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Feature Acts

When you want your event to be remembered for all the right reasons it's worth checking out these Feature Acts. They're worth their weight in gold.

A feature act or recording artist can save the night or just get everyone up at of his or her seats at the right time. We are blessed in Australia with a wide range of very talented acts that will be sure to make the night one to remember.

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Redtie Band - Dance Bands

Redtie Band

The new, fresh face of high end corporate entertainment

Travels from Queensland

Taxiride - Feature Acts


1999 saw the stunning arrival of Taxiride, four young Melbourne musicians who ...

Travels from Victoria

'100% Kylie'

A fantastic night’s entertainment

Travels from Victoria

Tenors Undercover

An "international artist" is announced as the feature entertainment for the evening. He makes ...

Travels from New South Wales

Rat Pack Reloaded - Feature Acts

Rat Pack Reloaded

Rat Pack Reloaded is what you get when Robbie Williams, Harry Connick ...

Travels from New South Wales

Miss Bird Sings - Feature Acts

Miss Bird Sings

The ultimate chanteuse! Incredibly Talented. From Dita Von Teese, the Moulin Rouge, Marilyn ...

Travels from New South Wales

Boys In The Band - Feature Acts

Boys In The Band

Boys in the Band are an amazing group of entertainers that will ...

Travels from New South Wales

Glen Rhodes - After Dinner Entertainers

Glen Rhodes

Magician & Entertainer

Travels from Queensland

The Leading Men - After Dinner Entertainers

The Leading Men

Australia’s most popular, enduring and respected corporate entertainment acts

Travels from New South Wales

The Idea of North - After Dinner Entertainers

The Idea of North

Serious about their music without taking themselves too seriously.

Travels from New South Wales

The Diamonds - Feature Acts

The Diamonds

Imagine the most recognised female soul, pop and disco songs from the ...

Travels from New South Wales

Sabrina Batshon - Feature Acts

Sabrina Batshon

Sabrina has a vision to bring singing to the forefront of her ...

Travels from New South Wales

Robbie Balmer - Feature Acts

Robbie Balmer

Robbie began performing professionally in 2011. He is an accomplished acoustic guitar ...

Travels from Queensland

Rhonda Burchmore - After Dinner Entertainers

Rhonda Burchmore

Multi-award winning star of music, theatre and dance

Travels from New South Wales

Pot-Pourri - After Dinner Entertainers


Spellbinding, interactive and an uplifting celebration of the human spirit

Travels from Victoria

Mitchell Anderson - Feature Acts

Mitchell Anderson

A soulful blend of blues and funk

Travels from New South Wales

Mat Verevis - Feature Acts

Mat Verevis

With smooth vocals and a sweet falsetto, Sydney sider Matthew Verevis has ...

Travels from New South Wales

Lize Heerman - Feature Acts

Lize Heerman

Lizé is known for her smooth and sultry voice and polished stage ...

Travels from

Anja Nissen - Feature Acts

Anja Nissen

Anja Nissen wowed the audience with her beautiful voice, seeing her reach ...

Travels from New South Wales

Sam Perry - Feature Acts

Sam Perry

A one man orchestra and winner of the 2018 The Voice Australia

Travels from Western Australia

Kiyomi Vella - Feature Acts

Kiyomi Vella

A breath of Fresh Air

Travels from Victoria

Katsumi of Orientarhythm - Feature Acts

Katsumi of Orientarhythm

Combine Karate, Kabuki and Japanese street-dance moves and you get excitement and ...

Travels from Japan

Johnny Rollins - Feature Acts

Johnny Rollins

When Johnny Rollins came third in the 2014 season of ‘The Voice’, ...

Travels from Victoria

Naomi Price - After Dinner Entertainers

Naomi Price

One of Australia’s leading cabaret and music theatre performers

Travels from Queensland

Jess B - Feature Acts

Jess B

Renowned corporate performer who will light up the room

Travels from Victoria

Jersey to Motown - Feature Acts

Jersey to Motown

Jersey to Motown brings back to life old classics that audiences know ...

Travels from New South Wales

Japanese Drumming - Interesting Ideas

Japanese Drumming

A visual fusion of new approaches to drumming, indigenous songs, sharp melodic ...

Travels from New South Wales

Jackson Thomas - Feature Acts

Jackson Thomas

During the daytime, Jackson Thomas spends his day working as an electrician ...

Travels from Victoria

Holly Tapp - Feature Acts

Holly Tapp

Holly Tapp is a country girl through and through. Growing up on ...

Travels from Northern Territory

Frank Lakoudis - Feature Acts

Frank Lakoudis

Frank Lakoudis is a rock singer, who can impress any audience with ...

Travels from New South Wales

Elly Oh - Feature Acts

Elly Oh

Elly Oh is a passionate musician and singer who holds extensive background ...

Travels from New South Wales

Duck Cameron - Feature Acts

Duck Cameron

Internationally renowned magician who can perform either a spectacular stage show or ...

Travels from Victoria

Danny Ross - Feature Acts

Danny Ross

The Voice 2013 Runner-Up

Travels from New South Wales

Cosentino - Feature Acts


A sensational showman and entertainment spectacular, runner up of Australia's Got Talent  ...

