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Samantha Gash

Travels from: Victoria

Dramatic story about Life Outside Your Comfort Zone

Categories: Adventure & Challenge, Motivational Speakers

Full Presenter Profile & Bio

Samantha Gash is an authentic and articulate speaker, with a passion for making a difference in the world.

Whilst studying law at university, Samantha took up running as a way to push herself both mentally and physically. Following a rigorous 16 week training program, she found herself completing the Melbourne Marathon.

Motivated by the experience, Gash decided to enter herself in the famous ‘4 Deserts Grand Slam’, the ultimate test of endurance, resilience and determination.

Making history by becoming the first women and youngest person to complete one of the toughest endurance events in the world, Gash accomplished four 250km ultra marathons in the driest, windiest, hottest and coldest environments across the globe. This impeccable journey was captured on film and displayed on the big screen as an award winning documentary titled ‘Desert Runners’.

Samantha is also a co-founder of Freedom Runners, which raised $50,000 for a social enterprise that assists in the training and employment of South African women, as well as educating them in women’s health.

Samantha is able to inspire and motivate audiences with her extraordinary story. Her presentations are filled with personal accounts that are brought to life with imagery and documentary footage, ensuring audiences are moved and remember her story long after the presentation has concluded. She has spoken both nationally and internationally, conveying several  messages, including stepping outside of comfort zones, challenges and how to overcome them with the use of perseverance, resilience and determination, and the emphasise of leading and building a committed team. 

Speaker Topics

Explore how agility allows us to take the path of least resistance in the face of challenge, change and chaos. Samantha demonstrates the importance in recognising that execution requires equal measures of planning and adaptability. She shows how crises will happen and it is your response that not only defines your character but also the outcome. Agility is something you can blueprint as a team and can influence a positive culture
Leadership with Purpose
Leadership with purpose that brings teams to go to the edge of the world. Samantha teaches her audience the imperative of a clearly communicated purpose, how strategic vulnerability can empower your teams by creating trust as well as how you can achieve momentum and team satisfaction through celebrating small successes
Samantha shares Resilience strategies that allow individuals to go beyond what they thought was possible. Discover how redefining failure provides an opportunity for growth
Risk Mitigation
Risk Mitigation is how to plan and manage projects that have a high degree of risk. Discover the key to understanding and managing risk, and learn how to cope and thrive in the unknown.


Samantha Gash has no problem with the spoken word. It’s not often that we hear something that is so powerful. Sam made us listen, and she encouraged us to change something small in our lives. Whether you can relate to her story or not is irrelevant. With a huge voice that pales in comparison her tiny stature, this girl makes you want to take hold of life, and run with it.

Willow & Blake

Samantha was extremely well received, and an absolute delight to have at our event. Her experiences captured the imagination of our guests, and the advice she gave based on these experiences inspired everyone. Sam was receptive to understanding the context of the event and then demographic of the audience. Sam was warm, humble and passionate, and able to adapt to her surroundings to really speak our language.

Commonwealth Bank

Samantha came and spoke and to say she was a crowd favourite would be an understatement! Her presentation, right from the beginning, was captivating and inspiring. It was relevant to all the business owners in the room, and you could have heard a pin drop, as they were so involved in her story. I can honestly say Samantha was up there with the best we’ve ever had. The feedback from the participants was extremely positive and I wouldn’t hesitate to book Samantha again or recommend her to anyone looking for an amazing speaker.

Blueprint Conference

Such an inspirational story that brought tears to many people’s eyes. Sam is a great speaker and has an extraordinary story to tell. She spoke about her physical and mental preparation & how she prepared for the unknown and there were many messages and takeaway tips for our people. I would not hesitate to recommend Sam.


Samantha Gash - Adventure & Challenge

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