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Embrace Evolution

It is a fact that change is constant, change is inevitable, and change is good. Unless, of course, it is forced. Through his 20 years as a business consultant and business owner of eleven companies Troy has turned around countless businesses. His philosophy is that you make change a consciousness in the business, not just an action. And to do that, you need to embrace evolution. Troy will walk you down the path to conscious change. He will identify the killers of change and how to avoid them, the drivers of change and how to harness them, the facilitators of change and how to inspire them, and how to put this all into your master plan. Read less
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Future Proofing Your Business

Troy had bought, grown and sold more companies before his 40th birthday than some business people would even consider in a lifetime. Through his businesses and working as a consultant for some of the worlds biggest brands Troy has learned the lessons on how to predict issues in business before you need to experience them. In this presentation Troy will step through a process to identify if you are driving your business into the future, or into the ground. Read less
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Purpose, Passion, People, Profits

What if you knew the one thing that would show your business the path out of the GLOOM and into the BOOM? As a serial entrepreneur, Troy believes the answer is not found within something you seek, but more in something you already have and may have forgotten. In this keynote Troy provides simple steps to the clarity of vision you need to give your business a more purposeful view of the future. Read less
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Revenue Through Relationships

In a world of connectivity, why is it that we sometimes fail to really connect as humans? In our personal lives we all enjoy relationships that revolve around authenticity, honesty, openness, vulnerability, and respect. Yet in business we often treat the development of key relationships as a mechanical, somewhat technical event, as opposed to an emotional bond with another person. Why? Troy will demonstrate how to develop effective and efficient strategies to embrace the true emotion of a relationship in business and harness that with the technology we have come to rely on so heavily. Read less
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Speed Leading

Leading people is tough, particularly in changing times. Everyone has an opinion on how to lead, and what makes a good leader. So, what is the best way to become a better leader, faster? In this session, Troy will explain why the speed of your personal evolution as a leader has a direct impact on the evolution of your business and those you lead. Armed with this information you will quickly become more focused, balanced, aware and effective. Troys presentation delivers real life leadership strategies to maximize your impact as a leader, faster. Read less
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Stronger Together

All too often business leaders talk about unity in the business, but fail to identify what will actually unify those they lead. The key is to match personal and business Visions, Values and Victories. In this presentation Troy will reveal the 5 steps to creating a true culture of unity in your business. He will draw from 25 years as a business leader in the 11 companies he has owned, and offer real world examples of how to develop a Stronger Together mentality and strategy in your business. He will also step you through the Stronger Together strategies he has developed for some of the worlds greatest brands, how they worked, why they worked and for whom they worked. Troys presentation gives clarity to why UNITY starts with U. Read less
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Troy Hazard

An entrepreneurial genius, who has founded and nurtured eleven businesses over two decades

There are theory specialists and then there are those who have been there. Drawing from a lifetime of innovative, real life experience, Hazard now shares with businesses his powerful Lessons from the Edge. 

There are few situations in the business world that Troy Hazard has not experienced and survived – from massive financial loss to stunning success. The core business for the entrepreneurial genius, that has founded and nurtured thirteen businesses, has been as consultant to some of the worlds leading brands.

Through his business career he has owned a diverse range of businesses including a recording studio, an advertising agency, a pizza restaurant, real estate brokerage, property development company, leading franchise consulting business, and a technology business. More recently he was a shareholder and chairman of the board of the world’s fastest growing retail and service pool business with 1,500 employees, 160 retail stores and 600+ mobile service units working in 3 countries.

He has also hosted the hit Australian National Nine Network TV program ‘Don’t Come Monday’, and his own business talk show ‘Gettin’ Down 2 Business’ on the BizTV Network in the USA broadcasting into 30 Million television homes. Troy is also a regular guest Co-Host on ‘The Big Biz Show’, on the BizTV Network and the YTA Network into 100 million homes, and simulcast on the CBS Talk Radio Network and the Business Talk Radio Network broadcasting to 1.5 million radio listeners each week. 

Troy's experiences in the business world have allowed him valuable insight into the workings of organisations and the minds of customers. Insight he shares as a speaker, best-selling author and seasoned Television Host.


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