland

Deborah Mailman

Deborah Mailman is one of Australia’s most popular and successful actors who ...

Travels from Victoria

Sammy Jakubiak - Celebrities

Sammy Jakubiak

Sammy and Bella are the team who blew the minds and impressed ...

Travels from New South Wales

Kylie Kwong

Kylie Kwong has become synonymous with modern Chinese cooking in Australia. As ...

Travels from New South Wales

Lizzy Lovette

Lizzy is the newly appointed face, presenter and script writer of Starpics ...

Travels from New South Wales

Snezana Wood

With her striking European looks, charming disposition and innate smarts, Snezana personifies ...

Travels from Victoria

Lauren Phillips - MCs & Hosts

Lauren Phillips

Lauren Phillips has carved her path to become one of television’s most ...

Travels from Victoria

Robin Bailey - MCs & Hosts

Robin Bailey

Robin Bailey is one of Brisbane’s most sought after Host, MC and ...

Travels from Queensland

Steph Tisdell

Steph Tisdell is one of the brightest stars in Australian comedy. Her natural ...

Travels from Queensland

Lisa Wilkinson - MCs & Hosts

Lisa Wilkinson

Co-Host of The Project and Iconic Australian News Journalist and Keynote Speaker.  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Bear Grylls - Adventure & Challenge

Bear Grylls

Former British Special Forces Soldier, TV Presenter and Best-Selling Author

Travels from United Kingdom

Chris Bath - MCs & Hosts

Chris Bath

A journalist and news reporter/anchor

Travels from New South Wales

Alastair McLeod - Celebrity Chefs

Alastair McLeod

Taking his passion for food wherever he goes 

Travels from Victoria

Shane Webcke - Sports Heroes

Shane Webcke

A former Rugby League prop whose autobiography is titled “Warhorse” (nickname), Shane ...

Travels from Queensland

Angry Anderson - Recording Artists

Angry Anderson

AM, Rock Legend and Youth Advocate

Travels from New South Wales

Gary Angy Anderson - Motivational Speakers

Gary Angy Anderson

Australian Rock Legend and advocate for disadvantaged youth

Travels from New South Wales

John Tickell - Health & Lifestyle

John Tickell

Dr John Tickell is one of the rare breed of speakers who ...

Travels from Victoria

Brian Nankervis - MCs & Hosts

Brian Nankervis

A well-known Australian performer, writer and producer

Travels from Victoria

Amanda Blair - Motivational Speakers

Amanda Blair

Recipient of the St Mary of The Cross MacKillop Award, Broadcaster and ...

Travels from South Australia

Melissa Doyle - MCs & Hosts

Melissa Doyle

Journalist, Author, TV Presenter and Radio Host 

Travels from New South Wales

Kevin McCloud - MCs & Hosts

Kevin McCloud

Best known for the internationally acclaimed series 'Grand Designs'

Travels from United Kingdom

Sarah Jessica Parker  - Celebrities

Sarah Jessica Parker

Award-winning actor, producer and businesswoman

Travels from United States

John Travolta  - Celebrities

John Travolta

American singer, actor, and dancer

Travels from United States

Richard Reid - MCs & Hosts

Richard Reid

With a bubbly personality, Richard is one of the nation's favourite imports  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Deborah Hutton - MCs & Hosts

Deborah Hutton

A household name and much-loved personality

Travels from New South Wales

Nelson Aspen - Celebrities

Nelson Aspen

One of Entertainment's most charming media personalities

Travels from United States

Nicky Whelan - Celebrities

Nicky Whelan

An Australian actress making waves in Hollywood. 

Travels from United States

Elle Macpherson - Celebrities

Elle Macpherson

One of the world's best-known faces and brand names

Travels from United Kingdom

The Veronicas - After Dinner Entertainers

The Veronicas

An Australian singer/songwirter duo made up of twin sisters, Jess and Lisa ...

