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365 Shades Of White

A hilarious and compelling account of Rachaels time leading up to 120 people on in the remotest corner of the earth for a year. Hear about life in the freezer, the plane crash, how the bacon war nearly derailed a $20M science program and other unique stories backed by uncommon insight and useful tools. Read less
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Change Is The New Business As Usual

It is a truism, but change is the new constant. It can be unsettling, energising but create extreme fatigue. In this keynote Rachael provides the tools to navigate this world of flux that dominates business today. Self leadership, resilience, and persistence are the keys to succeeding in a world of seemingly constant change. Read less
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Future. Woman. Leader.

How did Rachael become the youngest female leader to Antarctica, or the youngest Chief Ranger? In this keynote Rachael outlines the key personal mantras, commitments and career tools that every woman must use to progress effectively. Perfect for both womens and mixed events. Read less
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Leading On The Edge

The job of a leader is to create more leaders, not more followers! This keynote explores how great leaders build and invest in those around them and turn moments into momentum by paying attention to the little things. This is all about showing BIG leadership in SMALL moments. Read less
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Remote And Dangerous

Workplace health and safety insights from the harshest, coldest, most isolated workplace on earth. Rachael recounts how she kept her team safe and sane through the long, dark Antarctic winter by building a culture of safety leadership. She provides practical tools each person can use to create leadership around them. Read less
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The Future Of Teamwork

Todays and future teams are very different from what they once were. Now we come together quickly, remotely and are expected to perform immediately. In this keynote Rachael uncovers the critical tools she uses to quickly create cohesion, purpose and resilience in teams. Practical tools you can put to work straight away. Read less
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Rachael Robertson

Inspire, educate and equip people with leadership tools they can use

A natural born accomplisher and leader, Rachael Robertson is the ideal presenter for any business wanting to improve leadership within their corporation. She encourages every individual to push themselves to the limit and achieve what they wish to. 

Becoming a Chief Ranger at the age of 32, the youngest ever, Rachael was destined for greatness and a lifetime as a leader.

After spending 16 years within a variety of different senior operational roles, Robertson decided to take the plunge and lead a team through Antarctica and hone her leadership skills.

Rachael was one of the only two females to lead a team to Davis Station in Antarctica. She led a team of eighteen strangers in Antarctica for twelve months, without taking a break, the use of peers or internet. It was within an extreme and hostile environment where Rachael developed advanced leadership skills and built a team full of resilience, inspiring the principle that ‘respect trumps harmony’. 

After returning to Australia, Robertson completed her Masters of Business Administration and wrote a book based on her experience in Antarctica titled ‘Leading on the Edge’.

Rachael Robertson’s presentations are fuelled by humour and passion to ensure any audience is engaged and take away information from her presentation and apply it to their own lives. She equips audience members with the skills to feel ready to face a multitude of challenges and take the next step in their leadership journey.


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