Margie Warrell

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Live and Lead with Courage

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Speaker Topics

Brave Leadership
Empower your leaders to lead themselves and others with greater purpose, passion, courage and confidence. Drawing on the latest research in leadership and neuroscience, plus interviews with some of the worlds top change makers, Margie will get to the heart of what undermines leadership effectiveness, sharing science based strategies to engage people, create rituals that build resilience, and encourage the tough conversations that are too often avoided.
Culture of Courage
The greatest threat to any organization is the fear that stifles ingenuity, fuels risk aversion and drives highly capable, creative people to make short sighted decisions. Margie will share powerful, research backed frameworks to equip leaders with strategies to build psychological safety and foster a culture of courage that harnesses human capital and emboldens disruptive thinking to ensure organizations remain competitive in an increasingly uncertain, globalized and accelerated world.
Make Your Mark
The biggest regret people have at the end of their lives is that they lived too safely and risked too little. In this inspiring keynote, Margie will draw on her diverse life experiences and hard won wisdom to inspire your audience to take action to live a bigger, braver and more meaningful life.
Raising Brave Kids
We are hardwired to protect our kids, yet in our overly cautious world we do our kids a disservice when we deprive them of opportunities to learn how to navigate risk, handle failure and adapt to change. Equip the next generation of leaders with the mindset needed to adapt to the world we cannot yet see and become purpose driven global citizens who can find opportunity amid uncertainty and adversity. Drawing on her professional experience and personal journey as a mother of four, Margie will discuss Why we should lead the way in resisting peer pressure from family, friends and educators to over protect, over parent and over preen our kids and How to identify when we are burdening kids with our own fears, insecurities and unmet ambitions.
Speak Bravely
The quality of our relationships and network is determined by the quality of the conversations we have in them. You will learn skills to build trust, speak with authority and master tough conversations in ways that build collaboration, earn respect and produce stronger outcomes for all stakeholders.
Women Rising
Despite the compelling case to have more women seated at decision making tables, too few currently are. The reasons are many and the solutions complex, yet one thing is certain: empowering women to challenge old thinking and step into leadership roles is not just the right thing to do, it is the smart thing. Margie will draw on her PhD research and personal experiences of challenging gender norms to provide strategies to Plug the leaky pipeline and get more women at top tables, teach women to power up their language to build respect, counter unconscious bias and build their executive presence and leadership brand, and encourage women to lift as they climb and tap the collective power of the sisterhood

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Margie Warrell’s presentations are intriguing and motivational, which empower her audiences.

Working hard to get to the core of workplace problems, Margie presents multiple strategies individuals can use to feel inspired and confident in their work and personal life. She works to spread the message of courage and how it can affect communication, leadership and can assist in facing adversity.

Margie is able to customise her presentations to suit any audience and their needs. She is able to present multiple speaking topics in many forms including a keynote address, breakout sessions, half-day or full-day workshops or an executive roundtable session.



It was a pleasure meeting Margie. She was extremely entertaining, inspirational and right in point for our company event. The feedback was universally positive.


As a keynote speaker, Margie’s presentation was engaging, heartfelt and thought-provoking. Margie is a wonderfully inspiring and energetic presenter and I recommend her very highly.

University of Tasmania

If you are looking for a powerful yet practical message to inspire your team to take action, Margie is the speaker for you! The audience feels the positive and personal message she delivers with credibility as a best-selling author and global leadership authority

National Instruments

Margie left the leaders at our national conference re-energised, refocused and emboldened to build a bigger and better business

The Body Shop

Margie Warrell - Motivational Speakers

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