Travels from Victoria

Celia Pavey - Recording Artists

Celia Pavey

From country girl to runner up in The Voice 2013

Travels from New South Wales

C Major - Feature Acts

C Major

C Major (Carlos Velazquez), epitomises high energy Latin music with his energising ...

Travels from New South Wales

Brendan Mon Tanner - Feature Acts

Brendan Mon Tanner

Entertainment with action, danger, hilarious audience interaction and amazing magic

Travels from New South Wales

Amazon Blue - Feature Acts

Amazon Blue

Amazon Blue, featuring Fran Kelly and Gus McKinstray, have performed both nationally ...

Travels from Queensland

Adoration on the Gospel Train - Feature Acts

Adoration on the Gospel Train

Susie Ahern, one of Australia’s greatest vocalists, founded Adoration of the Gospel ...

Travels from Victoria

Adam Rudegeair - Feature Acts

Adam Rudegeair

Instrumental Jazz Trio

Travels from Victoria

Sam Powers - Feature Acts

Sam Powers

With a signature and unique style, Sam Powers is a contemporary illusionist ...

Travels from New South Wales

Emma Pask - After Dinner Entertainers

Emma Pask

The greatest gift to Australian Jazz Vocals in the last decade

Travels from New South Wales

Swoon - Feature Acts


Imagine three ‘cool cats’ jamming at a party and interpreting some of ...

Travels from New South Wales

Swagamama - Feature Acts


Swagamama is a dance act with a difference. They are Australian champion breakdancers, ...

Travels from Queensland

Gary Pinto - Feature Acts

Gary Pinto

Gary Pinto has been described as a rare talent who touches the ...

Travels from Victoria

The Rat Pack’s Back  - Feature Acts

The Rat Pack’s Back

The Rat Pack’s Back now in its 10th Year continues to entertain ...

Travels from New South Wales

ZK - Feature Acts


Meeting over four years ago, Kristal West and Zaachariah Felding only recently ...

Travels from South Australia

The Tap Pack - Feature Acts

The Tap Pack

Dynamic and unique feature acts with a touch of style

Travels from Victoria

The 7 Sopranos - Feature Acts

The 7 Sopranos

A visual and aural feast!

Travels from New South Wales

Taila Gouge - Feature Acts

Taila Gouge

17-year-old budding country singer-songwriter Taila Gouge has some impressive runs on the ...

Travels from Queensland

Super Sonic Trio - Feature Acts

Super Sonic Trio

Super Sonic Trio is a live musical act featuring three incredible performers. ...

Travels from Queensland

String Angels - Feature Acts

String Angels

Highlight your event with a touch of class and a dynamic performance  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Pianomania - Feature Acts


Truly the complete corporate entertainment experience.

Travels from Victoria

James BuSTAR - After Dinner Entertainers

James BuSTAR

He's taken the business of laughter seriously!

Travels from New South Wales

Dean Ray - Feature Acts

Dean Ray

Australian audiences became aware of Melbourne-based singer Dean Ray during the auditions ...

Travels from Victoria

Sally Cooper - Feature Acts

Sally Cooper

Blending classical and pop with a very contemporary feel is Sally’s signature ...

Travels from Victoria

Opera By Disguise - Feature Acts

Opera By Disguise

A great opener to your event and interesting surprise to an event  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Luke Kennedy - Feature Acts

Luke Kennedy

Musical Theatre Principal, Recording Artist, Entertainer and star of The Voice  ...

Travels from New South Wales

Gabriel & Cecilia - Feature Acts

Gabriel & Cecilia

Gabriel and Cecilia are a brother-sister musical duo who enjoys singing and ...

Travels from New South Wales

Brett Bower - Feature Acts

Brett Bower

Sand Animation is visually stunning.  

Travels from New South Wales

Wilbur Wilde - After Dinner Entertainers

Wilbur Wilde

One of the funniest and talented performers

Travels from Victoria

Traditional Dancers

Experience a Traditional Australian Aboriginal Performance

Travels from Queensland

Phoenix - Feature Acts


An entertaining and enthralling show that is full of surprises

Travels from New South Wales

Leith James - Health & Lifestyle

Leith James

Experience the power and impact of Gong Sound Meditation

Travels from Queensland

Queen Forever - Dance Bands

Queen Forever

If it’s Queen you want, it’s Queen you can have!  ...

Travels from Victoria

Redfusion ft ROMY - After Dinner Entertainers

Redfusion ft ROMY

Combining the skills of top musicians with powerful vocals

Travels from Queensland

Absolutely 80s - Dance Bands

Absolutely 80s

Brining back the best Australian talent from the 1980’s

Travels from Victoria

The Robbie Williams Experience - Dance Bands

The Robbie Williams Experience

A tribute to the ultimate, modern day showman, Robbie Williams

Travels from Victoria

The House of Gaga - Feature Acts

The House of Gaga

Australia’s very first and #1 Lady GaGa tribute show

Travels from New South Wales

The Australian Kylie Show – Angie Hilton - Feature Acts

The Australian Kylie Show – Angie Hilton

An internationally acclaimed tribute to the one and only Kylie Minogue

Travels from Victoria

Harrison Craig - singer and Event Entertainer

Harrison Craig

The Voice Winner for 2013

Travels from Victoria

Rachael Leahcar - Feature Acts

Rachael Leahcar

Singer and songwriter with a dynamic range and explosive vocals

Travels from South Australia

Dom Chambers - After Dinner Entertainers

Dom Chambers

An internationally award-winning magician, with a few tricks up his sleeve

Travels from Victoria

Steve Barnett - The Silent Conductor - Feature Acts

Steve Barnett - The Silent Conductor

Imagine a learning experience more powerful than words.

