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2nd Renaissance: the flourishing of human creativity in the Roaring 20s

The pandemic unleashed the largest human behaviour change program at scale - ever. Technology became our lifeline and the platform for our human connection and creativity. While we were hibernating and re-thinking our humanity, our values, and priorities, machines kept learning. They kept learning to do more of the menial and the mundane, so that us as humans could do more of the meaningful and the humane. The viral circuit breaker combined with technology to ensure both reflective introversion as well as extroversion. We re-discovered our personal and brand purposes, and found new ways to express our humanism. This humanist response echoes the creative explosions during the recovery from previous pandemics like the Spanish Flu and the Black Plague. We are now at the dawn of the 2nd Renaissance.

Digilogue: The Convergence of Digital and Analogue

How to win the digital minds and analogue hearts of tomorrow's customers. As some organisations careen recklessly into the digital future, others are being left behind. Innovative companies are, however, realising there is an important middle ground – the Digilogue. A place where digital and analogue converge.

Seamless: Weaving Digital & Analogue Worlds

Digital adaptation and human transformation. The world is filled with friction. Everywhere we go, we experience the frictive effects of poorly designed "seams". Innovative brands understand that the future of customer service, excellent customer experience, and the creation of raving fans lies in their ability to create seamless transitions between physical and digital channels. In this keynote, Anders explores how we can design frictionless customer experiences where customers can seamlessly navigate between digital and analogue touchpoints using emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality. This presentation will provide you with fascinating case studies and strategies from innovative brands that understand how intelligent technologies can amplify customer service, create compelling customer experiences, remove friction and transform our lives.

Sustainable Futures: innovating a world worth inheriting

The climate clock is ticking. We have less than a decade to act. Sustainability means meeting the needs of today’s generation without compromising the needs of future generations. We now have the green technology to help us boost our productivity while treading more lightly on the planet. There is a good news story in our fight against climate change and it is innovative technology. But sustainability is about more than just the environment - it encompasses ESG - E(nvirontmental), S(ocial) and G(overnance) - or planet, people AND profit - factors which work symbiotically to create companies and cultures which outperform sustainability laggards. There is a Conscious Capitalism movement brewing and the conscious consumer is punishing climate change skeptics. Even Wall St is waking up to the fact that brands who do good are doing well. The smart money is realising that greed is now green.

Waves of Change: Three Global Trends Disrupting your Existence

Having your finger on the pulse of the marketplace has never been more important. We are operating in a turbo-charged environment that waits for no one. Waves of Change is a fascinating 'Did you know?' session covering the three primary forces of change threatening every business. A perfect session to shake off organisational 'change apathy' and prepare your team for what's next. In this keynote, Anders discusses how you can spot the waves, sense the direction of the currents, and establish what it means for your business. This presentation will provide you with the foresight to best position yourself so you're not washed away and build an innovation strategy that disrupts your competitors.

Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Renowned Futurist, Speaker and Author

Anders is a global futurist and innovation strategist who has dedicated himself to helping leaders decode trends, decipher what's next and turn provocative questions into proactive strategies. He is also the founder of Thinque, a trend analysis firm that provides data-based research, foresight and thought leadership assets for various organisations and brands. Anders' consulting firm specialised in developing innovative strategies to expand minds and inspire a change of heart, helping clients win over tomorrow's customers.

Anders has become a highly valued strategist to Fortune 500 companies and ASX leaders. He has worked with global brands across four continents, including ING, Microsoft, Apple, Facebook, McKinsey, Jaguar Land Rover, MINI, Rugby New Zealand, and Lego.

In addition to his work as a renowned futurist, Anders is also an awarded and highly sought-after keynote speaker.  He is an active member of TEDGlobal and has given TEDx keynotes in the US and Australia. An engaging and experienced speaker, Anders was the keynote speaker at the  G20's Y20 Summit in Australia and was nominated for the World Economic Forum's Young Global Leader in 2015. He has also shared the stage with Hillary Clinton, Nobel Laureates, and European and Australian heads of state.

Anders' presentations are meticulously researched and highly energetic, creating an authentic experience by tailoring his content to his audience. His rare ability to translate his research into valuable foresight has clients such as Apple, Cisco, Mercedes Benz, Hilton, SAP, Gartner and Macquarie Bank coming to Anders to help them push beyond their preconceived limits and turn research into foresight and business impact.

Anders has also authored several books, including "Thinque Funky: Upgrade Your Thinking " (2009), "Digilogue: How To Win The Digital Minds And Analogue Hearts Of Tomorrow's Customers" (2013), and "Seamless: A Hero's Journey Of Digital Disruption, Adaptation And Human Transformation" (2017). He has been featured regularly in international media, including Monocle, Business Insider, Sky News Business, Financial Review, CIO Magazine, Boss, Wall Street Journal, BBC, Esquire and ABC TV.

Anders is one of the sharpest young minds available. He is vital to any company looking to place itself into a position of future strength.


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