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Gemma’s Business, Economics and Finance Presentation

Gemma’s presentation pairs her primary focus of domestic financial issues and their formative effect on the everyday Australian together with her global financial expertise accrued from spending eighteen years abroad, to bring a unique perspective of Australia’s financial position on the world stage. Gemma tailors this keynote speech to suit the specific interests of the audience - be that the domestic or international economy, international financial markets or domestic household finances - ensuring she delivers a mix of historical and topical content and can incorporate graphics to augment her presentation. Read less
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Industry Overviews

Gemma’s day job requires her to keep a close eye on developments - and keep in close contact with those making headlines - in the key industries that underpin Australia’s economy with everything from fashion to farming falling within her remit. Gemma’s broad view of the industries that keep our society and businesses ticking along enables her to make meaningful contributions to industry-specific events by contextualising the industry in question within the scope of the wider economy. Read less
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The Purse

Encouraging women to attain confidence and independence in their everyday lives, careers and finances is a topic close to Gemma’s heart. In this presentation, Gemma shares anecdotes from her own experiences as well as lessons learned from those around her during her 22-year career in Australia and abroad. This presentation is tailored to address the particular interests of her audience - whether it is broader motivational ideas about grabbing life with both hands - or specific advice about getting on the front foot financially - or juggling the everyday hurdles and highlights of combining motherhood and a career in any industry. Read less
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Gemma Acton

Fast becoming one of Australia’s foremost business and financial commentators

Gemma Acton has worked across broadcast media, business and finance for more than two decades, covering market-moving stories and meeting the people behind the headlines - at home in Australia and across the world.

Gemma is currently the Network Finance Editor at 7 News - the most-watched news service in Australia - where she presents the latest financial and business news to audiences across the entire country.

Prior to this, she hosted broadcast programmes at CNBC International in London and also worked as an on-air correspondent pursuing stories across Europe for the network.

Gemma regularly joins radio shows and podcasts - as well as private and corporate functions and charity events as an MC, moderator, panelist or guest speaker.

Returning to Australia in late 2017 was a lovely homecoming after she spent 18 years abroad living, working and studying in cities including London, New York, Dubai, Milan & Paris.

In addition to broadcasting, during this time abroad, she worked in investment banking and wealth management at Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and PIMCO.

Gemma also gained an MBA/MA from the Lauder Institute and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, a BA from University College London and the highly prestigious Chartered Financial Analyst qualification. She recently also attained her Company Directors Course qualification from the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

Gemma's day job involves interviewing chief executives, company founders, fund managers and industry experts - as well as everyday Australians - to understand how changes in our economy and society affect all of us.

To relax, she swims everyday and has a particular love of skiing, tennis and running. She likes to read Italian and French - and do battle with cryptic crosswords - to keep her brain ticking along!

Gemma is frequently engaged to MC, moderate and facilitate conferences and panels across a wide spectrum of industries as well as to interview C-suite executives for corporate videos. Her mandate at the Seven Network exposes her to companies across all sectors while her recent qualification from the Australian Institute of Company Directors as well as time spent as an investment banker enable her to quickly understand different businesses and formulate pertinent questions. She is also able to quickly respond to conversations as they unfold, keeping discussions lively, engaging and entertaining. Nearly a decade of front-of-camera experience gained in multiple countries and situations makes her very comfortable with both live and pre-recorded filming and live audiences.

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