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Travels from: New South Wales

An entertaining and enthralling show that is full of surprises

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Full Presenter Profile & Bio

High profile corporate entertainer, Phoenix, is known as Australia's TV Mentalist & Hypnotist, having performed many times on LIVE national television shows, including the Today Show, Studio 10 & the Morning Show.

He has advised on set of blockbuster Hollywood movies, training A-list celebrities in his craft, and received a standing ovation from audience & judges for his stunning water tank escape on Australia's Got Talent.

After receiving 5 star reviews for his 2 award winning shows at the 2015 Adelaide Fringe, Phoenix won his 2nd consecutive award from the 2015 Melbourne Magic Festival!

He now headlines the world's largest international cruise lines, as well as the world's only 6 star luxury cruise theatres with his unique and mind-blowing performances. But what is lesser known is that his start came from the studies of psychological mind reading at the young age of 8, when he discovered his father’s book on body language reading techniques!

With these many years of experience, Phoenix has created a masterpiece portfolio of award winning shows specifically tailored to and designed for individual audience platforms, with his specialty being corporate events.

Not many entertainers can truly 'WOW' a corporate audience, and even less have such a high rate of turning sceptics into astounded believers. When it comes to booking an event, Phoenix presents a variety of options for all clientele to deliver the perfect entertainment experience for any event; including corporate workshops, weddings, private events, and more..  

A selection of the most popular Phoenix show and workshop options are: 

“PSYCHE!” – Multi-Award Winning Mentalist Show

You know those rare and unique movies that are full of twists and turns, with the most thrilling reveal at the end, being completely not what you expected, that you just didn’t see coming? Well Psyche! is just that – except in a LIVE stage show! Psyche! is full of astounding stunts, blurring the line of what is possible or not. With moments of humour, and incredible mind reading, revealing details of which could simply not have been known by leading Mentalist Phoenix. Psyche! comes in two different formats, one version ends with the final twist, & the other version includes the incredible water tank escape finale, one final sucker punch to slam your mind while it’s still trying to comprehend “HOW” Phoenix had done what he had just done! There’s a very good reason that this show has won awards two consecutive years running as well as receiving 4 & 5 star reviews from some of the toughest critics!

“MIND GAMES” – 100% Clean, 100% FUNNY Stage Hypnosis show

Every good mentalist should have both & history of, & strong understanding of hypnosis. Phoenix has trained with some of the world’s most renowned hypnotist’s both in Australia & as well as Las Vegas, & was mentored & trained by some of the UK’s top hypnotists. Phoenix will often include a little hypnosis during his roving performances if requested by guests. Conversely, you can book his stage hypnosis show for a better glance into this mysterious world & see the hilarity that ensues. Phoenix has strong performance ethics, so if you are looking for routines to truly humiliate your guests or attendees, then this is not the show for you. HOWEVER, if you want a smut free evening of hilarity & wonder, then you are at the right place!  Immense fun is most certainly still achieved, whilst caring for the stars of the show. Phoenix uses several methods, but none is truly as astounding as the speed of his instantaneous induction, which is less than 10 seconds in most cases & simply has to be seen to be believed. Phoenix has headlined his Comedy Stage Hypnosis show internationally, from the world’s largest cruise lines, to Las Vegas.


Advanced psychological entertainment meets hilarious audience participation in this master show piece by Australia’s leading Mentalist! If your event has a particular theme, or slogan, be sure to mention it when enquiring about Phoenix’s shows as he may be able to integrate it into the show.Show duration: 30 – 45 minutes

Note:​ These cabaret stage shows are Phoenix’s most popular shows as they are cost effective, astounding, easy to set up & pack down, & although any good lighting will greatly benefit any show, this show can be performed with fairly basic lighting.

CAN YOU BEAT THE CASINO? The ultimate in corporate Casino themed shows!

Perfect for corporate Casino themed shows & events – This is Australia’s only truly “Casino” themed show. “BANNED!” is an incredible show available in two forms, the Solo show, or the Full Vegas experience.

The “BANNED!” Solo Show:

is 30-45 minutes of mind-blowing casino themed routines, answering one of the most popular questions – “Are you banned from casino’s?”. Audience members join in the fun on stage with Phoenix as he demonstrates his ability to use his powers as one of the world’s top mentalists to beat the casino at their own game. This show includes audience participation, comedy, casino themed routines, & even a chance to beat Phoenix with a cash reward!

The “BANNED!” Full Vegas Experience:

is 45-50 minutes including much of the solo show, as well as show girls, and finishing in a thrilling escape, direct from the stages of Las Vegas – Phoenix’s signature Water Tank Escape finale. This show has it all, the glitz, glamour thrills, and hustles of the world’s greatest casinos! “CASINO”:
the gorgeous Cabaret/Burlesque group The Darling Diamond Dolls and their lead vocalist Miss Becky Vee Verrier, & guest starring Phoenix. If you are looking for a mix of dazzling cabaret showgirl and burlesque dance routines, powerful vocals and a touch of casino themed mentalist and illusion routines, then this is the show for you.

Casino skills?

Phoenix was chosen above all magicians to advise on the set of & train the main cast of “XMEN Origins: Wolverine” in magic & card work for the casino scene. Phoenix also headlines most major cruise lines globally & has appeared on various Australian & international prime time television shows! Secure your booking with him before Las Vegas Snatches him up for good & get “BANNED!”, the ultimate in corporate casino themed shows.


