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OWN YOUR WORTH AND MAKE THE DIFFERENCE YOUR DIFFERENCE MAKES! Empowering women to ‘own their power’ and embrace their feminine leadership strengths is a vital lever to unleashing the vast potential in women and advancing more to decision-making tables. Drawing on her doctoral research and 20+ years emboldening women globally, Margie will share her personal stories as a ball-dropping mother of four coupled with proven approaches to: • Conquer the imposter syndrome and close the confidence gap • Speak powerfully, using your authentic voice to grow authority & impact • Counter ‘think male, think manager’ bias & ‘backlash effect’ • Enlist allies and get the right champions in your corner • Lower the ‘perfection’ high bar, ditch the guilt & get off your own back • Build micro-habits that expand your capacity to thrive under pressure • Lift as you climb, amplifying the voice of other women Read less
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RISK BOLD THINKING AND BUILD A ‘CULTURE OF COURAGE’ Embedding the value of courage in your organization’s culture is critical to unleashing the ingenuity and diverse potential in your enterprise. This keynote will embolden your leaders to show up with more authenticity, empathy and vulnerability, cultivating a ‘culture of courage’. Read less
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DARE TO MAKE THE ULTIMATE BET… ON YOURSELF No one is immune to fear or self-doubt but everyone can learn to reclaim the power we too often give it. Drawing on her bestselling book, You’ve Got This! The Life-Changing Power of Trusting Yourself, Margie provides science-backed strategies to bring your bravest self to your boldest dreams and biggest challenges. Learn to: Read less
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Margie Warrell

Leading expert in professional leadership and workplace diversity.

Margie Warrell is an author and keynote speaker with deep insights into instilling courage and resilience within a professional environment.

As a Forbes columnist and co-author of two books, Margie was recently recognised globally as a Top 200 Leadership Voice and LinkedIn Top Voice. She’s also a Senior Partner in Korn Ferry’s leadership advisory practice, a Women’s Economic Forum honoree and board member of the Women’s Democracy Network and Forbes School of Business & Technology.

Margie’s doctoral research explores ways to cultivate more inclusive work cultures that are capable of unleashing the value of diversity and advancing more women to top tables. With her expertise in human behaviour, leadership, and workplace issues, she is regularly sought after by leading media outlets such as CNN, Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal.

Margie has been a key player in promoting braver leadership, accelerating growth and enforcing innovative ‘cultures of courage’. Due to her deep insights and effective strategies, she has instilled her ideas within key global enterprises like NASA, Oracle, Shell, Morgan Stanley and Dell. She has also given keynote presentations to prestigious colleges like Georgetown, Columbia, USC, and SMU, inspiring the next generation of thinkers to shape the future of workplaces.

Margie draws on her leading expertise in business, psychology and coaching to address the complex challenges facing leaders and organizations today. Her five books – ‘Stop Playing Safe’, ‘You’ve Got This!’, ‘Brave’, ‘Make Your Mark’, and ‘Find Your Courage’ – reflect her passion for empowering people to embrace a ‘risk-ready mindset’ that fosters innovation and unlocks potential.

Outside work, Margie enjoys adventure travel, including climbing Mt Kilimanjaro with her husband and their four teenage children.

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