Travels from Victoria

Paul Mercurio - MCs & Hosts

Paul Mercurio

Beloved Australian actor, dancer, TV presenter and foodie

Travels from Victoria

Miranda Kerr - Celebrities

Miranda Kerr

International Model, and Founder and CEO of KORA Organics

Travels from United States

Laura Dundovic - MCs & Hosts

Laura Dundovic

An experienced MC, model, ambassador and Australian celebrity

Travels from New South Wales

Tara Dennis - MCs & Hosts

Tara Dennis

One of television’s most recognised decorating and style personalities

Travels from New South Wales

Kris Smith - MCs & Hosts

Kris Smith

Presenter, MC, ambassador and former rugby player

Travels from Victoria

Sally Obermeder - Health & Lifestyle

Sally Obermeder

One of Australia’s most loved television personalities

Travels from New South Wales

Alannah Hill - Celebrities

Alannah Hill

Well-known and respected fashion designer 

Travels from Victoria

Wendy Moore - Health & Lifestyle

Wendy Moore

Passionate about creating inspirational spaces

Travels from New South Wales

Mark Schulman - Celebrities

Mark Schulman

A first call drummer for world-class rock and pop artists

Travels from United States

Mary Coustas - Comedians

Mary Coustas

An iconic Australian Comedian 

Travels from New South Wales

Ash Pollard - Celebrities

Ash Pollard

With an exuberant personality, Ash is passionate about all things food

Travels from Victoria

Ben Fordham  - Celebrities

Ben Fordham

MC, journalist and media commentator

Travels from New South Wales

Tottie Goldsmith - MCs & Hosts

Tottie Goldsmith

A professional corporate presenter who delights audiences

Travels from Victoria

Jana Pittman - Motivational Speakers

Jana Pittman

Former Australian Olympic Athlete and Motivational Speaker

Travels from New South Wales

Nazeem Hussain  - Comedians

Nazeem Hussain

Combining honesty and observation to become a popular comedian 

Travels from Victoria

David Campbell - Celebrities

David Campbell

Renowned performer, presenter, MC and Host 

Travels from New South Wales

Dan Reilly - Celebrities

Dan Reilly

A star on Channel Nine's 'The Block' 

Travels from Victoria

Adam Dovile - Celebrities

Adam Dovile

A popular personality on Better Homes and Gardens 

Travels from Victoria

Waleed Aly - MCs & Hosts

Waleed Aly

Waleed Aly is the co-host of Channel Ten's The Project and is a lecturer ...

Travels from Victoria

Toni Pearen - Celebrities

Toni Pearen

Accomplished actress, singer and presenter

Travels from New South Wales

Todd Sampson - Motivational Speakers

Todd Sampson

Co-creator of the Earth Hour initiative and sought-after motivational speaker.

Travels from New South Wales

Todd McKenney - Feature Acts

Todd McKenney

Australia’s leading man of song and dance

Travels from Victoria

Steve Vizard - MCs & Hosts

Steve Vizard

One of Australia’s most recognised contributors in entertainment industry

Travels from Victoria

Sonia Kruger - Celebrities

Sonia Kruger

An accomplished presenter, actress, dancer, interviewer and entertainer.

Travels from New South Wales

Shelley Craft - Celebrities

Shelley Craft

One of Australia’s most popular television presenters.

Travels from New South Wales

Shane Jacobson - Comedians

Shane Jacobson

One of our greatest talents and entertainers

Travels from Victoria

Scott Dooley - Comedians

Scott Dooley

Popular comedian, radio legend and accomplished writer and presenter for television

Travels from New South Wales

Scott Cam - MCs & Hosts

Scott Cam

Star of Channel Nine's The Block and Gold Logie Winner, Scott is ...

