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Interesting Ideas

So you just want something a little different. Something out of the box. Something they're really not expecting.

Take a look at these acts and you'll really get people talking!

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Luke Ross - Motivational Speakers

Luke Ross

Luke is a Registered Psychologist, who has 22 years’ experience as an ...

Travels from Victoria

Professor Sohail Inayatullah  - Futurists & Future Trends

Professor Sohail Inayatullah

Professor Sohail Inayatullah has been writing in the area of future studies ...

Travels from Queensland

Japanese Drumming - Interesting Ideas

Japanese Drumming

A visual fusion of new approaches to drumming, indigenous songs, sharp melodic ...

Travels from New South Wales

Frances Whiting - Facilitators

Frances Whiting

Connects with her audience to provide an uplifting look at life - ...

Travels from Queensland

Tim Wilson - Communication

Tim Wilson

International Public Policy Analyst, Media Commentator and Presenter

Travels from Victoria

Marty Fields - Comedians

Marty Fields

Well recognized from his five years on Hey Hey it's Saturday, The ...

Travels from Victoria

Opera By Disguise - Feature Acts

Opera By Disguise

A great opener to your event and interesting surprise to an event  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Luke Kennedy - Feature Acts

Luke Kennedy

Musical Theatre Principal, Recording Artist, Entertainer and star of The Voice  ...

Travels from New South Wales


Ryan 'The Brickman' McNaught

Creating incredible pieces of art from LEGO® 

Travels from Victoria

Kieran Flanagan - NEW Online Presentation - Change Management

Kieran Flanagan - NEW Online Presentation

Resilience is a creative skill- and you need it right now!

Travels from New South Wales

Adam Ferrier - Branding & Marketing

Adam Ferrier

Build a better, more distinctive, more valuable business or brand

Travels from Victoria

Susan Greenfield - Leadership

Susan Greenfield

One of the world’s leading authorities in neuroscience

Travels from United Kingdom

Malcolm Gladwell - Interesting Ideas

Malcolm Gladwell

A highly respected journalist and author

Travels from United States

Vospertron - After Dinner Entertainers


Communicate with technology, style and dance

Travels from New Zealand

Kristy Sellars  - After Dinner Entertainers

Kristy Sellars

Australia's Got Talent 2019 Champion Pole Artist and Choreographer

Travels from Victoria

Mitch Tambo - After Dinner Entertainers

Mitch Tambo

Blending traditional sounds and language with modern contemporary beats and rhythms

Travels from Victoria

Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas - Motivational Speakers

Dr Jess Melbourne-Thomas

2020 TAS Australian of the Year

Travels from Tasmania

Jamie Woodruff - Futurists & Future Trends

Jamie Woodruff

Hear from the man who hacked Facebook, Google and Kim Kardashian

Travels from United Kingdom

Dave Franklin - MCs & Hosts

Dave Franklin

One of the nation's favourite landscapers

Travels from Victoria

Kaley Chu - Motivational Speakers

Kaley Chu

Author, speaker, people connector and Business Development Manager

Travels from Victoria

Estelle Blackburn  - Motivational Speakers

Estelle Blackburn

Walkley Award winning investigative journalist, justice campaigner and author

Travels from Western Australia

Yossi Ghinsberg - Adventure & Challenge

Yossi Ghinsberg

A master storyteller with an epic story to share

Travels from Queensland

Jacquie Hayes - Women in Business

Jacquie Hayes

Energetic speaker specialising in the mind of the high-net worth female consumer ...

Travels from Victoria

Clem Newton-Brown - Futurists & Future Trends

Clem Newton-Brown

The future will be here sooner than you think

Travels from Victoria

Jamila Gordon - Motivational Speakers

Jamila Gordon

One of Australia’s most respected digital and technology leaders

Travels from New South Wales

Steuart Snooks - Innovation

Steuart Snooks

Gain control of your email from an Email and Workplace Productivity Expert ...

Travels from Victoria

Danielle Weber - Motivational Speakers

Danielle Weber

An Australian artist, with a passion and love for her craft  ...

Travels from Victoria

Steve Wozniak - Innovation

Steve Wozniak

Best known as the co-founder of Apple Computer

Travels from United States

Penny Locaso - Innovation

Penny Locaso

The World's First Happiness Hacker on a mission to future-proof happiness

Travels from Victoria

Dr Jane Goodall - Interesting Ideas

Dr Jane Goodall

The world’s leading primatologist, Dr. Goodall redefined traditional conservation.

