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After Dinner Entertainers

After Dinner Speakers & Entertainers

'After dinner' speakers and entertainers have the toughest job of the night, as they have to cover all bases!  If you're looking for somebody who's compelling, interesting, funny, engaging, or relevant, you'll find your ideal entertainer on this list.

There is nothing like a great story form an after dinner speaker or a good laugh from a stand up comedian at an evening event, it can put a smile on a face that lasts right through to the next day and make staff or clients appreciate you more.

Also, Keynote Entertainment can also arrange keynote speakers, motivational speakers for your event.

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The Baker Boys Band - Dance Bands

The Baker Boys Band

A premium 3-14 man band that are specialists in high-energy music

Travels from Victoria

Glen Rhodes - After Dinner Entertainers

Glen Rhodes

Magician & Entertainer

Travels from Queensland

Sam Powers - Feature Acts

Sam Powers

With a signature and unique style, Sam Powers is a contemporary illusionist ...

Travels from New South Wales

Tommy Little - Comedians

Tommy Little

Labelled "The Future Of Funny"

Travels from Victoria

'100% Kylie'

A fantastic night’s entertainment

Travels from Victoria

Redfusion ft ROMY - After Dinner Entertainers

Redfusion ft ROMY

Combining the skills of top musicians with powerful vocals

Travels from Queensland

Midnight Groove - Dance Bands

Midnight Groove

Setting the mood to cater for your individual themes

Travels from Queensland

Nick Kay - MCs & Hosts

Nick Kay

Skilled in the art of illusions, mentalism and sleight of hand

Travels from Victoria

Sydney Ensemble String Quartet - After Dinner Entertainers

Sydney Ensemble String Quartet

A leading music string ensemble 

Travels from New South Wales

The Gatsby Strutters Jazz Band - After Dinner Entertainers

The Gatsby Strutters Jazz Band

Capturing the spirit and energy of the roaring twenties

Travels from Canada

Groove Music - Dance Bands

Groove Music

Offering a performance that suits any event and audience 

Travels from Queensland

JGeeks Dance Group - Feature Acts

JGeeks Dance Group

Sharing the Maori culture

Travels from New Zealand

EQUALS - Feature Acts


Contemporary and diverse dance group aiming to increase acceptance 

Travels from Queensland

SWAY DUO - Dance Bands


Wowing audiences and creating the perfect atmosphere 

Travels from Queensland

Richard Champion  - Sports Heroes

Richard Champion

Uses his experience as a media personality and athlete

Travels from Queensland

Groove Inc. - Dance Bands

Groove Inc.

Groove Inc. – You can’t sit down!

Travels from Queensland

Fun House - After Dinner Entertainers

Fun House

Playing music from all genres to entertain every audience member 

Travels from Queensland

Dr Groove - Dance Bands

Dr Groove

Dynamic entertainment from dinner to dance 

Travels from Queensland

Honey - Dance Bands


Wowing audiences with impeccable vocals, choreograohy and costumes

Travels from Queensland

Ben Bradshaw - After Dinner Entertainers

Ben Bradshaw

The ultimate 21st century magician taking Australian audiences by storm!

Travels from Queensland

Wacky Xmas - After Dinner Entertainers

Wacky Xmas

Get into the Xmas spirit this festive season

Travels from Victoria

Tim Ellis - Facilitators

Tim Ellis

One of Australia's Funniest and Greatest Magicians

Travels from Victoria

Emma Lancaster Trio - Dance Bands

Emma Lancaster Trio

Combining vocal, DJ, sax and guitar to produce incredible music

Travels from Queensland

Elevation - Dance Bands


A top entertainment band that covers every style of music 

Travels from Queensland

Jess & Chris - After Dinner Entertainers

Jess & Chris

Keep the good vibes going for any occasion

Travels from Western Australia

Nick Cody - Comedians

Nick Cody

“Nick Cody is a revelation.” ★★★★

Travels from Victoria

Mike Whitney - After Dinner Entertainers

Mike Whitney

  Mike Whitney has an innate talent for communicating and holding people's attention. ...

