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A quality Facilitator can really eek out the best from others, keep things moving and make sure things stay on track. These Facilitators are the experts at doing just that.

This is indeed an art form. One person is required to diplomatically pull together a group discussion and help solve a range of issues from many diverse opinions. Facilitation somewhat needs to be left to the experts. To reach a high level of objectivity requires years of experience to constantly take a neutral position.

However, a facilitation session is a great way for people to get their ideas out and for the facilitator to be able to summarise the best of the group’s ideas and create a successful conclusion.

Keynote Entertainment represents a wide range of facilitators, many of them are household names that you will recognise and we would enjoy the opportunity to facilitate a facilitator for you.

Facilitators Traveling From:

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Travels From-

Rosemary Vilgan - Finance and Investment

Rosemary Vilgan

“2013 Telstra Australian Business Woman of the Year”

Travels from Queensland

Richard Fidler - Facilitators

Richard Fidler

Highly experienced Facilitator and MC ...

Travels from Queensland

Tony Jones - Facilitators

Tony Jones

A Walkley Award-winning Australian television journalist.

Travels from New South Wales

Toby Travanner - Change Management

Toby Travanner

Dynamic, captivating and engaging business speaker

Travels from Victoria

Peter Buckley - Business Speakers

Peter Buckley

Presentation Performance Techniques – Creating the Voice of a Leader

Travels from Queensland

Jim Wilson - Facilitators

Jim Wilson

Two decades of experience in journalism and media - the perfect Host  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Frances Whiting - Facilitators

Frances Whiting

Connects with her audience to provide an uplifting look at life - ...

Travels from Queensland

Jenny Brockie - Facilitators

Jenny Brockie

Jenny Brockie is one of Australia's most gifted and sought after forum ...

Travels from Victoria

Neil Crompton - MCs & Hosts

Neil Crompton

One of Australia’s leading race-car drivers and best-known motor racing personalities, Neil ...

Travels from New South Wales

Jennifer Hansen - MCs & Hosts

Jennifer Hansen

Jennifer is perhaps best known to television audiences as the former co-host ...

Travels from Victoria

Stephanie Bendixsen - MCs & Hosts

Stephanie Bendixsen

Stephanie Bendixsen, also known as Hex, is an Australian video game critic ...

Travels from New South Wales

Matt Doran - MCs & Hosts

Matt Doran

Matt Doran is an award-winning reporter and presenter with Network Ten. He ...

Travels from Victoria

Nathan Strempel - MCs & Hosts

Nathan Strempel

Nathan Strempel is one of Australia’s most engaging and dynamic Master of ...

Travels from New South Wales

Warwick Merry - MCs & Hosts

Warwick Merry

Success in the conference game can be a challenge. The demands are ...

Travels from Victoria

Virginia Trioli - MCs & Hosts

Virginia Trioli

Virginia Trioli is one of Australia’s best-known journalists. With an unwavering reputation ...

Travels from Victoria

Maxine McKew - Facilitators

Maxine McKew

Maxine McKew is an author and Hon Enterprise Professor of the Melbourne ...

Travels from Victoria

Alison Hill - Business Speakers

Alison Hill

Author, speaker, business coach and psychologist

Travels from Queensland

Dr Sally Cockburn - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Sally Cockburn

An expert in sex, relationships, lifestyle and good health

Travels from Victoria

Dr Amantha Imber - Motivational Speakers

Dr Amantha Imber

Innovation psychologist, best-selling author, and founder of innovation consultancy Inventium

Travels from Victoria

Blythe Rowe - Communication

Blythe Rowe

Understand the brain and the importance of relationships 

Travels from New South Wales

Casey Beros

A recognised health journalist, television presenter and content producer

Travels from New South Wales

Verity James - MCs & Hosts

Verity James

One of Perth’s leading television and radio presenters

Travels from Western Australia

Karen Tighe

 A regular face and voice of ABC TV and radio

Travels from Western Australia

Professor Helen Chenery - Education Speakers

Professor Helen Chenery

A strong advocate for gender equality and innovation in the workplace

Travels from Queensland

Abbey Gelmi - MCs & Hosts

Abbey Gelmi

A presenter, host and MC looking to inject fun into events

Travels from New South Wales

Jamie Fitzgerald - Motivational Speakers

Jamie Fitzgerald

Learn how to reach objectives whilst dealing with uncertainty

Travels from New Zealand

Nic Yates - MCs & Hosts

Nic Yates

An MC, facilitator, producer, creative writer, talent manager and problem solver

Travels from Victoria

Tracey Currie - Education Speakers

Tracey Currie

Hear from a women that is changing the health sector

Travels from Victoria

Fiona Redding - Motivational Speakers

Fiona Redding

Prepare to feel motivated to create changes in your life

Travels from Victoria

Julie McCrossin - Facilitators

Julie McCrossin

An experienced broadcaster and fantastic host or facilitator for any event.  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Al Jeffery - Communication