Travels from United Kingdom

Samuel Hinton - Education Speakers

Samuel Hinton

Bringing his passion for science and space to audiences

Travels from Queensland

Anthony Scott - MCs & Hosts

Anthony Scott

An active member of the landscape industry over the last 25 years

Travels from Victoria

Nina Hobson - Interesting Ideas

Nina Hobson

Motivating and inspiring audiences with an incredible story

Travels from Western Australia

Peter Merrett - Interesting Ideas

Peter Merrett

Gain the tools to rediscover creativity and learn business secrets 

Travels from New South Wales

Elly Johnson - Communication

Elly Johnson

Communications Specialist and Authority on Evaluating Truthfulness and Credibility 

Travels from New South Wales

Dr Tim Sharp - Health & Lifestyle

Dr Tim Sharp

A highly regarded speaker on mental health and happiness

Travels from New South Wales

Michael Fearne - Team Building

Michael Fearne

Use Lego to induce creativity and productivity!

Travels from Victoria

Rob Pyne - Most Popular

Rob Pyne

Fascinated by the way we think and make decisions 

Travels from New South Wales

Tenors Undercover - Feature Acts

Tenors Undercover

Create an unexpected grand performance

Travels from New South Wales

Clary Castrission - Motivational Speakers

Clary Castrission

Founder of 40K where he works to change the lives of those living ...

Travels from New South Wales

Justine Flynn - Branding & Marketing

Justine Flynn

Co-founder and Directer of Brand and People at Thankyou

Travels from Victoria

Tom Panos - Business Speakers

Tom Panos

Real Estate Coach who teaches audiences how to attract business 

Travels from New South Wales

Phoenix - Feature Acts


An entertaining and enthralling show that is full of surprises

Travels from New South Wales

Alex Pirouz  - Branding & Marketing

Alex Pirouz

Learn from an expert in LinkedIn

Travels from Victoria

Daniel Flynn - Branding & Marketing

Daniel Flynn

A motivational speaker with a passion for helping those less fortunate

Travels from Victoria

Josh Norbido - Comedians

Josh Norbido

A modern and innovative performer with a passion for magic 

Travels from Queensland

Peter Maddison - Innovation

Peter Maddison

Graduating with a Bachelor in Architecture in 1982, Peter Maddison's career has ...

Travels from Victoria

Leonie McKeon - Leadership

Leonie McKeon

Learn to navigate complex markets using ancient Chinese negotiating skills

Travels from South Australia

Liam Power - After Dinner Entertainers

Liam Power

Magic can seduce anyone, anywhere

Travels from New South Wales

Andrew Winter - Sales

Andrew Winter

An excellent host, MC or real estate speaker.

Travels from Queensland

Dominic Thurbon - Change Management

Dominic Thurbon

Discover the ultimate formula for driving innovation, collaboration and behaviour change ...

Travels from New South Wales

Chris Riddell - Futurists & Future Trends

Chris Riddell

A renowned strategist and trend spotter for businesses and leaders

Travels from Victoria

Katharina Kuehn - Futurists & Future Trends

Katharina Kuehn

Neuroscientist, strategist, author and speaker

Travels from New South Wales

Pete Blasina - Futurists & Future Trends

Pete Blasina

Learn about the changes occuring in technology and innovation

Travels from New South Wales

Trevor Long - Social Media

Trevor Long

The go-to-guy for technology news, trends, insight and information

Travels from New South Wales

David Leaney - Customer Service

David Leaney

'The 5 Year Futurist'

Travels from ACT

Adam Franklin  - Business Speakers

Adam Franklin

An entrepreneur, marketer, author and business owner

Travels from New South Wales

Dr Seamus Phan - Leadership

Dr Seamus Phan

Providing in-depth knowledge on marketing, sales and customer service

Travels from Singapore

Justin Baird - Futurists & Future Trends

Justin Baird

Learn about the futures of digital, media and marketing 

Travels from New South Wales

Stuart Atkins - Business Speakers

Stuart Atkins

Futurism, Tech trends, Innovation, Disruption, Social Media & Sales Strategy

Travels from Victoria

David Irvine AO - Business Speakers

David Irvine AO

“Companies can thrive if they pay attention to their surrounding circumstance”

Travels from ACT

Darryl Blake - Customer Service

Darryl Blake

Develop the people side of your business

Travels from Queensland

Dr Nicholas Gruen - Innovation

Dr Nicholas Gruen

Policy economist, entrepreneur and thought leader

Travels from Victoria

Anni Macbeth - Economists

Anni Macbeth

Learn how to adapt to the change that is coming

Travels from Western Australia

Dr Keith Suter - Leadership

Dr Keith Suter

 A highly experienced, professional and awarded presenter of ideas

Travels from New South Wales

Anders Sorman-Nilsson  - Motivational Speakers

Anders Sorman-Nilsson

A renowned Global Futurist

Travels from New South Wales

Marty Wilson - Communication

Marty Wilson

Change Management Speaker, Trainer, Author, former Australian Comic of the Year

Travels from Queensland

Robbi Mack - Motivational Speakers

Robbi Mack

Connect to transform lives, connect with what is truely important

Travels from New South Wales

TaikOz - After Dinner Entertainers


Australia's only professional Japanese taiko drumming group 

Travels from New South Wales

James BuSTAR - After Dinner Entertainers

James BuSTAR

He's taken the business of laughter seriously!