Travels from New South Wales

Vinh Giang  - Motivational Speakers

Vinh Giang

Business. Magic, Motivational 

Travels from Available Nationally

Radio Star - Dance Bands

Radio Star

In demand four piece cover band

Travels from Victoria

Paulini - Recording Artists


One of the finest vocalists and performers to come out of Australia ...

Travels from New South Wales

Jeff Green - NEW Online Presentation - Change Management

Jeff Green - NEW Online Presentation

The Funny Thing About Happiness

Travels from Victoria

Anthony Laye - NEW Online Presentation - Change Management

Anthony Laye - NEW Online Presentation

Connected Communication: How To Create Rapport And Build Trust In A Digital ...

Travels from Queensland

Smooth Ops - Dance Bands

Smooth Ops

Ensuring that the musical side of the night goes off without a hitch! ...

Travels from ACT

Johnny Balance - After Dinner Entertainers

Johnny Balance

​A magician, a juggler, a record breaking balancer and an MC.  ...

Travels from Victoria

Wobbly Waiters - After Dinner Entertainers

Wobbly Waiters

These Waiters are not as they appear

Travels from Victoria

Vospertron - After Dinner Entertainers


Communicate with technology, style and dance

Travels from New Zealand

Kristy Sellars  - After Dinner Entertainers

Kristy Sellars

Australia's Got Talent 2019 Champion Pole Artist and Choreographer

Travels from Victoria

Mitch Tambo - After Dinner Entertainers

Mitch Tambo

Blending traditional sounds and language with modern contemporary beats and rhythms

Travels from Victoria

Wayne Shapiro - MCs & Hosts

Wayne Shapiro

Corporate Quiz Host & MC

Travels from New South Wales

Platinum - Dance Bands


One of Australia’s most established and well respected corporate event bands ...

Travels from Victoria

Sam Ludeman - After Dinner Entertainers

Sam Ludeman

A musical force to be reckoned with

Travels from Victoria

Martin Ralph - After Dinner Entertainers

Martin Ralph

When rare skills, mad science and friendly comedy collide.

Travels from Victoria

Swipe Right - Dance Bands

Swipe Right

Melbourne's hottest and most sought after Top 40 corporate cover band

Travels from Victoria

The Veronicas - After Dinner Entertainers

The Veronicas

An Australian singer/songwirter duo made up of twin sisters, Jess and Lisa ...

Travels from Victoria

Euan Doidge - After Dinner Entertainers

Euan Doidge

Stage performer with exceptional vocal skills

Travels from Victoria

Rachael Beck - MCs & Hosts

Rachael Beck

Multi-faceted, award winning powerhouse whose talents span both stage and screen

Travels from New South Wales

Bobby Fox - After Dinner Entertainers

Bobby Fox

A captivating live performer and an in demand corporate and event entertainer ...

Travels from Victoria

Josh Piterman - After Dinner Entertainers

Josh Piterman

An award winning performer on stage, screen and as a recording artist ...

