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Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis - Branding & Marketing - Retail Expert

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Consumer Neuroscience

Digitalisation and Retail Disruption

Global Retail Insights

Insights Driven Implementation

International Best Retail Practice

Omnichannel Retail

The Impact of Amazon on Australian Retail

Understanding Consumer Behaviour

Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis

Retail Expert

A leader in Consumer Insights, Anastasia Lloyd-Wallis helps gives audiences a new understanding of the retail industry. With a background as a scientific analyst and mathematics, Anastasia’s holistic approach enables retailers to gain a deeper understanding of the customers and marketing opportunities. 

Combining research, science, and experience, Anastasia accurately models consumer personalities, motivations, and behaviours. She uses this information to inform strategy and create framework for retailers and consumer brands both nationally and internationally. 

Anastasia draws on her expertise to give audiences the ability to not only find, obtain, and maintain real opportunities for growth. She integrates consumer and company insights to create a pragmatic approach to business and marketing. 

As a speaker, Anastasia ensures her audiences are up to date with current research on human decision-making, as well as demonstrates how to best use these insights to create a competitive advantage. 

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