Travels from South Africa

Ella & Jesse Hooper - Feature Acts

Ella & Jesse Hooper

An integral part of the Aussie indie music story

Travels from Victoria

Jonas Jost - After Dinner Entertainers

Jonas Jost

Mesmerising and entertaining audiences across the globe

Travels from New South Wales

Scared Weird Little Guys - Comedians

Scared Weird Little Guys

Experienced performers, consummate instrumentalists, singers and composers

Travels from Victoria

Nick Cody - Comedians

Nick Cody

“Nick Cody is a revelation.” ★★★★

Travels from Victoria

Ben Murphy - Feature Acts

Ben Murphy

One of the world's most popular entertainers

Travels from Victoria

Josh Norbido - After Dinner Entertainers

Josh Norbido

A modern and innovative performer with a passion for magic 

Travels from Queensland

Mr Buzzy - Feature Acts

Mr Buzzy

Delivering a dynamic stage performance and four part harmonies 

Travels from South Australia

Danny McMaster - Comedians

Danny McMaster

Super-Impressionist Danny has taken the entertainment scene by storm

Travels from Queensland

JGeeks Dance Group - Feature Acts

JGeeks Dance Group

Sharing the Maori culture

Travels from New Zealand

Liam Power - After Dinner Entertainers

Liam Power

Magic can seduce anyone, anywhere

Travels from New South Wales

EQUALS - Feature Acts


Contemporary and diverse dance group aiming to increase acceptance 

Travels from Queensland

Groove Inc. - Dance Bands

Groove Inc.

Groove Inc. – You can’t sit down!

Travels from Queensland

Vegas Please - Dance Bands

Vegas Please

A lineup of experienced musicians with a structured muscial soundscape

Travels from Queensland

TaikOz - After Dinner Entertainers


Australia's only professional Japanese taiko drumming group 

Travels from New South Wales

Ben Bradshaw - After Dinner Entertainers

Ben Bradshaw

The ultimate 21st century magician taking Australian audiences by storm!

Travels from Queensland

Sarah Jones - Comedians

Sarah Jones

A talented ventriloquist comedian

Travels from Victoria

Bizircus - After Dinner Entertainers


Thrilling audiences with their hilarious character comedy and explosive acrobatic stunts

Travels from Western Australia

Roger Davy & Vavachi - After Dinner Entertainers

Roger Davy & Vavachi

Guaranteed to keep guests on their feet

Travels from Queensland

The Ten Tenors - Feature Acts

The Ten Tenors

One of Australia's greatest entertainment success stories 

Travels from Queensland

Laser Funk - After Dinner Entertainers

Laser Funk

Combining music with laser effects and costumes

Travels from Victoria

Matt Hetherington   - Dance Bands

Matt Hetherington

A hard working talented artist, vocalist and performer

Travels from Victoria

Clint Paddison - MCs & Hosts

Clint Paddison

A corporate comedy expert 

Travels from New South Wales

Todd McKenney - Feature Acts

Todd McKenney

Australia’s leading man of song and dance

Travels from Victoria

Tim Ellis - Facilitators

Tim Ellis

One of Australia's Funniest and Greatest Magicians

Travels from Victoria

Steve Clisby - Recording Artists

Steve Clisby

A life lived in music, experience an artist’s journey

Travels from New South Wales

Soul Mystique - After Dinner Entertainers

Soul Mystique

Never fail to mystify, amaze, and entertain their audiences  

Travels from Queensland

Simon Burke - MCs & Hosts

Simon Burke

Combining wit, intelligence, warmth, gravitas, suavity and great singing

Travels from New South Wales

Nigel - After Dinner Entertainers


The memory guy that can remember hundreds of guests names

Travels from Queensland

John Lingard - Feature Acts

John Lingard

A singer/songwriter who appeared on 'The Voice Australia' 

Travels from Victoria

Joe Castillo - Feature Acts

Joe Castillo

SandStory Artist

Travels from United States

James Morrison - Feature Acts

James Morrison

A virtuoso in the true sense of the word.

Travels from New South Wales

Darryl and Harmony - After Dinner Entertainers

Darryl and Harmony

Australian Event Awards 2012 'Entertaihners of the Year' 

Travels from New South Wales

Anthony Laye - Motivational Speakers

Anthony Laye

Behaviour Expert / Mentalist / Speaker Learn the importance and power of human ...

Travels from Queensland

Paula Abdul - Celebrities

Paula Abdul

Turning over 20 years in dance and choreography into a successful business

Travels from United States


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