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Fintech Innovation: Getting the Elephant to Dance

What does it take to drive innovation in perhaps the most stubbornly conservative of all industries: Banking & Financial Services? First, you need a vision of the future. Second, you need the courage and confidence to re-write things that have been written in stone and to get those stones thrown at you. Third, you need to forget everything you know, then stop... look... and listen. Who says that disruption and innovation are the privileged territories of the young, brash and idealistic with little to lose? In this session, Alex Sion, co-founder and President of Moven — the world’s first downloadable bank — will share his experiences in launching one of the most innovative and disruptive firms in the U.S start-up community. Learn about and be inspired by the story of the journey including how he turned this ground-breaking innovation into a workable concept, as well as “selling” to the market, investors, and customers. Read less
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Something You Can Bank On: 5 Predictions for the next five years in Retail Banking

The retail banking industry is at a key turning point. The cost of managing customers through massive branch networks is outstripping many banks' ability to generate profits. Meanwhile, a jaded consumer base increasingly interacts with their banks through virtual channels. Ultimately, these two forces will lead to new distribution models, customer experience platforms, crowdsourced business models and other game-changing innovations that will redefine the banking industry. In this session, Alex Sion, President of Moven, will share his predictions for the next five years in retail banking as well as share key recommendations on what financial institutions must do in order to stay ahead of the curve, survive and thrive. Read less
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The New Possible: Personal Finances and Wealth Management

Traditional views on financial and life planning have been based on rigid assumptions on the way people live, work and plan for the future. But a new phenomenon has developed, and the lifestyles of the next wave of customers are far from traditional with many in the "Gig Economy" earning secondary and tertiary streams of income. They want different things; moving jobs, freelancing, renting out their properties — saving and investing their money in new ways. Rigidity won't work and predictability is a thing of the past. So to everyone and anyone in the business of money management including banks, financial services organizations, retail insurance companies, tertiary education and even government institutions... take heed and keep up! The New Impossible is about creating a new trajectory; it is a call to action challenging the status quo of banking and financial services industry. It's time to throw away the old map and design new products, processes and customer experiences that will actually meet the needs of this market. Alex provides a roadmap for servicing the millennial generation with a new approach for personal financial services. The New Possible is your new North, and Alex has the roadmap. Read less
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Alex Sion

Becoming one of the business, technology and marketing industry's greatest disruptors

Making waves in the banking world, Alex Sion has set out to change banking as we know it. Covering all aspects, from how banks operate to customer interactions, Alex is passionate about updating and reinventing the banking industry. 

In 2018, Alex joined Citi Ventures, having previously advised other large financial corporations, start-ups, and industry leaders including Citigroup, Barclays, Royal Bank of Scotland, Wharton School, Georgetown University and General Assembly. Alex is also co-founder of internally recognised banking phenomenon Moven. 

Regarded as an expert in financial services, Alex has presented as a thought leader, speaker and panellist at a variety of events, including conferences for American Banker, BAI, Finnovate, Forrester Customer Experience Form, and Association of Financial Technologies.

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