Travels from Victoria

Dom Chambers - Feature Acts

Dom Chambers

An internationally award-winning magician, with a few tricks up his sleeve

Travels from Victoria

Wilbur Wilde - After Dinner Entertainers

Wilbur Wilde

One of the funniest and talented performers

Travels from Victoria

Isaac Lomman - After Dinner Entertainers

Isaac Lomman

A comedy stage hypnotist creating stars out of audience members 

Travels from South Australia

Melting Beats - After Dinner Entertainers

Melting Beats

A new, vibrant and innovative live band 

Travels from Western Australia

Nicholas J. Johnson - Motivational Speakers

Nicholas J. Johnson

A speaker, magician, author and educator

Travels from Victoria

James Smith - Comedians

James Smith

One of Australia's best live stand up comedians

Travels from New South Wales

Tim Campbell - After Dinner Entertainers

Tim Campbell

One of the most sought after corporate performers

Travels from Victoria

The Swing Soul Band - After Dinner Entertainers

The Swing Soul Band

Playing the best music from all eras for a memorable event

Travels from Canada

Company B Jazz Band - After Dinner Entertainers

Company B Jazz Band

Delighting audiences at music venues and festivals

Travels from Canada

Mary Coustas - Comedians

Mary Coustas

An iconic Australian Comedian 

Travels from New South Wales

Jonas Jost - After Dinner Entertainers

Jonas Jost

Mesmerising and entertaining audiences across the globe

Travels from New South Wales

Scared Weird Little Guys - Comedians

Scared Weird Little Guys

Experienced performers, consummate instrumentalists, singers and composers

Travels from Victoria

Ben Murphy - Feature Acts

Ben Murphy

Combining dynamic magic, grand illusion and hilarious audience interaction 

Travels from Victoria

Phoenix - Feature Acts


An entertaining and enthralling show that is full of surprises

Travels from New South Wales

Brad Manuel - After Dinner Entertainers

Brad Manuel

Intriguing audiences with his skills as a magician and comedian 

Travels from Queensland

Josh Norbido - Comedians

Josh Norbido

A modern and innovative performer with a passion for magic 

Travels from Queensland

Trace Band - Dance Bands

Trace Band

Available as a band or duo and pefect for any event

Travels from Queensland

Danny McMaster - Comedians

Danny McMaster

Super-Impressionist Danny has taken the entertainment scene by storm

Travels from Queensland

Liam Power - After Dinner Entertainers

Liam Power

Magic can seduce anyone, anywhere

Travels from New South Wales

Phoebe and the Night Creatures - Dance Bands

Phoebe and the Night Creatures

Delivering a unique take on your favourite songs

Travels from Victoria

Magda Szubanski   - Comedians

Magda Szubanski

Australian actress, comedian, television presenter, radio host and author

Travels from Victoria

Vegas Please - Dance Bands

Vegas Please

A lineup of experienced musicians with a structured muscial soundscape

Travels from Queensland

Greg Fleet - After Dinner Entertainers

Greg Fleet

Motivational speaker who engages comedy to tell an inspirational story

Travels from Victoria

Marty Wilson - Communication

Marty Wilson

Change Management Speaker, Trainer, Author, former Australian Comic of the Year

Travels from Queensland

Alice Fraser - MCs & Hosts

Alice Fraser

Performer, writer and comedian that thrills audiences 

Travels from New South Wales

TaikOz - After Dinner Entertainers


Australia's only professional Japanese taiko drumming group 

Travels from New South Wales

James BuSTAR - After Dinner Entertainers

James BuSTAR

He's taken the business of laughter seriously!

Travels from New South Wales

Sarah Jones - Comedians

Sarah Jones

A talented ventriloquist comedian

Travels from Victoria

Bizircus - After Dinner Entertainers


Thrilling audiences with their hilarious character comedy and explosive acrobatic stunts

Travels from Western Australia

Roger Davy & Vavachi - After Dinner Entertainers

Roger Davy & Vavachi

Guaranteed to keep guests on their feet

Travels from Queensland

Naomi Price - After Dinner Entertainers

Naomi Price

One of Australia’s leading cabaret and music theatre performers

Travels from Queensland

The Ten Tenors - Feature Acts

The Ten Tenors

One of Australia's greatest entertainment success stories 

Travels from Queensland

Mike Tyler - After Dinner Entertainers

Mike Tyler

An amazing magician, mentalist and comedy hypnotist guaranteed to impress

Travels from Queensland

Laser Funk - After Dinner Entertainers

Laser Funk

Combining music with laser effects and costumes

Travels from Victoria

String Diva - After Dinner Entertainers

String Diva

Combining Violin and Voice to produce an unforgettable performance 

Travels from New South Wales

Strings On Fire - After Dinner Entertainers

Strings On Fire

Australia’s ultimate string act

Travels from New South Wales

Mike van Acker - Comedians

Mike van Acker

A fixture on the Australian Comedy Circuit

Travels from Queensland

Clint Paddison - MCs & Hosts

Clint Paddison

A corporate comedy expert 

Travels from New South Wales


Tim 'Rosso' Ross

A comedian with a strong passion for architecture and design

Travels from New South Wales

Tim Gard - After Dinner Entertainers

Tim Gard

More than a comedian, Tim teaches resilience and resourcefulness 

Travels from United States

The Three Waiters - After Dinner Entertainers

The Three Waiters

They surprise and delight unsuspecting audiences

Travels from New South Wales

The Leading Men - Feature Acts

The Leading Men

Australia’s most popular, enduring and respected corporate entertainment acts

Travels from New South Wales

The Idea of North - After Dinner Entertainers

The Idea of North

Serious about their music without taking themselves too seriously.

