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Founder and CEO of Marketing to Mums

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Founder and CEO of Marketing to Mums, Katrina McCarter is a marketing strategist and incredible speaker. Understanding mothers and utilising their powerful market sector, Katrina emphasises the importance of Mums and their influence over the Australian business economy. Recently, her ‘Marketing to Mums: What Australian Mums want from Brands’ presentation was voted number one for Most Valuable Content.

Holding more than fifteen years’ experience in sales and marketing, she has experience working in a wide range of industries including grocery, hardware and online.

Seven years ago, Katrina launched bubbler.com.au, an award-winning shopping website for mums. The website’s community grew to over 150,000 mums before selling in 2016.

In August 2016, Katrina released her first book titles ‘Marketing to Mums: How to sell more to Australia’s most powerful consumer’. The book went to number 1 on Booktopia’s Business Bestsellers list.

Her insightful and innovative views are commonly sought out by various media corporations including Seven, Dent, ABC Radio, The Age, Mumbrella as well as many more.

Holding several successful and powerful presentations and an interactive workshop under her belt, Katrina McCarter is the perfect addition to any business event. She can tailor her presentation to suit the industry, audience and business size.  

She helps to open the minds of business owners, marketing directors, marketing managers, brand managers, digital managers, social media mangers, media and communications managers and customer insights teams from a wide range of industries and backgrounds. 

Most recently, Katrina won the 2018 M2Moms "Take the Cake" Best Speaker Award

Speaker Topics

Future Trends in Marketing to Mums
Mums in Australia are a financial force to be reckoned with and cannot be ignored. Misunderstood, misrepresented and undervalued they are a powerful segment of the market that, if enticed with trend led, effective, marketing strategies, have the potential to supercharge your sales and growth. Katrinas presentation will reveal 7 key trends that impact Mums spending behaviours, providing you with the ultimate commercial advantage. Maximising ROI on your marketing spend is vital to achieving your sales growth potential. Katrina will show you how to craft a successful 2019/2020 marketing campaign that effectively engages with, connects to and converts this constantly evolving, powerful section of the Australian market. Get ahead of the game and future proof your Marketing to Mums.
Gen Z: Be ready for the mother of tomorrow
In this exciting presentation, Katrina will help you understand why standard marketing strategies will not work with the Gen Z Mum. Drawing on recent research and her own Mum expertise, Katrina will bring you up to speed with all you need to know about this digitally agile and adaptive emerging generation of mothers who will redefine parenthood as we know it. Plan for the future, find out how to inspire Gen Z Mums with inspiring content and targeted and relevant messaging.
How Can Your Brand Survive in an Age of Digital Savvy Mums?
Consumer behaviour has evolved at warp speed. Today, Mums are more empowered, informed, and equipped than ever before to make savvy buying decisions. Despite information overload, Mums have developed impeccable skills to filter information and make smart choices with their spending. How do we break through the clutter to become a welcome and relevant visitor to her screen? In this forward thinking presentation, Katrina reveals 5 marketing strategies to capture a piece of any Mums valuable attention, build trust and gain her business.
Marketing to Mums: What Australian mums want from brands
Mums are the powerhouse of the Australian economy and they are responsible for more than 80% of consumer spending. How well do you know them? Katrina will help you navigate through the potential pitfalls of selling your products and services to mums. Katrina offers practical solutions for marketers to differentiate your message to successfully engage with Mums. You will gain an important commercial advantage in an increasingly competitive marketplace by developing a deeper understanding of what Australian Mums want from brands.
Rebuilding Trust Amongst the Worlds Most Powerful Consumer
Trust is the most valuable commodity that your brand possesses; the strongest and most valuable relationships are built on this foundation. So, what happens when the most powerful consumer in the world no longer trusts you? Mums are increasingly turned off by pushy advertisements that marginalise and misunderstand them. So how can your brand rebuild trust with Mums? In this presentation Katrina McCarter shares her 7 successful strategies to build rapport, rebuild trust and create a strong, valuable relationship with the Mum Market.
Redefining Success
What does it mean to be successful? In this presentation, award winning businesswoman and mother of three, Katrina demonstrates that success differs for everyone as she shares seven learnings she has made on her journey from corporate businesswoman to stay at home Mum to successful entrepreneur.
The Mother of All Opportunities
Research shows that if Mums were an industry they would be the largest contributor to GDP in Australia. However, there are key segments that are being overlooked and it is costing brands valuable sales and profit. Katrina shares with you the five biggest opportunities in the Mum market, Single Mums, Invisible Mums, Immigrant Mums, Tech First Mums and Grandmothers. In a fast moving, increasingly complex market your brand cannot afford to overlook or diminish the importance of these sub segments of Mums. Find out from Katrina how to talk their language and make a real connection that builds trust in your brand. Through targeted campaigns you will be able to drive growth and opportunity in this overlooked, misunderstood and untapped section of the market


Her delivery was polished and insightful. In a world where technology is personalising everything around us, it is important that marketers think about different segments deeply and clearly and if you are marketing to Mums, Katrina is your lady. I recommend her to anyone who needs to make meaningful connections to Mums.

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Katrina McCarter was an obvious choice to have as a speaker. Katrina’s first-hand knowledge and expertise in the area of marketing and branding was of great value to our audience of 80 business owners in the kids’ activity and party industry. Katrina was a confident speaker who presented the topic of “Marketing to Mums” in a way that was informative and filled with achievable take away messages that the business owners could implement instantly. Katrina’s insightful reflection on the mother consumer market in an increasing customer focused marketplace was current and innovative and I’d highly recommend Katrina as a speaker.

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Katrina’s role was to provide insight for the travel industry into more effective ways to connect with the most important decision makers for Australian families: Mums. Katrina’s knowledge, insight and experience with this key target audience were vital to the success of the session - the most highly rated of the event. Katrina not only understands this market in depth, but was able to translate this into clear and practical recommendations for the audience in an articulate and eloquent fashion. I’d recommend Katrina to anyone looking to have an effective and knowledgeable speaker on the topic of marketing to Mums


It’s been an absolute privilege to work with Katrina who is an expert in her field. Katrina presented at our annual Conference where she educated, inspired and supported all with her 8 Steps program. Katrina’s warm, approachable style makes her relatable and someone I would highly recommend.

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Katrina McCarter - CEO

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