The perfect subtle entertainment from cocktail parties to large functions… Roving magic is highly visual close up magic that occurs right in front of your guests’ eyes & sometimes even in their own hands, combined with the most astounding mind reading that has to be seen to be believed!

This form of magical entertainment is perfect as an ice breaker at any event, or as a subtle main feature in any entertainment line-up. Phoenix combines the art of mentalism (mind reading, body language reading, hypnosis, influence & more) with the classics such as comical pick-pocketing, vanishes & disappearances, & of course card work, of which he was contracted as trainer & advisor to “Gambit” for the 2009 blockbuster movie “XMEN ORIGINS: Wolverine”. Roving Magic is performed in hourly blocks & can be combined with either 10 minutes or the full 30 minutes of the Mind, Magic & Comedy Show, or Mentalist Show as a main piece or segue into speeches at an event.

On average, a roving magician can entertain approximately 70 guests per hour, & roving magicians work in hourly blocks. This subtle, yet astounding form of entertainment will ensure success & will have your guests talking about your event for many years to come. Phoenix has performed some of his roving magic & mind reading on live TV, & celebrity events, as well as an abundance of high profile corporate events. The routines are clean, professional, and absolutely mid-boggling.


Whether it’s getting your product or image into media such as newspapers & TV news stories quickly, or creating an unforgettable start to a conference by having the CEO appear on stage, the best method is to use Phoenix. There are countless ways & stunts that can be performed to grab the right media attention to bring publicity to your product or PR personality. Phoenix is capable of presenting you or your product in the perfect light, in an astounding way. Due to the discretion of clients’ requirements for original brand promotion & publicity, we wont list too many, however, below are a couple of examples of how products can be the subject of media attention:

  • Appearance of car: new car models or motor sport racing event.
  • Blind folded drive on race track: new car models or motor sport racing event.
  • Mentalism Stunts: sporting personalities (without giving away routines).
  • Make a CEO appear on stage: business conferences.
  • Top staff both appear at same time: conference or TVC.
  • Underwater Escapes: bottled water promotion/marine park stunt.

Phoenix will assess the product, or celebrity personality & come up with the perfect PR stunt to bring maximum gain & brand awareness.


Have you ever wished you could read someone’s mind, or at least know how they were feeling about you or what you are saying? Imagine being able to know signs of deception. We all are skilled liars, everybody lies, whether it is an “insignificant” white lie, or the cover up of an ugly truth, we all lie... and that’s the truth. Simple body language gestures is not enough A reader has to be able to competently look for multiple signals at once, combinations that strongly suggest a deception, or emotion revelation of some sort. It is said that 90% of communication between humans in non-verbal. The usefulness of this art knows no bounds, be it your personal life, or work relations, sales or friendships, this information is invaluable. This workshop covers what to look for, how to catch a lie, how to change a mood by changing body language & not only what to read, but what to not misread.

Corporate Memory Training Workshop

Where did I leave the keys?
What was that person’s name?
What was I going to say?

WHAT IF you never had to go through this again?

This Memory Training Workshop runs for one hour & at the completion of this corporate workshop, not only will attendees know how to improve their memory easily, & methodically, but they will be able to retain far more information than they had been able to before walking into the session.

The workshop covers the difference between “Committed” & “Non-committed memory”, and how to train one to naturally improve the other. Attendees will actually experience the difference during the workshop as they take part in the methods and systems used. This workshop also includes a demonstration of advanced memory technique that will inspire & impress any audience. We cover & demonstrate how to use one’s committed memory ability by changing the processes we use to remember details & how doing this will improve memory overall. Anyone can do this workshop, it has been trailed & tested with all ages, from children through to a 90 year olds! All of whom had astoundingly positive results! This workshop, while educational, will have attendees trying to methods during the course of the lecture & demonstrating their instant success.

Instant Rapport Workshop

What is it that makes people like you? Is it as simple as a smile? Is it your ability to listen? Would you like to manage people who respect you & WANT to please you because of the person you are?

One key to influence is having people respect you. Getting along with others will improve your life dramatically. People will want to be around you, those who work for you will appreciate you. Your friends will speak highly of you & you can be respected by all… if you are willing to make the change. These changes can be as simple as the rate of which you speak, & as in depth as how you interact. All of these skills can be improved when you know techniques on how to build rapport and learn the art of friendly persuasion. This workshop covers obtaining instant rapport when meeting people for the first time, to the seemingly difficult task of changing someone’s opinion of you for the better. For those in sales, expect your sales to rise, & business relationships to grow. For those handling complaints, expect annoyed customers to suddenly calm & reason with you, & for everybody, expect nearly everyone you meet & apply these rules to, to walk away from meeting you with a high regard & hope to see you again soon. Workshop duration: 1 hour.


I am... BLOWN AWAY!... Just.. HOW?!?!?! Thank you SO much! The show was incredible, and our CEO wants you onboard permanently!

Coca Cola Amatil

Thank you SO much, your show was amazing, everyone loved it! It was just what we needed! We will look to bring you ack again in the future!


Fitzy: There's the same old thing mentalists try and do, but Phoenix is REALLY good ... Wippa, he is amazing...

Fitzy & Wippa Show, Nova 969


Hugh Jackman 

I guarantee you will leave thinking 'how the '*%#&' did he do that?

The Weekender

Phoenix - Feature Acts

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