Travels from New South Wales

Sami Lukis - MCs & Hosts

Sami Lukis

An excellent commentator for fashion, travel, fitness and lifestyle issues

Travels from New South Wales

Samantha Lane - MCs & Hosts

Samantha Lane

Award winning journalist and trailblazer reporter 

Travels from Victoria

Peter Rowsthorn - Comedians

Peter Rowsthorn

One of Australia's most experienced stand up comedians 

Travels from Western Australia

Nikki Osborne - MCs & Hosts

Nikki Osborne

Roving reporter, actress and television star

Travels from Victoria

Nicky Buckley - MCs & Hosts

Nicky Buckley

One of Australia's most recognised female faces

Travels from Victoria

Laura Csortan - MCs & Hosts

Laura Csortan

An experienced TV host and presenter

Travels from New South Wales

Kimberley Davies - Celebrities

Kimberley Davies

Starring roles in both international and Australian hit television shows

Travels from Victoria

Kerri-Anne Kennerley - Celebrities

Kerri-Anne Kennerley

A favourite with Australian television audiences for more than 20 years

Travels from New South Wales

Julia Zemiro - Celebrities

Julia Zemiro

Rockwiz Host, TV personality and entertaining Master of Ceremonies

Travels from Victoria

Julia Morris - Comedians

Julia Morris

Australia’s first lady of corporate entertainment and corporate comedy

Travels from Victoria

Jules Lund - MCs & Hosts

Jules Lund

A versatile performer with a range of experience 

Travels from Victoria

Juanita Phillips - Celebrities

Juanita Phillips

One of the nation's most experienced television news anchors

Travels from New South Wales

Jimeoin - Comedians


One of the most popular stand-up acts of his generation

Travels from Victoria

Jennifer Hawkins - Celebrities

Jennifer Hawkins

An Australian icon, TV presenter, designer and entrepreneur

Travels from New South Wales

Jamie Durie - Celebrities

Jamie Durie

Inspiring a whole new generation to rediscover their gardens.  

Travels from United States

Ian Dickson - Celebrities

Ian Dickson

Legendary Australian Idol Judge and now a household name

Travels from New South Wales

Gretel Killeen - Celebrities

Gretel Killeen

TV and radio presenter, humorist, communications consultant and author

Travels from New South Wales

Fifi Box - Celebrities

Fifi Box

One of Australia's most beloved radio and television presenters

Travels from New South Wales

Erin Holland - MCs & Hosts

Erin Holland

Miss World Australia 2013

Travels from New South Wales

Dylan Lewis - MCs & Hosts

Dylan Lewis

Co-host of Nova 919 breakfast show, Dylan is heard all over Adelaide.

Travels from

Dannii Minogue - Celebrities

Dannii Minogue

Television personality, fashion designer and author

Travels from Victoria

Charli Robinson - Celebrities

Charli Robinson

One of the Australia’s most listened to radio announcers.

Travels from Queensland

Catriona Rowntree - Celebrities

Catriona Rowntree

Australia's Most Travelled Woman

Travels from Victoria

Carrie Bickmore - Celebrities

Carrie Bickmore

Host of Channel 10 The Project and Gold Logie winner

Travels from Victoria

Cameron Daddo - Celebrities

Cameron Daddo

Actor, singer/songwriter and presenter.

Travels from United States

Brigitte Duclos - Celebrities

Brigitte Duclos

Radio personality and journalist Brigitte Duclos celebrates 21 years in the media.

Travels from Victoria

Bob Downe - Comedians

Bob Downe

A much loved character in Australian Entertainment

Travels from New South Wales

Andrew Daddo - MCs & Hosts

Andrew Daddo

Successful Author, Columnist, Corporate Coach, Radio Broadcaster, TV Presenter.

Travels from New South Wales

Amber Sherlock - Celebrities

Amber Sherlock

News and weather presenter for the Nine Network

Travels from New South Wales

Anh Do - After Dinner Entertainers

Anh Do

With an incredible life story, from refugee to successful comedian

Travels from New South Wales

Ada Nicodemou - Celebrities

Ada Nicodemou

One of Australia's favourite stars

Travels from New South Wales


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