Travels from New South Wales

Sarah Jones - Comedians

Sarah Jones

A talented ventriloquist comedian

Travels from Victoria

Dr Paul Twomey - Innovation

Dr Paul Twomey

Growing global internet and technology-businesses

Travels from New South Wales

Monte Huebsche - Business Coaching

Monte Huebsche

CEO of AussieWeb Local Search and AussieWeb Conversion

Travels from Queensland

Matt Barrie - Innovation

Matt Barrie

Award winning entrepreneur, technologist and lecturer

Travels from New South Wales

Alison Hill - Business Speakers

Alison Hill

Author, speaker, business coach and psychologist

Travels from Queensland

Darren Hill - Innovation

Darren Hill

Offering culture change programs and advice that is shifting business

Travels from Queensland

Kieran Flanagan - Branding & Marketing

Kieran Flanagan

The Business of Human Behaviour

Travels from New South Wales

Dr Ross Honeywill  - Business Speakers

Dr Ross Honeywill

Revealing startling new insights into the social and consumer changes

Travels from Tasmania

Dr Clio Cresswell - Futurists & Future Trends

Dr Clio Cresswell

Inspiring audiences to view what they do in a positive manner

Travels from New South Wales

Colin James - Business Coaching

Colin James

One of Australia's leading coporate speakers, eductaors and facilitators

Travels from New South Wales

Darren Isenberg - MCs & Hosts

Darren Isenberg

Bringing personality to any event so everyone enjoys their experience

Travels from New South Wales

Susan McLean - Social Media

Susan McLean

Australia's expert in cyber safety

Travels from Victoria

Laser Funk - After Dinner Entertainers

Laser Funk

Combining music with laser effects and costumes

Travels from Victoria

String Diva - After Dinner Entertainers

String Diva

Combining Violin and Voice to produce an unforgettable performance 

Travels from New South Wales

Strings On Fire - After Dinner Entertainers

Strings On Fire

Australia’s ultimate string act

Travels from New South Wales

Jane Mara - Business Coaching

Jane Mara

Author, researcher, leadership trainer and executive coach 

Travels from New South Wales

Claire Madden - Futurists & Future Trends

Claire Madden

In demand for identifying emerging trends and effective responses

Travels from New South Wales

MusoMagic - Team Building


An interactive workshop that encourages communication and trust

Travels from Victoria

Lynne Schinella - Communication

Lynne Schinella

A strategic communications expert delivering results

Travels from Queensland

Waleed Aly - MCs & Hosts

Waleed Aly

A passionate broadcaster, suthor, academic and musician 

Travels from Victoria

Tim Ellis - Facilitators

Tim Ellis

One of Australia's Funniest and Greatest Magicians

Travels from Victoria

The Tap Pack - Feature Acts

The Tap Pack

Dynamic and unique feature acts with a touch of style

Travels from Victoria

Scott Williams - MCs & Hosts

Scott Williams

An important message loaded with laughter

Travels from Queensland

Paul Huschilt - Comedians

Paul Huschilt

A closing experience like no other.

Travels from Canada

Nils Vesk - Futurists & Future Trends

Nils Vesk

Described as an 'Innovation Architect', Nils helps to achieve rapid business growth. ...

Travels from New South Wales

Nigel - After Dinner Entertainers


The memory guy that can remember hundreds of guests names

Travels from Queensland

Jay Jay - MCs & Hosts

Jay Jay

Amazing New Age Magician

Travels from New South Wales

Dr Simon Longstaff - Business Coaching

Dr Simon Longstaff

Encourages and contributes discussion of ethical questions

Travels from New South Wales

Dr Amantha Imber - Motivational Speakers

Dr Amantha Imber

Innovation psychologist, best-selling author, and founder of innovation consultancy Inventium

Travels from Victoria

Cosentino - Feature Acts


A sensational showman and entertainment spectacular, runner up of Australia's Got Talent ...

Travels from Victoria

Brad Blaze - After Dinner Entertainers

Brad Blaze

A world-renowned artist and entertainer, who combines talent with showmanship.

Travels from New South Wales

Blythe Rowe - Communication

Blythe Rowe

Understand the brain and the importance of relationships 

Travels from New South Wales

Afterburner - Motivational Speakers


Learn flawless execution by real air force fighter pilots!

Travels from New South Wales


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