Andrew Lock OAM

Travels from: New South Wales

Accomplished high-altitude climber and Inspirational keynote speaker

Categories: Adventure & Challenge, Inspirational, Motivational Speakers

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As the first Australian to lead a commercial expedition to the summit of Mt Everest, Andrew Lock is known for his leadership and communication skills. Boasting extensive experience in the public, emergency services and crisis management sectors, Andrew has led over 100 exploratory, research and remote area teams to every continent on earth. 

Specialised in managing teams in some of the most treacherous and adverse conditions, Andrew understands what it takes to lead a team in today’s rapidly changing environment. Andrew’s unique understanding of effective and efficient management, enables his to teach his audiences how to not only adapt to their environment, but to embrace it. 

Andrew speaks on the topics of strength-based leadership, trust and respect, and the skills of resilience, flexibility, and innovation. He is able to tailor his presentation to suit any brief or event focus

Speaker Topics

Embracing Uncertainty
The Alpine Style Organisation
Your Best Friend in the Mountains
Summit 800
The Longest Climb
Summit Secrets
Leading to Succeed


Your address inspired and motivated delegates encouraging each of them to question and challenge their individual approach to project management and how they contribute. The response to your address has been overwhelmingly positive. Your presentation reinforced values of getting things done, working together and having the courage to make a difference.

Brisbane City Council

We were looking for an exceptional speaker for our recent Conference. After looking at quite a few speakers, we settled on Andrew Lock. Personally I am very grateful for having Andrew speak at our conference. I was very moved by his presentation, as were the 100 people in the room. Andrew does a great job. He truly makes a difference. Our clients are still talking about every facet that Andrew spoke about – the systems under adversity, leadership at the highest level, culture, risk analysis, to name a few.

Entrepreneurial Business School

An incredible, inspiring, exhilarating and motivating presenter. Andrew had a complicated presentation brief but he delivered it perfectly. He was humble and yet inspirational, he was elite and yet convincing. Andrew delivers a very strong message in regards to tackling everyday tasks in addition to the importance of team work and leadership. Andrew’s story and real- life images captivated the audience and added great value to the day. I highly recommend Andrew as a keynote for any event looking to inspire and leave your audience in awe

W. A. Department of Sport and Recreation

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Andrew Lock OAM - Motivational Speakers

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