Anders Sorman-Nilsson

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Determined to change the way we think

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Speaker Topics

  • Digilogue - The Convergence of Digital and Analogue
  • Waves of Change - Three Global Trends Disrupting your Slumber

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Determined about changing the ways we think, Anders Sorman-Nilsson demonstrates how important it is to look at things differently and how perspective can help companies and businesses overcome their challenges.

Anders reminds individuals how critical it is that their thinking correlates with their fast changing surroundings. He explores this idea for every industry and encourages leaders to improve their skills in order to predict the changes and trends the future holds.  Motivating his audience members, Anders works to encourage them to seek out change rather than cower away from it as well as look forward and focus on improvements. 

He is also the founder and creative director of Thinque, which applies the philosophy of forward thinking and the positive effects, spreading it across the globe. 

As a speaker, Anders has presented to some of the largest global companies including Apple, MTV, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, SAP, McCann Erickson, CPA Australia, UTS Business School and Macquarie Bank. He has also authored a book titled ‘Thinque Funky: Upgrade Your Thinking'.  

Sorman-Nilsson can conform his presentation to suit any audience but his main two presentations include:

  • Digilogue – The Convergence of Digital and Analogue - Anders discusses the positive aspects of not going fully digital nor fully analogue but finding a middle ground. He touches on real customer experiences and speaks to audiences openly and honestly about how they can improve their own customer service.
  • Waves of Change – Three Global Trends Disrupting your Slumber - Anders covers how it is important to keep an eye on what the marketplace is doing and how the environment is rapidly changing. He gives insights into the key trends that are already taking place and how to involve them in your company, as well as applicable tools and strategies

Anders Sorman-Nilsson speaks passionately about harnessing change and shifting thinking to better companies and businesses. His unique perspective and different ways of thinking are sure to stay with every audience member long after his presentation has concluded. 

Anders Sorman-Nilsson  - Motivational Speakers

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