Travels from New South Wales

Steve Vizard - MCs & Hosts

Steve Vizard

One of Australia’s most recognised contributors in entertainment industry

Travels from Victoria

Steve Clisby - Recording Artists

Steve Clisby

A life lived in music, experience an artist’s journey

Travels from New South Wales

Soul Mystique - After Dinner Entertainers

Soul Mystique

Never fail to mystify, amaze, and entertain their audiences  

Travels from Queensland

Sonia Kruger - Celebrities

Sonia Kruger

An accomplished presenter, actress, dancer, interviewer and entertainer.

Travels from New South Wales

Simon Burke - MCs & Hosts

Simon Burke

Combining wit, intelligence, warmth, gravitas, suavity and great singing

Travels from New South Wales

Shane Jacobson - Comedians

Shane Jacobson

One of our greatest talents and entertainers

Travels from Victoria

Sam Kekovich - After Dinner Entertainers

Sam Kekovich

Sporting Legend and Hilarious Entertainer

Travels from Victoria

Rob Mills - After Dinner Entertainers

Rob Mills

Singer / Entertainer / Media Personality.

Travels from New South Wales

Rhonda Burchmore - Feature Acts

Rhonda Burchmore

Multi-award winning star of music, theatre and dance

Travels from New South Wales

Raymond Crowe - After Dinner Entertainers

Raymond Crowe

The world’s most wonderful puppeteer

Travels from South Australia

Pot-Pourri - After Dinner Entertainers


Spellbinding, interactive and an uplifting celebration of the human spirit

Travels from Victoria

Nigel - After Dinner Entertainers


The memory guy that can remember hundreds of guests names

Travels from Queensland

Nicholas Tweedy - After Dinner Entertainers

Nicholas Tweedy

His performances include: levitation, mentalism, illusion and much more.

Travels from South Australia

Kerry ‘Nigel

Kerry ‘Nigel' Domann

Sure to leave your audience intrigued and entertained.

Travels from Queensland

Julia Morris - Comedians

Julia Morris

Australia’s first lady of corporate entertainment and corporate comedy

Travels from Victoria

Jeff Green - Comedians

Jeff Green

Life IS change, Fear IS natural

Travels from Victoria

Jean Kittson - MCs & Hosts

Jean Kittson

Professional Master of Ceremonies and hilarious stand up

Travels from New South Wales

Emma Pask - After Dinner Entertainers

Emma Pask

The greatest gift to Australian Jazz Vocals in the last decade

Travels from New South Wales

Darryl Lovegrove - After Dinner Entertainers

Darryl Lovegrove

An entrepreneur in Action

Travels from New South Wales

Darryl and Harmony - After Dinner Entertainers

Darryl and Harmony

Australian Event Awards 2012 'Entertaihners of the Year' 

Travels from New South Wales

Cameron Daddo - Celebrities

Cameron Daddo

Actor, singer/songwriter and presenter.

Travels from United States

Brad Blaze - After Dinner Entertainers

Brad Blaze

A world-renowned artist and entertainer, who combines talent with showmanship.

Travels from New South Wales

Ben Price - Comedians

Ben Price

Australia’s Best Impersonator, Comedian and 2011 Australia’s Got Talent Grand Finalist  ...

Travels from Victoria

Anthony Laye - Motivational Speakers

Anthony Laye

Mentalist, Behaviour Expert and Professional Speaker

Travels from Queensland

Anh Do - After Dinner Entertainers

Anh Do

With an incredible life story, from refugee to successful comedian

Travels from New South Wales


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