Al Jeffery

Find your purpose and create a life of meaning

Travels from Victoria

Darryl Blake - Customer Service

Darryl Blake

Develop the people side of your business

Travels from Queensland

Colin James - Business Coaching

Colin James

One of Australia's leading coporate speakers, eductaors and facilitators

Travels from New South Wales

Amanda Millar - Facilitators

Amanda Millar

A multi-award winning investigative journalist

Travels from New Zealand

Sue - Women in Business

Sue Lindsay

Award-winning businesswoman and inspirational business leader

Travels from New Zealand

Andrea Burns - MCs & Hosts

Andrea Burns

An award winning journalist and accomplished presenter 

Travels from Western Australia

Kevin Lawrence - Change Management

Kevin Lawrence

Make your business life easier with simple, applicable tools

Travels from Canada

Kris Smith - MCs & Hosts

Kris Smith

Presenter, MC, ambassador and former rugby player

Travels from Victoria

Mike House - Facilitators

Mike House

Learn how to thrive in any situation

Travels from Western Australia

Kim Adams - Facilitators

Kim Adams

Discover how to lead authentically and create positive choices

Travels from Queensland

James Adonis - Motivational Speakers

James Adonis

Motivational speaker specialising in employee engagement and team leader education

Travels from New South Wales

Blake Beattie - Change Management

Blake Beattie

Delivering practical strategies that will have an impact

Travels from New South Wales

Andrew Bayly - Communication

Andrew Bayly

Highly versatile facilitator and trainer

Travels from Victoria

Tracey Curro - MCs & Hosts

Tracey Curro

A highly experience corporate moderator, facilitator and MC 

Travels from Victoria

Ange Anderson - Facilitators

Ange Anderson

Personable and credible, Ange is a capable presenter, journalist and MC

Travels from Queensland

Andrew Patterson - Facilitators

Andrew Patterson

A passionate business commentator and avid speaker

Travels from New Zealand

Jennifer Hewett - Facilitators

Jennifer Hewett

Journalist and National Affairs Columnist for The Australian Financial Review

Travels from New South Wales

Richard Champion  - Sports Heroes

Richard Champion

Uses his experience as a media personality and athlete

Travels from Queensland

Anders Sorman-Nilsson  - Motivational Speakers

Anders Sorman-Nilsson

Determined to change the way we think

Travels from New South Wales

Marty Wilson - Communication

Marty Wilson

Change Management Speaker, Trainer, Author, former Australian Comic of the Year

Travels from Queensland

Josie Thomson - Business Coaching

Josie Thomson

Coach, speaker, trainer, business owner and author

Travels from Queensland

Deborah Wilson - Facilitators

Deborah Wilson

Career Architect, Change Manager and Industry Leader. 

Travels from Queensland

Jillian Whiting - Facilitators

Jillian Whiting

A well-known and highly respected journalist 

Travels from Queensland

Darren Isenberg - MCs & Hosts

Darren Isenberg

Bringing personality to any event so everyone enjoys their experience

Travels from New South Wales

Karen Phillips - Change Management

Karen Phillips

Professional speaker and innovation facilitator

Travels from Queensland

Mike van Acker - Comedians

Mike van Acker

A fixture on the Australian Comedy Circuit

Travels from Queensland

Lynne Schinella - Communication

Lynne Schinella

A strategic communications expert delivering results

Travels from Queensland

Clint Paddison - MCs & Hosts

Clint Paddison

A corporate comedy expert 

Travels from New South Wales

Tim Ellis - Facilitators

Tim Ellis

One of Australia's Funniest and Greatest Magicians

Travels from Victoria

Scott Williams - MCs & Hosts

Scott Williams

An important message loaded with laughter

Travels from Queensland

Rachael Pickworth - Women in Business

Rachael Pickworth

A consummate facilitator and business coach

Travels from New South Wales

Peter Thurin - Motivational Speakers

Peter Thurin

Learn how to achieve your own Blackbelt in Excellence

Travels from Victoria

Nils Vesk - Futurists & Future Trends

Nils Vesk

Described as an 'Innovation Architect', Nils helps to achieve rapid business growth.  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Michael Pascoe - Economists

Michael Pascoe

An entertaining and informative speaker on finance, economics and politics

Travels from New South Wales

Mary Maddock - Change Management

Mary Maddock

Uncover alternatives and reveal new ways to better solutions 

Travels from Victoria

Marty Switzer - Business Coaching

Marty Switzer

An expert on financial, business and economy matters

Travels from New South Wales

Jennifer Thethewey - Facilitators

Jennifer Thethewey

Motivates audiences to face challenges and embrace change

Travels from Victoria

Jen Dalitz - Facilitators

Jen Dalitz

Discover how men and women can ride the Gender Intelligence wave to ...

Travels from New South Wales

Graeme Bowman - Comedians

Graeme Bowman

Speaker, MC, Comedian and Facilitator

Travels from Victoria

Anthony Laye - Motivational Speakers

Anthony Laye

Behaviour Expert / Mentalist / Speaker Learn the importance and power of human ...

Travels from Queensland

Alan Patching - Facilitators

Alan Patching

Learn the principles you need to adopt to achieve

Travels from Queensland


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