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Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Travels from: New South Wales

A renowned Global Futurist

Categories: Branding & Marketing, Business Coaching, Business Speakers, Change Management, Communication, Facilitators, Futurists & Future Trends, Innovation, Interesting Ideas, Leadership, MCs & Hosts, Motivational Speakers, Social Media

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Passionate about changing how we think, Anders Sorman-Nilsson reveals how important it is to look at things differently and how perspective can help companies and businesses overcome their challenges.

Reminding audiences the importance of correlating their thinking with the fast-paced environment, Anders explores how seeking out change is a way to move forward. He encourages leaders to improve their skills in order to be able to predict the changes and trends the future holds. 

As founder and creative director of Thinque, Anders works with clients to apply forward thinking philosophies to produce positive effects globally. 

As a speaker, Anders has presented to some of the largest corporations around the globe, including Apple, MTV, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, SAP, McCann Erickson, CPA Australia, UTS Business School and Macquarie Bank. He is also the author of ‘Thinque Funky: Upgrade Your Thinking'.  

With a unique perspective and different way of thinking, Anders speaks passionately about harnessing change and shifting thinking to improve companies and businesses. He ensures his message and take-aways stay with every audience member long after his presentation has concluded. 

Speaker Topics

Digilogue - The Convergence of Digital and Analogue
Anders discusses the positive aspects of not going fully digital nor fully analogue but finding a middle ground. He touches on real customer experiences and speaks to audiences openly and honestly about how they can improve their own customer service.
Future Thinking
The world has changed and it's a little out of whack. Organisations and leaders are struggling to find their bearings, and many feel overwhelmed by the changes they are facing. Globally, tidal waves of new ideas and thought currents are smashing old school thinking to smitherines. You and your leaders need a thinking strategy that is as flexible as a GPS, and that enables you to stay on trend, to adapt with the times, and successfully navigate a constantly shifting business landscape. Are your leaders tuned into, driving and manifesting the latest thinking from across the globe? Is your organisation on trend, or is it likely to be smashed by disruptive innovation? Are your teams able to cope with the changes they are tasked with, or are they still coming to grips with the last change roll-out? Is your salesforce still knocking on doors, making cold calls, and refusing to leverage their efforts in an age of sales innovation? ATTENDEES WILL LEAVE WITH AN UNDERSTANDING OF HOW TO: Spot disruptive trends, feel the underlying currents of change, and position their ideas successfully Create future scenarios and future-proof your company based on their observations and thinking Successfully ride disruptive innovation, generation and communication trends Quote for Enquiry
Waves of Change - Three Global Trends Disrupting your Slumber
Anders covers how it is important to keep an eye on what the marketplace is doing and how the environment is rapidly changing. He gives insights into the key trends that are already taking place and how to involve them in your company, as well as applicable tools and strategies


We recently worked with Anders to help us explore what the future of rugby may look like. We found him to be a very structured thinker, a great facilitator, and committed to driving a good outcome. I’d certainly recommend Anders to any company looking to put itself into a position of future strength.

NZ Rugby

Anders Sorman-Nilsson  - Motivational Speakers

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